Binoid Review: What Happened When I Tried Binoid’s D8, THC-O, and THC-P carts and gummies

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Binoid is about more than CBD

Binoid, or Binoid CBD, to give them their full name, were a CBD brand before they were anything else. But when Delta 8 arrived on the scene, while many other brands were holding back to see what the future would bring, Binoid jumped into the world of legal psychoactive cannabinoids feet first. 

Since then, Binoid has become known as a quality and reliable supplier of novel or ”alternative” cannabinoids (aka altnoids), including Delta 8, Delta 10, HHC, THC-O, THC-P, THCV, and now Delta 9 too.

Today I’m going to share my honest experience of using their products, so you can decide whether you want to give them a try for yourself.


  • Altnoid specialists (D8, D9, D10, THC-O, THC-H, HHC, HHC-O, THC-P, and THCV)  
  • Highly effective D8 products
  • Lots of different delivery methods
  • Superb range of flavors (gummies and carts)
  • Other brands available on their site too
  • Excellent customer service experience
  • Heavily discounted prices
  • cGMP and ISO certified manufacturing facilities
  • Thorough testing on many products


  • Out of the packet, all the carts look the same
  • Need to check pricing on other brand’s products
  • Some products aren’t tested as thoroughly as I’d like
  • THCP carts didn’t work for me

Binoid Delta 8 review

When it comes to Delta-8 THC products, Binoid has an incredibly extensive product range. They have delta 8 vape carts, gummies, capsules, tinctures, dabs, and some great bundled deals. Then on top of all the Binoid Delta 8 products, as mentioned previously, you also get to choose from other brands that offer even more flavors and different kinds of edibles, including Dank-Lite’s innovative Magic Mushrooms, that combine Delta 8 with THC-O for a more psychedelic experience!

Binoid Delta 8 Gummies review

HHC Gummies
Total Score
Excellent option

The Binoid Delta-8 THC gummies that I tried came in a variety of delicious flavors that had a light sugary coating and a nice texture. A couple of friends and I all ate one on a Saturday and it’s safe to say that we all had a really fun day.

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Me and one of my friends in particular are quite sensitive to Delta 9 THC. We like the feeling of being high, but tend to get anxious on it really easily, which makes us feel unsociable. These Delta 8 gummies, however, were perfect for us and we both agreed that Binoid’s Delta 8 gummies offered a perfect dose of happy high.

We felt all the typically amazing things you expect from a great high, including euphoria, happiness, relaxation, the giggles, slight confusion, followed by more giggles. My friend said at one point that she felt like she could taste colors. You get the picture. 

But what’s remarkable is that neither of us felt any anxiety or paranoia whatsoever. We took the gummies at about 2pm and the experience lasted well into the evening. We found Delta 8 gummies to be the perfect companion to a sociable weekend and are our new favorite weekend snack! 

One of my friends didn’t feel too much from the gummy, but he smokes D9 so his tolerance is obviously a lot higher than ours. Since then, he’s experimented with two and three gummies and found that three gummies (75mg) is his sweet spot.

I’ve also since used these gummies to help me sleep better at night. Despite suffering from a little THC hangover in the morning, I do find that these gummies help me sleep much more deeply than normal.

Binoid Delta 8 Vape review

Total Score
Excellent option

My Delta 8 Binoid vape pen also gets a lot of use at weekends, but I also use it a little bit during the week. The effects are pretty much the same as the gummies, but I like the fact that you have a bit more control over your dose and that the effects are quicker-acting and faster-leaving.

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You can also choose whether you want the effects to be more on the relaxing or uplifting side, which enhances a specific aspect of the high. Each cart is labeled with words like calm, uplift, relax, and happy, which makes it really easy to choose your own adventure. 

The only problem is, I couldn’t keep track of which cart was which when I had more than one on the go, but now I’ve developed a system involving colored markers and a post-it note “key”. My chill, calm, mellow carts all get a black dot and my happy, uplift, energize carts get a red dot. And I have to employ another system entirely to identify the different ‘noids from one another (more on that later)!

My current favorite for weeknights (for effects and taste) is probably the Mango Kush Delta 8 cart and I like the Girl Scout Cookie Delta 8 for the weekends.

Are Binoid carts legit?

Binoid carts are legit products and do work. Some cannabinoids haven’t worked exactly like I expected them to, but as I’ve learned from experimenting with other brands, that’s more to do with unrealistic promotion (not just by Binoid) surrounding certain cannabinoids, rather than a problem with the carts or products themselves.

Binoid THC-O review

Three times stronger than delta-9? Despite what other THC-O reviews say, I don’t think so. BUT I do think that THC-O is very O-so-nice indeed. 

I was pretty apprehensive about trying THC-O Acetate, since I’m already pretty sensitive to delta-9 and the thought of trying something three times stronger was kind of terrifying. But I had a couple of friends to help (as in, they volunteered to go first), so I felt much more confident about trying it.

Binoid THC O Vape review

Binoid THC-O review
Total Score
Excellent option

I can take just one puff from a D9 joint and feel super high, so I started off with a small puff from one of their THC-O vape cartridges to see what happened. THC-O, being a prodrug, has to be metabolized before you feel any effects, so I sat patiently waiting for a while and, after 30-40 minutes, I took a couple more puffs.

Unfortunately, neither me nor my friend felt anything at all and (except for feeling slightly discouraged perhaps) called it a night and switched to other cannabinoids (namely Delta 8). Next, I tried the THC-O Binoid gummies (see below) and then after my experience with the gummies I tried the vape again (also see below).

** Update **

I tried the vape a second time and I had some pretty trippy thoughts and visions that were vaguely reminiscent of a time that I fell asleep while coming down off mushrooms in Amsterdam.

I do recommend the THC-O vape but the potency is nowhere near what’s commonly advertised online. It’s probably closer to D8 potency. If you want to feel the psychoactive effects, then you’ll need to vape a lot of it and if you have a high tolerance, you might find that you just can’t get there on this compound alone.

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Binoid THC O Gummy review

THC-O Gummies
Total Score
Great option

I thought I’d wait until late in the evening, just in case I found the experience too overwhelming (25mg of THC-O should be akin to 75mg of delta 9, right?). Wrong. Yet again, I went to sleep thinking that THC-O just didn’t affect me. Or maybe I had a bad batch? I planned to contact Binoid about it either way and ask their opinion, but before I got round to it, I decided I’d try another gummy, giving it one last chance to do something.

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Around an hour after taking a THC-O gummy (this time at around 6pm), my friend commented that I was putting out uber-chill vibes, like I’d just got back from the spa or something. And that’s when I realized “wow, I do feel soooo relaxed and happy right now”. I had a really nice heavy body feel and also felt complete clarity of mind, not at all how I feel when I’m normally high, and my thoughts felt more objective and somehow deeper.

Maybe I hadn’t noticed the previous time because the high is quite subtle and the first time I was relaxing and watching a movie, but there’s no denying that this time the THC-O was definitely present.

I really like these THC-O gummies, but feel that the perfect dose for me is around one gummy, plus two puffs of a vape. I’d be interested to hear what you think after trying them, as maybe we can appeal to Binoid to make 30-35mg gummies instead?!

Binoid THC-O Tincture review

THC-O Tincture
Total Score
Great option

Binoid’s THC-O Tincture is exactly as you’d expect it to be, having read my reviews of the vape carts and THC-O gummies. I like the convenience of gummies, but there’s no denying that the tincture is the best option for working out the exact dosing you need, to get you to the high you feel comfortable with.

A word of warning though, if you’re putting it under your tongue instead of swallowing it, then you don’t need as much as you would use in an edible! More of the compound will make it into your bloodstream via sublingual dosing in this manner (learn more about CBD delivery methods here).

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Binoid THC-P review

THCP Cartridge
Total Score

I also tried a THC-P cartridge from Binoid and found it to be disappointing. Although the product page on their website doesn’t make any mention of it, the cartridge actually contains both D8 and THC-O, as well as THC-P, in ratios of 41 : 26 : 11 (D8 : THCO : THCP).

Myself and a few friends have tried this cart time and time again and unfortunately it was nothing to write home about, with almost no tangible effects.

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THC-O Vape round 2

After having some success with the gummies and knowing that TCH-O products aren’t necessarily going to be 3 x stronger than weed, the next time I tried the vape I took quite a few puffs, probably around 10-15, while I was lying in bed and I definitely felt the effects from it this time. 

While falling asleep I had some pretty trippy thoughts and visions that were vaguely reminiscent of a time that I fell asleep while coming down off mushrooms in Amsterdam.

I do recommend it, but the potency is nowhere near what’s commonly advertised online. It’s probably closer to D8 potency. If you want to feel the psychoactive effects, then you’ll need to vape a lot of it and if you have a high tolerance, you might find that you just can’t get there on this compound alone.

I’ve also learned that in the right doses (for me, this is around 6-8 puffs), my Binoid THC-O vape cart provides a really nice headspace for occasions when you want to feel high, but don’t necessarily want everyone around you to know it. It’s less giggly and more philosophical, I’d say. It inspires very deep and positive thoughts, but you feel much more clear-headed than you do on a usual “delta-THC type high”.

I wrote about THC-O and my experiences with it in more detail in another article called “THC-O 101: Hype or Real Deal?”.

Binoid CBD

My first ever delta 8 THC experience was with this company, so this Binoid CBD review is long overdue!

Since my first D8 experience, I’ve tried a whole host of other psychoactive cannabinoids, from a variety of brands, but Binoid still stands out in my mind as offering some of the best effects, which is why I wanted to share them with you.

If you’re thinking about trying Binoid’s products for yourself and are wondering what they’re like, then keep reading to find out what they were like for me, as I share several Binoid reviews detailing my experience with several different cannabinoids and delivery methods.

About Binoid

Binoid are an LA-based CBD and altnoid company that source their hemp from arable farmland up the coast in Oregon and have state-of-the-art, certified manufacturing facilities. 

Fantastic product selection

The first thing you’ll notice about Binoid, when you visit their website, is that they have a superb selection of products, as well as a variety of strains and flavors (especially in the Binoid Delta 8 range). On top of their Binoid branded vape carts, disposable vapes, oil, and gummy products, they also sell a range of other altnoid brands, which is hugely convenient for online shoppers. 

You can shop from a range of novel cannabinoids and a variety of different popular manufacturers all in one shopping trip! Products from 3Chi, 8Delta8, Trehouse, Koi, Urb, Delta Extrax (formerly Effex), and Dank-Lite can all be purchased through their website.

Very competitive pricing

Binoid’s prices are very reasonable for the products and effects they offer and they offer some great bundled discounts. For example, you can get three packs of gummies for just $90 and save a further 25% by using our special Binoid promo code CBDINCUBATOR25 at the checkout.

You can also snag yourself their guest-branded products at much lower prices than normal! For example, I price-checked a pack of 10X Urb D8 Gummies (250mg), which are on sale in Binoid’s shop for $15 and found that elsewhere they’re being sold for $25. You can almost buy two packs of gummies for the same price as you’d get just one elsewhere.

However, you need to be a little careful as a small amount of products I price-checked worked out to be more expensive through Binoid (one of their Urb D8 vape carts, for example). So, if you’re on a budget, you’ll definitely save yourself a lot of money by buying through Binoid, but it’s worth doing a little research to check which products offer the most savings.

Great effects

I’ve tried numerous altnoid products from Binoid, including Delta 8, Delta 10. THC-O, THC-P, and HHC, and I’ve also tried these cannabinoids from other brands too, which gives me the advantage of being able to make comparisons. 

Overall, I think the standard of Binoid products is really high and offers customers great effects for the money. Read my Binoid reviews below to find out what I thought about each one in particular.

Fast, free, discreet shipping

Another reason I love shopping from Binoid is that they offer free shipping on every order. Binoid shipping is fast and discreet, so you get your products quickly and your neighbors or family won’t have a clue what you’ve just had delivered to your door. Where does Binoid ship from? Binoid is based in LA, so I believe the products ship from there.

Third-party testing

Binoid also carry out a lot of testing on their carts, which is probably why they’re so reliable when it comes to potency. Apparently they test their formulas in-house five times before finally sending them out for third-party testing.

Their test results can be a bit confusing as they have different tests performed by different labs for different products, The Delta 8 range seems to be very thoroughly tested for both potency and purity, but the THC-O testing could be more thorough, as although they have full panels, they only test for 11 analytes for residual solvents, where some other companies test for 21 analytes.

I also couldn’t find any purity (safety) testing for their HHC, or THC-P, but have emailed the company to ask for more information. I will update this review when I hear back.

More Binoid CBD product reviews coming soon…

Binoid HHC review

My Binoid HHC vape cartridge review is coming soon.

Binoid THCV review

I haven’t tried this one just yet, but hope to also complete my Binoid THCV Vape Cartridge review soon, so watch this space.

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Best place to get Binoid products

The best place to buy Binoid products is direct from their websites, not only do they have the best prices and deals, but you can also use our special Binoid CBD coupon to receive 25% off all of their bundled products. 

Let us know what you think of their products in the comments below!

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