Elektra CBD: Strain Review

Genetic Lineage of Elektra CBD

Elektra CBD strain is a popular hemp flower that gained fame in 2019 when the strain won multiple awards in hemp and CBD cups around the US.

It’s a highly aromatic and powerful CBD strain with sativa qualities and high CBD percentage often in the +20% range.

It’s a cross between Early Resin Berry with the AC/DC. Two wildly popular strains that have become modern day classics.

Elektra is an excellent bud for smoking as well as to create homemade CBD edibles and extracts or even to mix with THC flower for a more controlled high.

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Elektra CBD Review

In order for Elektra to be considered CBD flower and legal for sale in all 50 states, you need to verify that the lab result is showing .3% or less of Delta-9 THC. Anything above .3% is considered cannabis and cannot be sold as CBD.

Note — Only the Delta-9 THC needs to be .3% of less. The total THC may be higher since it also contains Delta-8 THC.


Elektra is an uplifting strain that tends to make people energetic, easygoing and chatty. It’s said that the name Elektra comes from the word electric, which would make sense since the effects are quite energizing and mood boosting.

It’s considered a perfect daytime strain for people with aches and pains or people who struggle with anxiety or depression since it balances out your mental state while not putting putting you to sleep.

Similar to Lifter CBD strain in effects but with a more aromatic and powerful flavor.

Elektra is great for;

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Flavor Profile

Elektra is a rather sweet and citric CBD strain with flavors of ripe oranges, mango and chocolate. There’s also a base flavor of earthy wood, vanilla and coffee.

It’s definitely a rich flavor that almost all people will enjoy. The well-rounded and balanced flavor profile makes Elektra a fan favorite that keeps getting more popular as time goes by.

Overall it’s a smooth experience that is quite easy on the throat despite its relatively high CBD percentage.

Dominant terpenes:

  • Myrcene
  • Pinene
  • Caryophyllene
  • Humulene


Elektra is sweet and tropical with a hint of pine in its first scents. Imaging freshly cut mango with a side of orange slices in a pine forrest…

It’s one of the most aromatic and unapologetic CBD strains on the market. As soon as you pop the bag open you get the waves of tropical thunder coming towards you. Once the first wave settles, you’ll get deeper notes of coffee, jasmine blossoms and chocolate.


Elektra nugs are medium sized, dense buds in shades of deep vivid green. If grown correctly, they can become quite sticky to the touch thanks to the trichome formation that builds up all over the buds.

Elektra often has dark orange hairs that stick out form the buds.


Buy Elektra CBD Online

You’ll find that a lot of vendors sell Elektra since it’s such a popular strain (almost as popular as Special Sauce). You can find indoor growers as well as outdoor growers who sell the strain.

If you are a connoisseur or a person who loves smoking both THC and CBD flower, that we recommend you picking an indoor version of Elektra. Indoor CBD flower will be more aromatic and potent than outdoor but more expensive.

Most people however, will be more than happy to smoke a more affordable high quality outdoor grown flower.

You can think of it as buying wine. Some discerning buyers want a $50 bottle while most of us are happy with a good $10 bottle.

Best vendors

Green Unicorn Farms


Elektra by GU Farms is an extremely smooth and aromatic CBD strain. It’s potent yet smooth and the effects are slow-creeping and absolutely wonderfully uplifting. You feel the effects in your head pretty fast with a sense of focus and relaxation.

The initial feeling is at the crown of the head before moving to the neck and back. A few minutes after the first hit the sensation rests beautifully behind the eyes.

Highly recommended!

Plain Jane


With almost 400 reviews this is one of the most popular strains that Plain Jane is offering on their website.

It’s the same aromatic and potent experience that one hopes for when lighting up Elektra.

Great price and quality as always with PJ!

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