Frosted Kush CBD: Strain Review

Genetic Lineage of Frosted Kush CBD

Frosted Kush is one of the most popular CBD flower strains available today. With a name that brings thoughts to a decadent birthday cake this is definitely a strain that lives up to its name.

Not only is it a viciously delicious strain but it’s also an indica strain that puts you in a relaxed and pleasant mood. Kind of like after eating frosted case .

The lineage of Frosted Kush is a crossbreed of Frosted Lime and Kush Hemp E.

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Frosted Kush CBD Review

There are only a few great vendors of Frosted Kush on the market today. When you pick up your version of the strain, make sure to check the lab results for contaminations and cannabinoid content.

The delta-9 THC needs to be equal to or under .3%. However, the total THC can be above .3%.


As you hit Frosted Kush you are instantly met by the indica nature of the strain. You’ll feel your shoulders relax and your eyebrows dance down to a more comfortable position.

It’s a relaxing evening strain but it doesn’t necessarily put you to instant sleep like Bubba Kush. You’ll still be able to continue with your evening routine only in a more enjoyable manner.

You might feel a slight increate in focus and decrease in mental cloudiness as the effects settle into your head.

We suggest smoking Frosted Kush CBD for;

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Flavor Profile

Frosted Kush CBD is sweet and lightly sour with a gassy touch on the exhale. The sweet and sour notes are reminiscent of red berries and cake frosting.

It’s a very smooth strain that puts little to no stress on your throat as you smoke it. Frosted Kush is delicious on its own and is best experienced in a dry herb vaporizer.

Dominant terpenes:

  • Caryophyllene
  • Myrcene
  • Limonene


As soon as you pop this open you’ll get hit with sweet frosting and cupcake aromas. There’s definitely a sharpness to the scent that reminds you of strawberry or raspberry jam.

Take a sharp whiff of the bud and you’ll get that gassy and piney undertone that rounds out the aroma.

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These are beautiful buds with crystal and sticky trichomes. The buds are light green with reddish/orange hairs sticking out from the dense compact nugs.


Buy Frosted Kush CBD Online

You really have two options when it comes to buying Frosted Kush online. Premium indoor flower by Secret Nature and outdoor flower by Green Unicorn.

Secret Nature will make you pay a little more but you’ll get what might be the best CBD nugs available today.

Best vendors

Secret Nature


This is a next level CBD flower experience from Secret Nature!

Frosted Kush by Secret Nature is full of crystals and sticky trichomes. It is rich in flavor and smells like heaven.

If you buy one CBD bud in your life, this should be the one…

Green Unicorn Farms


If you are looking for the same flavor profile and effect but without the “bling” and the hefty price tag of Secret Nature, we suggest GU Farms.

These outdoor grown so don’t expect the same crystals and pungent aromas but the effect is definitely there and the terpenes allow for a full and complex sensation that is perfect for indica lovers.

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