Frosted Lime CBD: Strain Review

Genetic Lineage of Frosted Lime

Frosted Lime is a playful and energy-boosting Sativa CBD strain with powerful citrus flavor and aroma. It’s a strain that has become increasingly popular in 2021 for it’s anxiety-melting effects that puts a smile on your face and a spring in your step.

The exact lineage of Frosted Lime is unknown. We do know that Frosty is one of the parents, but the other one is unknown. And since Frosty is an Indica strain it’s safe to assume that the unknown cultivar is a potent Sativa strain considering the Sativa nature of Frosted Lime.

More and more CBD companies include Frosted Lime in their menus so it’s fitting that we let you know what to expect when you make an order.

Frosted Lime CBD Review

Before you order Frosted Lime online, please make sure to verify that the Delta-9 THC percentage is within the legal limit of .3%. Online vendors must provide you with lab results that show the cannabinoid breakdown of the buds.

Note however, that the total THC may be higher than .3% since it also includes Delta-8 THC. Delta-8 THC (Δ8) is a “new” cannabinoid that has gained a lot of popularity for it’s light psychoactive effects. At present (Nov 2020) Δ8 is legal for sale in all 50 states but that may change at anytime.

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In my opinion, Frosted Lime has some of the best effects of any CBD flower on the market. It gives you a very noticeable boost in energy and focus while helping you feel confident and relaxed.

The effects are mostly cerebral where you’ll feel a surge of energy. There is a slight relaxation in the muscles but zero couch-locky feelings.

Frosted Lime is the perfect antidote to anxiety and stress. If Special Sauce is the ideal first time bud for people who want a relaxing nighttime strain, than Frosted Lime is the best option for first time smokers who want a daytime strain.

Common use cases for Frosted Lime are;

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Flavor Profile

Frosted Lime has delicious citric flavor with soft, balanced floral notes. There are hints of diesel and skunk that the taste very enjoyable since it gives you different flavors on the inhale and the exhale.

Though the flavor is undeniably great, it’s perhaps not the most complex. All the notes lean heavily to the citric side so if that’s not your cup-o-tea that Frosted Lime might not be for you.

On a few occasions, I have mixed the Frosted Lime buds (from Cannaflower) with expensive THC flower in order to balance out the effects and to make it last longer.

Dominant terpenes:

  • Caryophyllene
  • Limonene
  • Humulene
  • Myrcene
  • Linalool

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To get the best flavor out of your CBD flower we recommend smoking from a dry herb vaporizer. The best portable vaportizers will give you a more unadulterated terpene experience and by not using papers, you will get the pure flavor.

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The aroma is pungent and dank. Frosted Lime has a sharp nose with citric, skunky and gassy tones that can take over a room.

When you break the seal of the bag, you’ll get an instant hit of limes and lemons. If you have a lemon tree around your neighbourhood, break-off a leaf and rub it between your fingers and you’ll produce a similar fragrance.

After the citrics, you’ll get an aroma of pine and mangos.


Undeniably beautiful buds!

The buds are bright green with shades of purple, glittery gold and orange pistils. Frosted Kush can often be a bit more sticky and rich in trichomes than most other CBD strains.

The buds themselves are medium to small sized, round little nuggets of green gold.


Buy Frosted Lime CBD Online

You’ll be able to find a number of vendors who sell Frosted Lime online. The quality will vary from brand to brand so we have collected our best alternatives for you here.

You’ll notice a significant difference between indoor and outdoor grown buds with indoor being of higher quality but at a a higher price. If you find greenhouse or light-dep versions, I’d recommend those for a great price to quality ratio.

Best vendors of Frosted Lime:



Cannaflower always knocks it out the park with their CBD flower. Frosted Lime is no exception!

The buds have all the great uplifting and anxiety-melting qualities that are explained above and they are sold at a fair price. Shipping and customer service is on top level.

This strain is growing in popularity and has over 40 five-star reviews.

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