How to Make a Geeb: 3 Different Ways to Make a Gravity Bong

Gravity Bongs 101

If you’re looking for a new way to smoke your premium high-CBD flower, then why not try making your own geeb, also known as a gravity or bucket bong? Smoking through a gravity bong will offer you a large, potent hit of CBD (or THC or delta-8 THC) and for this reason they’re not recommended to first-time smokers (or for the faint of heart).

However, they’re quick and easy to make and the materials you’ll need to make a geeb can almost always be found laying around the house. Once you know how to make a homemade gravity bong, you’ll never have to worry about running out of papers again.

In this article we’ll show you how to make a geeb in three different ways:


How to make a geeb w/o a socket

What you choose to construct your geeb with will probably depend on what you have lying around your house today. This is probably the most common way of making a gravity bong purely because the materials needed are easier to source. To make this bong, you’ll need:

  1. A plastic bottle (16-20oz is ideal, but any size will work)
  2. A bucket or larger plastic bottle (or you can use the sink!)
  3. A small piece of aluminum foil
  4. A small pokey tool
  5. A sharp knife
  6. Your favorite high-CBD flower strain

Step 1 – Cut your smaller bottle

Cut the bottom section off your smaller bottle with your knife and discard it. (Please note: The less you cut off, the bigger the hit you’ll receive from your bong).

Step 2 – Make a hole in the bottle cap

Ideally, the hole should be big enough for you to be able to poke the tip of your finger in it.

Step 3 – Shape your bowl

Take your aluminum foil and shape it around the tip of your finger and then push it (shaped side down) into the bottle cap from the top, smoothing the edges down around the cap. The deeper the bowl, the more CBD flower it’ll hold.

If you don’t have the bottle cap, or are making a glass bottle gravity bong, you can just shape the foil to the top of the bottle. However, without the sturdiness of the bottle cap, the bowl will be trickier to remove (especially when it’s hot).

Step 4 – Poke holes in foil

Take your pokey device and poke a few holes in the tin foil. You’ll need around five holes for good ventilation, but be careful not to tear the foil while you’re poking.

Step 5 – Prepare your water

Next you need to prepare your water, so if you’re using a sink or bucket, then just fill the sink or bucket with water. If you’re using another, larger bottle, then just cut off the top section of the bottle and fill up the bottom section of the bottle with water.

Step 6 – Load your bowl

Fill up your newly-constructed bowl with your smokable flower and set it to one side.

Step 7 – Submerge your bottle in water

Take your smaller bottle and place it (bottom down) into the water you’ve prepared, until just the cap is poking out.

Step 8 – Replace cap

Once your bottle is submerged you can screw or place the flower-filled bowl back onto the bottle.

Step 9 – Light and lift

Light up the flower and slowly lift your bottle out of the water. The suction you’re creating inside the bottle will pull all of the smoke inside it. Stop lifting the bottle up before it comes out of the water as otherwise you’ll lose all of the smoke you’ve just created.

Step 10 – Decap and inhale

Now you just need to take the cap off the top of the bottle and inhale the smoke, while pushing the bottle back down into the water. If this is your first time, then we recommend you take it slow and easy as gravity bongs can make even the most experienced smokers cough!

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How to make a geeb with a socket

Now you know how to make a geeb without a socket, let’s take a look at what you can do if you happen to have a socket set lying around… For this bong, you’ll need:

  1. A plastic bottle (16-20oz is ideal, but any size will work)
  2. A bucket or larger plastic bottle (or you can use the sink!)
  3. A socket (½” – ⅝” in size dependent on bottle size)
  4. Masking tape
  5. A metal gauze
  6. A sharp knife
  7. Your favorite high-CBD flower strain

 The only difference between making a geeb with and without a socket is in the construction of the bowl, which means you’ll be replacing steps two to four (shown above) with the following steps instead.

Step 2 – Find your socket size

Find the right socket size by placing them in the neck of the bottle to see which fits the best.

Step 3 – Wrap it in tape

Take your masking tape and wrap the bottom of the socket several times to make a snugger fit between the socket and bottle mouth, thereby creating an airtight seal.

Step 4 – Add gauze

Place your metal gauze into the socket.


How to make a geeb with a glass bottle

If you have concerns about using plastic, then you can also make a geeb using a glass bottle. In this case, instead of cutting the bottom off a plastic bottle to draw the smoke through, as shown in step one, you’ll need to cut the glass, which can be a little more tricky.

If you own a glass cutter, then just go ahead and cut the glass and start from step two above. If you don’t, you can watch this Youtube video to learn lots of creative ways to cut glass bottles.

Glass bottle geebs can also be used countless times over as they are much easier to clean. Just remember to sand down the edge of the bottle well so you don’t cut yourself.

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