Legendary OG CBD: Strain Review

Genetic Lineage of Legendary OG

Legendary OG is a very powerful Kush strain that is usually quite high in CBD percentage and is very aromatic.

Though the exact origin of Legendary OG is unknown, it’s thought that OG Kush is the main contributor to the relaxing and sedating effects.

Legendary OG has become increasingly popular in 2020 as a strain that helps people battle anxiety and find rest during times of turmoil.


Legendary OG CBD Review

You’ll have no problem finding Legendary OG in online stores. Most of the best CBD flower brands offer a version of the strain in their shop.

It is important however, to check the lab results before making a purchase. The Delta 9 THC percentage needs to be lower than or equal to .3% for the buds to be legal for sale on a federal level.

Noteworthy is that the total THC percentage can be over .3% since it also includes Delta 8 THC which is federally legal for the time being.

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Legendary OG is relaxing and heavy without being too couch-locky. The effects are quite cerebral and hit your head before your body.

It melts away anxiety and stress and gives you a slight euphoric feeling. It’s a hybrid strain that behaves more like an Indica strain in my opinion.

After the anxiety melting effects, you’ll get a deep relaxation in the muscles and joints. Blood starts flowing and you get a warm feeling in the body. The feeling is quite sedating and pain relieving but it doesn’t put you to sleep.

I would not recommend smoking Legendary OG in the daytime if you had any activity that you needed to complete. But it is a great chill-out strain for lazy weekends when you watch a movie or play video games.

Common use cases for Legendary OG are;

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Flavor Profile

Legendary OG has a powerful flavor profile with strong gassy and skunky notes that fade out in citrus and pine. It tastes very much like the classic THC flower that was around before THC got too potent.

Lovely complex flavors and a dense, heavy smoke that is quite smooth on the throat.

Dominant terpenes:

  • Caryophyllene
  • Limonene
  • Humulene
  • Linalool

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To get the best flavor out of your CBD flower we recommend smoking from a dry herb vaporizer. The best portable vaportizers will give you a more unadulterated terpene experience and by not using papers, you will get the pure flavor.

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Dank and pungent! Legendary OG is a pleasure to sniff on for a long time. The aromas are gassy and skunky and wonderfully complex.

You can pick out citric notes along with sweeter creamy scents as well as lavender. This strain lends itself perfectly to both beginners, experts and ex-cannabis smokers.


Semi-dense bright green buds with some trichrome formation. The nugs have a slight purple shade with some orange pistils sticking out.


Buy Legendary OG CBD Online

You’ll be able to find a number of vendors who sell Legendary online. The quality will vary from brand to brand so we have collected our best alternatives for you here.

You’ll notice a significant difference between indoor and outdoor grown buds with indoor being of higher quality but at a a higher price. If you find greenhouse or light-dep versions, I’d recommend those for a great price to quality ratio.

Best vendors of Legendary OG


Legendary OG CBD Cannaflower
By Cannaflower

Cannaflower always knocks it out the park with their CBD flower. Frosted Lime is no exception!

The buds have all the great uplifting and anxiety-melting qualities that are explained above and they are sold at a fair price. Shipping and customer service is on top level.

This strain is growing in popularity and has over 40 five-star reviews.

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