New CBDA and CBGA products from Oregon Originals

An interview with Sean of Oregon Originals

If you’ve been wondering where to buy CBDA and CBGA hemp compounds, then the search is over. We’ve tracked down a high quality and reliable supplier of products with CBDA and CBGA, that can be shipped to anywhere in the US.

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CBDA and CBGA products are pretty hard to find at the moment, as the industry struggles to cope with the sudden explosion of demand for them, but Oregon Originals was one of the first to market with a single product that contains a high concentration of both these compounds.

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Oregon Originals

Oregon Originals is run by brothers, Sean and Dylan Steeves, and although this customer-facing brand is fairly new to the market, Sean and Dylan have many years of experience in the hemp market. It’s just been a lot more behind-the-scenes, running their USDA-certified organic, family hemp farm (RDSP Farms), until recently.

I’ve been trying out some of their other products over the last couple of months, including their vapes, pre-rolls, and gummies, and can tell you that they are achieving outstanding quality with surprisingly low prices (my full review will be published soon). 

Anyway, I arranged a call with Sean to find out more about their new CBDA and CBGA capsules and to see what else they have in the pipeline.

CBDA and CBGA capsules
Pure CBDA + CBGA capsule from Oregon Originals


A couple of weeks ago, there were some sensational headlines announcing that hemp compounds can prevent covid infection. Can you tell us a bit more about them?

Oregon State University, which is one of the leading agricultural universities in the country, discovered some beneficial compounds found in hemp. The two that are causing the most sensation are the CBDa and CBGa compounds. 

To be perfectly clear these have not been studied in clinical trials and are not approved by the FDA as a treatment. Since the news broke, verified retail businesses with direct connections to licensed farms have been able to produce these compounds at a rapid rate. 

Oregon Originals found itself in a unique position to source high quality CBDa and CBGa directly from its family farm, RDSP Farms in Southern Oregon. The product is now available at (code CBDINC20).

Can you tell us more about your CBDA and CBGA products?

We have just one product that combines both compounds. Our CBDA/CBGA capsules contain 1,500mg of CBDa and CBGa in each bottle. You get 30 caps with 25mg of CBDA and 25mg of CBGA in each one and you can take them on their own or as an additional cannabinoid dose to your usual routine.

And what’s your take on this news? Do you really think hemp has the potential to help with the Covid pandemic?

While we are advocates of plant power and all of the benefits that CBD and hemp can provide, we are not in a position to make any recommendations. However, there are clinical trials that are being conducted as we speak that should shed more light on the effectiveness of CBDa and CBGa.

What other extracts have you been making?

Oregon Originals is a subsidiary of RDSP Farms, which is the USDA certified organic farm that produces flower and products for Oregon Originals. Other extracts that we are working on include;

  • CBDV oil – which may help with weight loss and appetite issues
  • CBN oil – which may help with sleep
  • Full spectrum CBD oil – this is currently found in our vape pens.

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Will you be taking them?

100%, we believe in the power of this plant and all its benefits.

What else will you be doing to stay safe this virus season?

Everyone at Oregon Originals and RDSP Farms wishes a safe and healthy 2022, and while we do believe plant compounds are essential to achieving a well balanced lifestyle, other things that one can do are, wearing a mask, aggressive handwashing, seeking out qualified medical interventions and getting enough sleep. 

We are very excited about some of the studies that have been conducted and that are currently being conducted and would love to do a follow up when more information is available!

Closing notes

Thanks Sean! We’re super excited about these developments too and will definitely stay in touch with you.

If you’d like to learn more about the study mentioned above, then you can read my other article on cannabis and Covid here. Otherwise, head over to the Oregon Originals website and grab some of these capsules before they run out. And save 20% by entering our special discount code CBDINC20 at the checkout.

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