The Wife CBD: Strain Review

Genetic Lineage of The Wife CBD

The Wife is one of the most powerful and dominant CBD strains on the market today. With a CBD percentage that often tops 20% and total cannabinoids in as high as 24-25%, this is a strain that smacks you on your head and puts you in check.

The Wife CBD is a relaxing and hard hitting flower with sweet cherry like flavor.

It’s a cross between T-1 (or Trump) with an unknown cultivar. Most believe that the unknown mix in The Wife is a Cherry strain like Cherry Wine since The Wife has sweet cherry like flavor and aroma.

The Wife is waiting for you at home

The Wife CBD Review

Although The Wife is a powerful strain you must remember that it is in fact a CBD strain. That means that the Delta-9 THC percentage cannot go above .3% or else is is considered cannabis and needs to be grown and sold under a different regulatory body.

Although Delta-9 is restricted to .3% and lower the total THC may be slightly higher since it also includes Delta-8 THC.

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The Wife hits you with a gradual full-body relaxation before slowly creeping up to the crown of your head. The relaxation goes from loosening and dropping your shoulders to a soft drop of your eyebrows as you enter into a soothing mellow state.

It’s a great strain if you suffer from muscle or join pain. The Wife makes you feel softer in tense muscles especially in your neck, back and shoulders.

Some users say that they get increased focus with a small euphoric sensation

Common use cases for The Wife CBD are;

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Flavor Profile

The Wife is sweet and fruity with a light sour touch of berries. There is a soft gassy note as well as a touch of skunk.

After a couple of hits, you’ll start getting a more floral and tropical taste that is very well rounded and balanced in both your in and exhale.

Some higher CBD percentage strains can be a little harsh on the throat so if you are inexperienced, you might cough a little during your session. For the smoothest smoke and best flavor use a dry herb dry herb vaporizer.

Dominant terpenes:

  • Caryophyllene
  • Myrcene


Just like the flavor profile, you’ll get notes of cherries and red berries with waves of soft fragrant floral notes. Take a moment to enjoy the complexity of the aromas that come from The Wife.

You can pick out citric notes that are lightly skunky and very pleasant.

Overall, The Wife is an interesting strain that works best for more experienced smokers. I would imagine that it mixes well with a THC strain for a smoother high and an exotic flavor.

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The Wife is a looker. They don’t call her Wifey for nothing. bright green nuggets in medium to large size with frosty white trichromes throughout. You can see some rust colored, orange hairs sticking out to give the buds a level of depth and beauty that is difficult to beat for hemp strains.


Buy The Wife CBD Online

Try a variety of CBD flower vendors to see which version of The Wife fits you the best.

You can get indoor, outdoor and greenhouse grown versions of the strain and the price will vary depending on the growing method and quality.

As a rule of thumb, indoor is the most expensive and of highest quality and outdoor is the opposite. Greenhouse falls somewhere in the middle but tends to lean closer to indoor than outdoor.

Best vendors of The Wife

Plain Jane


This is a spectacular version of The Wife that comes from the Plain Jane greenhouse grow.

It is rich is trichomes and flavor as well as effects. You’ll get a full-body relaxation that removes muscle tension and mental clouds.

All in all, a perfect after-work strain to close up the day with a smile!

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