White CBG: Strain Review

White CBG

Genetic Lineage of White CBG

If you’re looking for a strain that will calm your nerves and instantly improve your mood, then congratulations as you’ve just found it.

The parents of White CBG include Early Resin Berry and an elite high-THC cannabis strain, called The White. The White was known for being a cannabinoid-producing powerhouse and after converting it to a pure CBG chemotype, The White CBG strain was born.

Oregon CBD Seeds have been refining the genetics of this strain over the past year, so the new harvests coming in over the next few weeks and months are said to be new and improved versions of the White CBG that we’ve tried and reviewed here.

With even larger buds and a more assertive flavor profile, White CBG is sure to increase its (already large) fanbase and we’re confident that it will become one of the most popular strains on the hemp market in 2022.


White CBG Flower Strain Review

As always you want to verify that your trusted CBD flower vendor is able to provide you with a lab report that shows that the Delta-9 THC percentage is below or equal to .3%. Anything above .3% is considered a cannabis strain.

Please note that the Delta-9 THC is different from the total THC. Total THC can be slightly higher than .3% since it also includes Delta-8 THC.

CBG flower is often recommended to people that have a very low tolerance to THC as strains that contain higher CBG levels more often than not also have much lower natural THC levels, therefore this strain carries the least risk of THC-induced anxiety


When compared to high-CBD hemp flower strains, I’d say that White CBG effects are some of the most powerful that I’ve tried, and if I had to describe this strain in two words, they would be happy and peaceful.

This strain will have you feeling uplifted and lucid, with a zen-like energy about you, before you’ve even finished a single joint.

Morning Magic

I remember reading another White CBG strain review that said this strain isn’t good for the mornings, but I couldn’t disagree more. I think this White CBG strain is a great one to wake up to, especially if you want to start your day off right (and who doesn’t?)

I think it will make a great accompaniment to your morning routine, whether it be a gentle yoga session or a coffee and a newspaper. It excels in stomping out negative, anxious thoughts, so if you’ve had a bad morning/day, give yourself a couple of minutes with White CBG to fix it and you’ll feel the day’s stresses and strains melt away in moments.

Makes a Great “Mixer”

This strain does have a fairly energizing effect on me, so in the evenings I like to mix it with other buds, adding a new dimension to high-THC cannabis, as well as more sedating CBD strains.

Since finding and falling in love with White CBG effects, I’ve been experimenting a bit more with CBG and CBD combined (in tinctures and capsules) and there’s no denying that these cannabinoids work well together, for me at least.

Sativa-Like Effects (from an Indica-Hybrid Plant)

If you were to ask “Is White CBG sativa or indica?”, then I’d have to tell you that this is an Indica-hybrid plant, but that its effects are what people most associate with sativas. This strain is a particularly uplifting sativa, but the effects are incredibly versatile and I would smoke this strain on any occasion, at any time of day, to improve my mood, focus, and clarity of thought.

What is White CBG Good For?

People often turn to White CBG for its powerful ability to change and improve mood, but its spicy terpene profile could also make it work well for pain and inflammation. You might find that White CBG benefits;

Flavor Profile

When you smoke CBG White Classic, the first tastes that pull through are heavy and sweet, like a creamy homemade vanilla ice cream, with hints of lemon and freshly cut flowers. The exhale is mostly lemon and pine.

Dominant terpenes:

  • Caryophyllene
  • Bisabolol
  • Guaiol
  • Humulene

Some of these terpenes are rarely seen in such great concentrations in hemp plants, making the terpene profile, flavor and effects of this strain completely unique.


The aromas this strain aren’t anything to write home about if I’m honest. The slightly gassy pine and creamy smell of lemons are subtle, but the new harvests of this strain promise to be more loud and pungent.


While this strain does fall short on the aromatics, it makes up for it in visual appeal as White CBG buds are simply beautiful to look at. The plant itself is an Indica-hybrid, but it’s short and stocky like a classic Indica strain and the wide leaves form robust, dense buds.

These firm buds are mostly medium to large in size and have such frosty, milky-looking trichomes, some of the buds actually look more white than green. Golden orange hairs fight for attention amongst the white and various shades of light and medium greens.

Buy White CBG Online

All things are not created equally and this is especially true when it comes to smokable hemp flower. Apparently, this very special CBG flower isn’t the easiest strain to grow, but we found several vendors that have reliable access to good harvests.

Best vendors of White CBG

Green Unicorn Farms and Cannaflower sell premium quality White CBG flower and you can access their lab reports online or by scanning the QR code on the product’s packaging. Here’s how their flower matches up.


Cannaflower’s White CBG buds are tightly structured and dense, and although they were slightly smaller than other harvests we’ve had the opportunity to sample, they were well-trimmed and cured. The aroma is more subtle, but the effects are spot on.

You can pick up a gram for just under $10 or 3.5 grams for $28, so it’s not the cheapest option around, but you can get better deals by buying larger quantities. On the other hand their buds have slightly higher CBG percentage than you usually see (12.6% CBG) making them a great option.

You have two options that will help you save money. One is to buy 3.5 grams of White CBG with two other strains in their “Energized and Creative” Collection. The other is to commit your love to this CBG strain by buying a half ounce or one ounce pack, which are really well priced at $70 and $110 respectively. Qualify for free shipping when you spend $50.

Green Unicorn Farms

We found Green Unicorn Farms’ CBG buds to be much more generously sized, as well as being neatly trimmed and cured to perfection. Their flower is more reasonably priced, so you can expect to pay around $25 for 3.5 grams or $40 for 7 grams. The buds have 11.2% CBG and very low THC percentage making them perfect for daytime use.

Again, the savings really start stacking up when you buy larger amounts and sample packs that allow you to taste more strains for less money. For example, their Flower Sample Pack offers six packs of 3.5 grams flower (including this CBG strain) for just $90, which is a crazy-good deal. Plus, when you spend over $49 you qualify for free shipping!

Tweedle Farms

Tweedle Farms’ White CBG has the biggest nugs I’ve seen in this strain (so far). They’re also the most aromatic and make a nice smooth, mellow smoke with great effects The baggy also comes with a 2-way humidity regulator packet for climate controlled transportation and storage, which is a nice touch.

Tweedle Farms’ harvest tests at a potent 16% CBG and you can grab yourself a gram for as little as $6 or 4g for $20. Budget shoppers can also pick up smalls and the chefs among may want to take advantage of their White CBG shake.

Plus, use our Tweedle Farms coupon code CBDINCUBATOR20 for 20% off your first order.

Alive & Kicking

Alive & Kicking sent out their 1/8 in a snowglobe-looking, humidity controlled jar that will keep their well-formed, medium-sized buds at the perfect moisture level for a long time.

They test at 14.28% CBG and you can buy an 1/8 oz for just $22. You can also get White CBG in pre-rolls from Cannaflower, for when you just can’t be bothered to roll your own.

Use codes hello10 or mixme20 for 10 or 20% off

White CBG Review Summary

The generously-sized buds and white trichomes on this flower are a visual treat for hemp lovers, and despite its more subtle flavor profile, White CBG is one of my favorite strains for effects, especially for improving mood and focus.

If you liked earlier harvests of White CBG, then you’re going to love it the new crop. And if you weren’t that impressed by White CBG the first time around, then it might be time to give it another whirl.

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