Everest Delta-8 THC Product Review

Everest Delta-8 THC Product Review by Leah Johnson at CBD Origin

Did you know that Mount Everest is 30,000 feet (8,848 meters to be precise) tall? Or that it takes a little over a month to reach the summit? How about that it costs almost $70,000 to climb? This impressive mountain has long been an inspiration to many as a feat of endurance and personal accomplishment. Mount Everest is also the inspiration for the Delta-8 THC product we’ll be reviewing today: the Blue Raspberry gummies from Everest! Most of us will never get to climb the most famous mountain in the world, but thanks to these gummies, reaching extraordinary highs are now easily within reach! But before we review these soft and chewy treats, let’s go over what Delta-8 THC is and what to expect while under the influence of a Delta-8 THC high.

Understanding What Delta-8 THC Is

In order to truly appreciate what Delta-8 THC is, first we need to take a look at two other very popular cannabinoids: Delta-9 THC and CBD. Delta-9 THC is the scientific name for marijuana, a cannabinoid that has been widely used for centuries as a way to treat chronic pain, as a sleep aid, and as a way to soothe an overactive mind. The high brought on from a Delta-9 THC high is powerful and intense, and can often overwhelm new users if too much is taken or the wrong strain is consumed. CBD, on the other hand, is a completely non-psychoactive cannabinoid that delivers the homeopathic benefits of the hemp plant, just without the high. CBD exploded in popularity as a way to treat PTSD, anxiety, depression, sleeping disorders, and in some studies, reduce epileptic seizures.D

Delta-8 THC falls somewhere in the middle of these two cannabinoids, offering a smooth and comfortable high while still leaving the user clear-headed and in control of the high. This “lite” version of weed offers a more enjoyable high for users who have been scarred by the intensity of weed and is actually legal on a federal level. However, some states have their own legal restrictions on Delta-8 THC, so you’ll need to check your local state’s laws before attempting to buy or use any Delta-8 THC products.

What To Expect On A Delta-8 THC High

Now that you understand what Delta-8 THC is, it’s time to go over some of the more intricate details about Delta-8 THC products. The market for Delta-8 THC products is typically divided into two categories: edibles and inhalables. Edibles like gummies, baked goods, softgels, and tinctures are consumed orally and typically kick in within about an hour and can last for as long as four hours. Inhalables are usually more of an advanced user item and may require external hardware to operate. Some examples of inhalables are vape cartridges, disposables, flower, and pre-rolls. Vape cartridges require an external battery-powered pen device, while flower will require a grinder and rolling paper or an herb vaporizer in order to smoke. Inhalables offer a fast-acting high that begins within about five minutes and are typically short-lived, lasing for about an hour or so. Of course, the industry isn’t limited to these products alone; some unique Delta-8 THC products that we’ve reviewed include the Vybba Oral Strips and the 3Chi Beverage Enhancers. These two products are fast-acting and offer a long-lasting high, which can be beneficial if you’re impatient or short on time.

Regardless of which Delta-8 THC product you choose to enjoy, it’s crucial that you start off slow in your doses. Even if you think a dosage is too low, remember that you can always increase your dosage over time. Many companies will list the recommended dose, such as a single gummy, 2-3 puffs of a cartridge, a mL of tincture, and so on. Your body’s reaction to Delta-8 THC can vary based on weight, age, metabolism, previous exposure to THC, gender, and much more. Taking too much THC can result in extreme drowsiness and increased paranoia or anxiety. You should not attempt to operate machinery or vehicles while under the influence of a Delta-8 THC high. Delta-8 THC highs can offer a delicious euphoria, a soothing body high (tingling and enhanced sense of touch), increased appetite, relaxation, inspiration and creativity, and much more. Some of the less-desirable side effects can include mild nausea, dry mouth, and sleepiness, all of which can be reduced by lying down or taking a few sips of water. Now that we’ve covered some of the types of Delta-8 THC products and possible effects, it’s time to check out the Everest Delta-8 THC Blue Raspberry Gummies! We’ll start off by reviewing the company itself and then the actual product. Let’s begin!

Everest: A High Above The Rest

As Delta-8 THC continues to increase in popularity, many CBD companies have incorporated other cannabinoid-infused products into their catalog. Everest may have started off as a CBD company, but has quickly gained recognition for their high-quality Delta-8 THC products. Everest currently offers Delta-8 THC vapes, oils, and of course, gummies. These vegan gummies are only offered in a blue raspberry flavor and come in a pack of 30 gummies, each gummy containing 20mg per piece. The pack is sold for a steep $75, but Everest offers a 20% discount when you sign up for their monthly subscription service. It appears that these gummies were previously sold in two other flavors, but the watermelon and peach flavors were mysteriously absent on the gummies product page. If I find out any information as to why these flavors are no longer available, I will gladly update this review.

A High Above The Rest

The Everest website is simply designed and utilizes a minimalist layout for easy browsing. There aren’t any flashy graphics or bright colors that detract from the products offered, which gives off a calming and sophisticated aura to the site. Everest has been features in many popular publications, including Forbes and Men’s Journal. The site boasts that they have over 200 verified customer reviews, which may not seem like a lot until you realize that Everest only has three Delta-8 THC products listed! I wasn’t able to see any of these reviews, which seemed a little odd, but I chalked it up to the site being glitchy. That concludes our brief overview of the Everest company, and brings us to our much-anticipated review of the Everest Blue Raspberry Delta-8 THC Gummies!

Everest Delta-8 THC Blue Raspberry Gummies Review

Delta-8 THC Blue Raspberry Gummies

Everest seems to have gone through a slight re-development of their Delta-8 THC gummies. I mentioned earlier that the gummies previously came in three flavors, but now only the blue raspberry ones remain. Upon further notice, it appears that the compound composition has been changed as well, from straight Delta-8 THC gummies with 20mg to Delta-8 THC and CBD gummies with 25mg of CBD and only 5mg of Delta-8 THC. My experience with the 20mg gummies may differ from what the current gummies are, or it may be the same. Regardless, I’ll share my reactions and experiences with the 20mg gummies, and I encourage you to share your experiences with the new blend in the comments below.

Delta-8 THC Blue Raspberry Gummies

The gummies came in a small squat jar with a screw-on lid. I easily unscrewed the lid and peered into the jar. The gummies were about the same size and shape of a Scrabble tile, each one a dark blue and coated with sugar crystals. I plucked one out of the jar and noted the soft and spongy texture, with a slight firmness to it. I held the gummy to my nose and smelled a scent that was disturbingly similar to melted plastic. I’ve noticed that same scent with many vegan gummies and since it wasn’t exactly pleasant, I hoped it wouldn’t come through in the actual taste. I popped a gummy into my mouth and momentarily tasted that same plastic smell, but it was immediately washed away by a sweet and fruity flavor. The flavor tasted more like blueberry than blue raspberry, and was somewhat artificial in taste. The texture was soft and chewy, transforming into a nice and gooey consistency after a few seconds of chewing. I tasted a strong flavor of hemp, both while chewing and after I had swallowed, but the fruit flavor was successful in distracting me from the initial hemp taste. I detected a light coating left on my teeth and tongue, and noted that while there were a few gummy pieces left in my back teeth, they were easy to get rid of with a quick swig of water.

The gummies began to kick in nearly an hour after swallowing. I felt a powerful burst of euphoria along with an intense feeling of heaviness, similar to the feeling of snuggling into a weighted blanket. I felt as if time had slowed down and felt a strong sensation of “couch-lock,” causing me to wonder if this was an indica-dominant strain. My eyelids grew heavy and I felt sleepy and alert at the same time. There was a warm tingling in my hands, feet, eyelids, and arms, and I experienced a heightened sense of touch. I suddenly decided I was hungry (munchies!) and was delighted to taste the explosive flavor of the snacks that I ate. There was some brief nausea along with mild paranoia, but neither of these were overwhelming or cause for concern. Despite feeling like I was floating through a mental fog, I was able to concentrate and focus on several tasks with surprisingly little effort. The high intensified after about 90 minutes, and I experienced warm waves of euphoria mixed with sudden bursts of creativity. I experienced a deep dreaminess that was refreshing and relaxing, and was able to drift off to sleep easily. I awoke the next morning feeling refreshed and empowered to start my day.

Certain gummies can sometimes carry over into the next day, a phenomenon I affectionately refer to as the “hangover high”, but the Everest Delta-8 THC Blue Raspberry Gummies did not. Despite the artificial plastic scent and the blueberry (rather than blue raspberry) taste, these gummies did indeed whisk me away into a deliciously euphoric high that was long-lasting and just what I needed after the end of a long stressful day. I highly enjoyed these gummies and am confident that you will as well.


Everest General Information

Lab Testing

Since no cannabinoid product is currently regulated by the FDA, lab testing is one of the only ways for a consumer to confirm the purity and potency of a Delta-8 THC product. These tests are usually performed by unaffiliated third-party labs to ensure no bias can sway the outcome of these tests. Independent third-party lab tests are time-consuming and often quite expensive, but have become an industry standard to acquire consumer confidence and trust.

Unfortunately, just because lab tests are posted on a company’s website does not necessarily mean they are accurate. In one of our previous articles, we shamed several brands for stealing another company’s lab tests, editing them to include their own name, then posting them as their own. You can read more about this unscrupulous practice here, but the moral of the story is to always confirm the validity of the tests yourself, especially if you suspect suspicious activity. Lab tests will show the batch number and lab name, usually in the top left corner, which you can use to contact the lab and verify the results yourself.

Everest publicly displays the results of their lab test results right in the product description. SImply navigate to the product in question, scroll down to nearly the end of the page, and click on the See Lab Results tab. A new page will open to display the official Certificate of Analysis, where you can read all the published information on the lab test.

Hemp Information

Everest lists the information about their hemp and processing information right on their home page. They use trusted farmers and manufactures who have built a reputation for producing high quality hemp using clean soil and standard industry practices. Once the hemp is harvested, it is processed and shipped to Everest’s manufacturing facility. The hemp is processed again to extract CBD and other cannabinoids. Solvents are used to convert the freshly extracted CBD into Delta-8 THC, which is then infused into the gummies, vape, and tincture you see on the Everest website. In accordance with the 2018 Farm Bill, all of Everest’s products contain 0.3% THC or less. Everest is dedicated to using premium hemp to source their products, thus delivering a pure and potent Delta-8 THC experience for both their current and future customers.

Product Packing

Product Packing

The product packaging for the Everest Delta-8 THC Blue Raspberry Gummies is simple yet elegant. A short and squat plastic jar is used instead of a resealable pouch or large bottle, and was very easy to open and transport. A calming blue label wrapped around the entire jar, with contrasting white letters that were large and easy to read. The front of the label listed the brand name and product, along with small icons that confirmed the gummies were made in the USA, 100% natural and non-GMO, and were lab tested. The right side of the label showed the manufacturing and contact information, along with the mandated warnings and age restrictions. The left side of the label displayed the supplemental facts, recommended use, and ingredient list. Overall, the packaging was simple, informative, neat, and professional, which sums up the Everest brand quite nicely.


I was honored to review the Everest Delta-8 THC Blue Raspberry gummies and thoroughly enjoyed the powerful high brought on by the soft and chewy treats. The smell and artificial taste were a bit of a turn-off, but the delicious mind and body high more than made up for these two things. The flavor was a bit off-putting due to the artificial flavor and seemed to have more of a blueberry taste, but I loved the gooey consistency and appreciated the vegan quality. The effects lasted for several hours, delivering euphoria and relaxation in a mere 90 minutes. I only hope that Everest brings back their watermelon and peach flavors, and look forward to the opportunity to try their vapes and tinctures as well.

Have you tried the new and improved CBD + Delta-8 THC gummies from Everest, or any of their vapes and tinctures? What are some of your preferred Delta-8 THC products and brands? Don’t be shy; feel free to drop a comment and share your experiences with the rest of us! Delta-8 THC comes in so many different shapes, sizes, flavors, and products, and we here at CBD Origin are determined to try them all, one review at a time! Check back with us soon for our next product review of the Bearly Legal pre-roll, a more-advanced user item that falls into the inhalable category, perfect for our smokers and vapers. We hope to see you there!

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