How to Find the Best CBD for Cats

How to Find the Best CBD for Cats by Stephanie Jensen at CBD Origin

Dogs are man’s best friend? Yeah right! Cats are the ultimate pet. As I’m writing this, my boyfriend’s cat sits next to my laptop with me. And I’m not the only one who loves cats. Over 42 million U.S. households own at least one cat.

As you can see, many people see Fluffy as an important part of the family. You’re likely trying to find ways to make your kitty happier and healthier. Throughout your research, you probably discovered CBD.

But with so many products, how do you find the best CBD for cats?

What Does the Science Say

endocannabinoid system

Before we go into this explanation, we recommend talking to your vet before giving CBD to your cat for any reason.

We should also mention the endocannabinoid system (ECS) first. The ECS is a major signaling system prevalent in all mammals, including cats. 

Cannabinoids from the cannabis plant interact with naturally produced endocannabinoids and their receptors that contribute to various bodily functions. These functions may include mood, sensations, immune responses, and appetite.

We’re not fully sure how CBD interacts with our ECS, but we do know CBD influences our body in many ways.

As far as the other benefits are concerned, understand that we don’t know how CBD affects cats. Most of the statements are preliminary studies, cat owners’ experiences, and general speculation.

The best study I can find is conducted by the American Epilepsy Society. They concluded that CBD can reduce the frequency and intensity of seizures by as much as 50%.

Cat owners state that CBD makes their kitties sleep. It’s theorized that’s because of the 5-HT1a serotonin receptor. However, this is more prevalent in large doses. If you give small doses of CBD to your cat, it more so has a calming effect.

You may also hear of holistic veterinarians using CBD for issues such as inflammation. Keep in mind, there aren’t many medical studies that confirm CBD is an effective inflammation treatment.

CBD Safety for Cats

CBD Safety for Cats

CBD does seem to have some positive effects, though research doesn’t back up every claim. Still, what is out there seems to be positive. But is CBD safe enough for your beloved Fluffy?

On the surface, CBD appears to be safe. These are statements by cat parents but also from veterinarians. 

An upset stomach and drowsiness are the most common side effects. After the first time I gave my cat CBD, she slept all day. If this occurs, I suggest lowering the dose. If your cat seems to be in distress, stop giving them CBD altogether.

Again, there aren’t enough studies out there to support any of these claims. Just actual observations from myself, other cat parents, and veterinarians.

In addition, no two CBD products are the same – even if they’re both marketed to cats. Make sure you only buy CBD cat products from brands that offer lab testing and ingredient transparency. And, of course, always talk to your veterinarian before giving your cat CBD.

Oil or Treats?

Oil or Treats

Most CBD products are oil, usually taken as a sublingual tincture (meaning under the tongue). 

But good luck putting anything in your cat’s mouth, let alone under their tongue. Instead, pet owners get sneaky and mix the CBD oil in their food (though this didn’t work for me).

As a result, more CBD manufacturers make treats for cats and dogs. I haven’t tried CBD treats for my cat yet, though I plan to try them. Try both and see what works best for your cat.

Choosing the Best Dosage

Each CBD brand is different, and they all have different dosing guidelines. I suggest reading their recommendations but giving your cat less than the recommended dose at first. I have a senior cat, and that’s what I did.

If the CBD brand doesn’t mention a recommended dose, give your cat 1 mg per 10 pounds. Never give your cat more than 5 mg per 10 pounds. I wouldn’t increase your cat’s dose until after a month.

How to Find the Best CBD for Cats

Now that you know all about CBD for cats, it’s time to find the best product! But what do you look for?


There are full-spectrum CBD products for cats, but know this has THC in it. CBD brands can only legally make CBD products with less than 0.3%. But seriously, would you want to be giving your cat THC? 

Even though I prefer using full spectrum on myself, kitty gets either isolates or broad spectrum as far as I’m concerned. If you do want broad spectrum benefits, I suggest giving your cat broad spectrum CBD instead.


Most reputable CBD brands will provide information on the hemp they sourced for their products. 

Find a product that uses hemp grown in your local region. Ideally, the hemp should be completely organic, and the farmer never used pesticides, fertilizer, or any genetically modified accelerants. For best results, look for the USDA-certified organic label.

In addition, the CBD brand should only use the safely extracted cannabinoids plus a carrier oil for CBD oil. Make sure they’re only made with organic ingredients and natural flavorings for treats.

Lab Results

All reputable CBD companies will also provide lab results from a third-party source. In addition to the cannabinoid content, lab results will reveal the presence of toxic metals and other bad compounds.

You should also research the lab to be safe. Make sure it really is a third-party lab that conducts tests on a variety of CBD products.

How I Decided on These Products

First and foremost, the very first product I mentioned I gave to my cat before. She didn’t like the taste. She also didn’t experience drastic side effects other than sleepiness (honestly, my cat is old and sleeps a lot anyway, so that didn’t concern me).

Here are other qualities I examined:

  • Ingredients
  • Effectiveness
  • Hemp sourcing
  • Potency and dosing
  • Variety
  • Cost

Best CBD for Cats

As a cat owner myself, I know how much you care about your kitty and the products you give them. That’s why I scoured the internet to find the best CBD products for cats, including the brand I give my cat. I also made sure to include both CBD oil and treats.

Bailey’s CBD for Cats

Baileys CBD for Cats

This is the CBD I gave my cat, CC. I can tell it’s a high-quality CBD product. It’s made from organic hemp and veterinarian formulated. I also like how Bailey’s specializes in making CBD products for pets.

My cat tolerated it well, just getting drowsy when I gave her the initial dose. I gave her a smaller dose the next day, and she seemed fine. 

I mixed it in with CC’s food; she ate it at first but eventually detected the CBD and wouldn’t eat her food with the CBD. That’s why I want to try the treats.


  • Great company
  • 100 mg CBD, good dose for all cats
  • Excellent customer service
  • Ships quickly
  • I am reading reviews where cat owners say their cats love the taste (I wish mine did)


  • On the contrary, my cat didn’t like the taste

Verma Farms Salmon Cat Treats

Salmon Cat Treats

These will likely be the treats I give CC! First off, she loves salmon. They source their hemp from U.S. farmers and only use natural ingredients in their treats. The treats are very fresh, so your cat will be sure to love them!


  • Safe and can give your cat as many treats as you think is appropriate.


  • Doesn’t offer different product sizes or potencies

Penguin CBD Cat Treats

CBD Cat Treats penguin

I keep hearing about this brand. Lo and behold, these treats are another popular option for cats. They source their hemp from Oregon, renowned for its testing and cultivation regulations. These treats are broad spectrum, so your cat gets no THC.

These treats are also easy to dose. One treat has 3.3 mg of CBD, so you should be giving your cat one treat a day and no more than two. These treats are also affordable.


  • Broad spectrum, no THC
  • Sourced from Oregon
  • Reputable company
  • Easy to dose


  • Only one product is available for cats

Petly Hemp CBD Oil for Cats

Petly Hemp CBD Oil for CatsPetly is another CBD brand specifically crafted for cats. At 125 mg, this is one of the most potent CBD oils I could find. There are only two ingredients: broad spectrum hemp extract and MCT oil.


  • Better quality than other CBD oil brands
  • Cat parents are saying it helps their fur babies
  • A great option for cats who need a more potent dose


  • Too strong for cats new to CBD
  • Some customers complained about not receiving their product

Honest Paws Calm CBD Soft Chews for Cats

Honest Paws Calm CBD Soft Chews for Cats

Honest Paws uses organic ingredients in all products, including these treats. Even though they used full spectrum hemp, I’m still recommending this product because they use high-quality hemp, and these treats really decrease cat anxiety.


  • Great for cats of all ages


  • Honest Paws received some customer service complaints


Question: How Do I Know If My Cat Needs CBD?

Answer: Ultimately, this is a decision you need to make as a pet owner – and I suggest you make this decision with your vet. 

If your cat has a specific condition, make sure you talk to your vet if your cat should be using CBD. This is especially important if your cat is already on medication.

Let’s say your cat is in good health, but you experience small things like your cat getting nervous when people are visiting or when you leave the house. 

In this case, you can try CBD to mellow your cat out since Fluffy doesn’t have specific anxiety or stress problems – certain stressors only set your cat off. 

Question: Will CBD Make My Cat High?

Answer: Your cat shouldn’t feel “high,” even if you give your cat full spectrum CBD. However, a calming sensation is normal. Keep in mind, your cat will gain a tolerance over time, so the calming effects will fade until you give them a higher dose.

Question: Can My Cat Overdose on CBD?

Answer: I wouldn’t say “overdose,” but you could accidentally give your cat a large CBD dose that can cause some unwanted side effects. The most common ones include an upset stomach and sleepiness. Eventually, these side effects subside. 

In smaller doses, CBD doesn’t seem to be harmful in cats. Still, there’s limited research available on giving your cat a high CBD dosage. You should still consult with your veterinarian about giving CBD to your cat and choosing the best dose.

Question: What If a Brand Doesn’t Offer Lab Test Results?

Answer: Any reputable brand will offer a COA, even if you have to contact them first. Honestly, any brand that doesn’t conduct third-party testing isn’t worth your money – especially since 25% of CBD products aren’t tested for purity.

In addition, ensure the brand has tests done on ALL products, not just one or a couple. EnsureMake sure the tests are updated every year and that the lab is reputable.

Question: Can I Give My Cat The Same CBD Oil That I Use?

Answer: If you use CBD isolates or broad spectrum oil, you may wonder if you can give your cat the same product that you use. Well, this depends. First and foremost, you may consider giving your cat the oil you use if it’s not made with any THC.

However, there are other considerations. Some ingredients that are safe for humans are toxic to cats. That’s why you shouldn’t give your cat human edibles, like gummies. 

But if your CBD oil is only made with cannabinoids and a carrier oil that’s safe for cats, the CBD oil you use is likely okay. However, you should still show the CBD oil to your vet and ask for their advice.


Your cat is your best friend. For some, your cat is your closest companion and family member. In that case, you want the best for Fluffy. So, should you be giving your cat CBD? And which product should you try?

The two main CBD products for cats include oil and treats. Try to avoid giving your cat THC, ensure the products are organic, and the hemp is sourced safely. Ideally, only buy from brands that offer third-party testing.

Disclaimer: always talk to your vet before giving CBD to your cat. While there isn’t much research to back up specific claims, the studies that have been done are primarily positive. Give your cat the smallest recommended dosage.

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