How to Find the Best CBD Oil for Kidney Stones

How to Find the Best CBD Oil for Kidney Stones by Alizabeth Swain at CBD Origin

If you’ve ever had a kidney stone before, you know that they’re no fun to deal with. And if you’re passing one now, you’re likely swearing to yourself that you’re never going to go through it again.

Many people compare the pain of passing a kidney stone to childbirth. But, no matter how you perceive the pain of passing a kidney stone, we definitely know that you don’t want to pass another one anytime soon.

Thankfully, CBD oil can actually help you when you’re passing a kidney stone. If you’ve exhausted every option you can think of, trying to help get yourself some relief, you probably haven’t tried out CBD yet. 

And if you aren’t sure how CBD can help you with kidney stones, don’t worry. I’m going to break it all down for you here. The good news for you is – relief is coming to you fast!

Bottom line up front: If you’re looking for one company to trust to buy CBD oil from, I would highly recommend Everst CBD! They’re one of the best CBD companies on the market. 

What is CBD?

Best CBD Oil for Kidney Stones

If you want a complete breakdown of CBD, check out our other guides. But, CBD is a type of cannabis oil found inside both hemp and marijuana plants. CBD is a type of cannabidiol that interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system. 

Your endocannabinoid system is one of the systems in your body that’s responsible for telling your body how to stop overreacting when your immune system is out of balance. When your immune system isn’t properly balanced, it causes your body to overreact to certain stimuli, causing pain end information.

 However, you need to know that CBD and THC aren’t the same things. Many people get these two components confused, but they aren’t the same thing. THC is the chemical compound found in marijuana that gives people a high sensation. However, this is very different from CBD, which doesn’t give you high sensation. 

What are Kidney Stones? 

Many people have heard of kidney stones, but not a lot of people are aware of what kidney stones are. The name says that kidney stones aren’t actually made up of stone. Kidney stones are a deposit made up of calcium but are in oxalate form. Oxalate is naturally produced by our livers but can also be found in plant-based foods.

Many people will develop kidney stones as a result of experiencing certain bowel conditions, eating foods with a high oxalate content, and not drinking enough water.

 Before a kidney stone can leave the body, it must pass through the urinary tract system before exiting the body via urine. While they’re very painful, kidney stones don’t do any sort of damage to the body. 

How to Tell If you Have Kidney Stones

How to Tell If you Have Kidney Stones

 Many people who pass a kidney stone talk about the intense pain they feel in their abdomen and in their groin area. Some people experience the pain beginning in the lower section of the rib cage and spreading throughout the body. 

Other people may not experience any sort of symptoms at all. Most kidney stones go undiagnosed until they reach the urinary tract system. Many people begin to experience the symptoms of a kidney stone once it’s reached their urinary tract system.

Pain isn’t the only way to determine if you have a kidney stone. Examining your urine to see if there is anything abnormal is another way to see if you have a kidney stone. If you notice that your urine is a pink or red color, you might have a kidney stone. 

In addition, if you notice that your urine has a strange smell to it, this is another telltale sign that you may be experiencing a kidney stone. If you’re experiencing a consistent urge to urinate, this is a warning sign you are developing either a UTI or kidney stones. 

If you’re having any sharp pain in your lower back, any nausea, vomiting, or if you have a fever are also signs that you have a kidney stone. 

If you experience any of these symptoms, contact your doctor immediately to see if you can get testing to see if you have a kidney stone. 

How Does CBD Help With Kidney Stones?

CBD is popular among users because it’s a wonderful tool to help people alleviate their pain and inflammation. Plus, it doesn’t just fight pain from one source, either. 

CBD can influence how your entire body receives pain. So, it’s one of the best natural pain relief options out there. In addition, it doesn’t just fight pain on one level. If you’ve ever had a kidney stone before, you may be well aware the types of pain cut a kidney stone or throw your way are often unpredictable and vary greatly. Thankfully, CBD is super effective at treating all of the different types of pain associated with a kidney stone.

 In addition, the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD show to fight against kidney stones well. They help reduce the pain that’s often felt when there’s a blockage end the urinary tract because of the Kidney stone. 

How to Choose the Right CBDs for your Kidney Stones

Right CBDs for your Kidney Stones

 When you’re looking around for kidney stone relief, CBD oil is a great option to consider. But, you can’t just pick up the first CBD product you find. The extraction methods, the quality of the hemp, any third-party testing, and the transparency of the company are all critical factors to consider when you are looking around for CBD products. 

Unfortunately, CBD isn’t regulated by the FDA. So, there are a lot of companies out there that take advantage of that and produce low-quality CBD products. The only way to ensure that you are purchasing a high-quality and trustworthy CBD product is by looking at the laboratory test results.

 But don’t worry, you don’t have to figure out how to find the best CBD products on the market by yourself. I got a few tricks and tips up my sleeve to help you figure out which brands are worth the investment and which aren’t.

In addition, this advice follow along with the guidelines I used to make the product recommendations I’ve listed in this guide. 

Find the Test Results

 If you’ve decided on a brand that you’re interested in and want to try out to help with your kidney stones, I would highly recommend that you look for a company that keeps their lab test results open for you to see. You shouldn’t purchase from a brand that doesn’t probably display their lab test results.

 Having the ability to view the test results for the company that you’re considering investing in is really important, mainly because there are so many potential pollutants that could be hidden inside of the CBD product you’re considering. 

Unfortunately, hemp and cannabis plants quickly absorb pesticides, chemicals, and heavy metals. When the products are being used during the extraction process come on all of the potential dangers inside the plant. This means that traces of those pollutants can be found in your CBD products. Any lab tests done will clarify what contaminants, if any, are located inside a CBD product. In addition, it’ll also make you aware of how much THC is found inside of the CBD products you’re considering.

 Even more importantly, it’s vital to ensure that’d be the company you were considering buying from used a third-party lab to complete all of its testings. That way, the company can’t potentially fake the test results. 

Look at the THC Content

If you’re worried about passing a drug test, it’s very for you to look at the THC content in the CBD product you’re considering. Some CBD companies aren’t as concerned with the THC content, so they will be on the higher side of the legal percentage. Federally, CBD products can contain up to 0.3% THC. Many CBD products have a trace amount of THC inside of them. However, some people believe that a higher THC percentage will ensure better absorption of CBD.

 So, if you were worried about the THC consumption, be sure to carefully examine the test results before committing the purchasing anything. 

See if There are Additional Resources

CBD companies that are worth your money won’t just try to sell you a product. Instead, they’ll also offer you many resources to help you understand more of information about CBD and all the benefits that has to offer you. 

The CBD company that you’re looking into should take time to help you make an informed decision about what type of CBD would be the best option for you to look into. They shouldn’t just be focused on selling you a product that may not be right for your health needs or for your current situation.

You can check to see if there are additional resources available by seeing if they have a resource section that will go on their website or a blog. A company that helps make its buyers informed is a company worth trusting. But, the information that they provide you with should be regularly updated and accurate, on top of providing users with lab test results and access to seeing other customers’ reviews. 

The Company’s Reputation

It’s also essential for you to consider the company’s reputation when you’re looking around for CBD products. If somebody doesn’t have a positive experience with a company, that’s unique to be individual. But, if many people have had a negative experience withthe company, that’s something to be taken into consideration. This could be a sign that there’s something faulty going on within the company that needs to be fixed.

The Best CBD Products for Kidney Stones

 Now, it’s time for you to get introduced to the best CBD products on the market that’ll help you manage pain and other symptoms caused by your kidney stones. When you’re looking around for a CBD product that will help your kidneys, you’re more than likely looking around for a CBD product that will help your pain levels. Thankfully, tons of different CBD products on the market will help you manage your pain levels. 

Penguin CBD

Penguin CBD

I’ve talked about the gummy worm edibles from Penguin CBD before, and I would love to talk about them again. I think the edibles that Penguin CBD has to offer are incredible, and I don’t feel like they’ve talked about enough in the CBD community. It’s clear that this company is dedicated to building a brand that’s well-known for its high-quality products. They talked often on their website but only use the highest quality ingredients in all of their CBD products.

 In addition, they have another section I told us about where they harvest the plants that they use for CBD. All of the hemp plants used to gather CBD are grown in Oregon. And all the hemp plants are grown in rich soil that’s completely safe that’s based on the current regulations in the CBD industry. There are no pesticides used on their hemp plants, and they’re all grown using practices that are entirely organic.

Penguin CBD has chosen its brand name because of the reputation the penguins have. They’re known to be calm animals, and that’s why they’ve chosen the penguin to be the animal representing their company. The owners of penguin Serie de want to help people embrace a happier and calmer lifestyle by utilizing CBD products.

There are a lot of different products available, and flavors, which include citrus, mint, strawberry, and a natural flavor. Personally, I would recommend this company to someone who has a hard time making medicine and wants to make it a little more fun. 

In addition, this company offers full refunds within 30 days if you aren’t happy with your purchase. All orders come with 3-5 day shipping, which are just added benefits for you to consider if you are interested in using see many from this company. 


Everest CBD

Everest is another brand that I would highly recommend. Their CBD oils and CBD gummies are some of the best in the industry. I personally think that Everest sets the expectations for other CBD Brands when it comes to discussing quality. Their CBD oils are full-spectrum and contain a 5 to 1 ratio for cannabinoids. I would recommend that you stay away from this brand if you are concerned about your THC consumption. Inside of each dosage of this CBD oil, you’ll find 2 mg THC. But on the bright side, all of the hemp it’s used in the extraction process is grown in the United States.

In addition, there’s also third-party lab testing has been completed to ensure that all of the CBD oils they sent out or pure and that there is a consistent level of cannabinoids found inside of the oil. If you aren’t as interested in trying CBD oil but are also interested in trying CBD vape and gummies, I would recommend you check out Everest. Personally, they’re one of my favorite CBD brands of all time.

On top of all of the benefits of their CBD oil, they also offer a full refund if you aren’t delighted with your purchase after 30 days of use. On top of that, they also offer free 3-5 day shipping for all of their orders. I love how easy it is to find the lab test results on their website.

Batch CBD

Batch CBD

Batch CBD is a beautiful brand to use if you’re looking for a brand that sells CBD specifically to help you manage your pain levels. Batch CBD is very well known for producing products that are top of the line and very effective. Many people use their full-spectrum CBD oil because of the quality of the ingredients and how super effective it is. Plus, they don’t just offer CBD oils. They also provide tinctures and a few other pipes of security products.

 In addition, this brand is based out of Washington. So, if you’re looking for a small business that started in the USA (and has grown in the USA), it’s a great company to look into. Well, they don’t have a lot of flavors for their CBD oils; they do offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee along with free shipping guaranteed. Plus, the lab test results are super easy to find on the website, and they don’t try to hide the ingredient list from you!

Sunday Scaries

Sunday Scaries

Sunday Scaries is a brand that I’ve recommended because of their CBD gummies. But, I also really enjoy their CBD oil tinctures, especially for pain management. That’s because Sunday Scaries uses a unique blend of cannabinoids inside of this broad-spectrum product. Also, Sunday Scaries uses vitamin D3 and vitamin B12 inside of their formula to help provide an extra health boost whenever you’re taking drops. 

On top of that, see it Sunday Scaries has an excellent positive customer service rating. If you aren’t happy with your products, they’ll provide you with a 100% lifetime money-back guarantee. That means you don’t have to worry about waiting 30 days to see if you like the product or if you don’t. 

Also, all of the hemp used for Sunday Scaries is grown in Denver, Colorado. There’s free shipping on all orders over $59 and a unique subscription option to help you save money. Also, they don’t hide the lab testing results they had done on their products. 

I’ve personally used Sunday Scaries for years, and I know they have outstanding quality products. I would highly recommend their tinctures for anyone that suffering through a lot of pain. 


Does Drinking Water Prevent Kidney Stones?

 Keeping yourself hydrated is one of the best ways that you can go about preventing kidney stones. To ensure that you’re drinking enough water, you should aim to consume at least 8 glasses of water a day. However, if you drink a lot of soda or caffeinated beverages, try to drink more water than this. That’s because caffeinated drinks can dehydrate you. And if you’re dehydrated, it increases your risk of developing a kidney stone.

Question: Is it Safe to Take CBD When you Have a Kidney Stone?

 It’s essential that you talk to your doctor before you begin to take CBD oil to help tree your kidney stones. Generally, CBD is considered very safe to use. But, if you’re on any prescription medications, talking to your doc about taking CBD will give you an idea of any interactions with any of the medications you’re on. So, be sure to talk to your doctor before starting any regimen with CBD products.

 In addition, while it is generally safe to take CBD products, it’s only safe to do so if you’re buying CBD from a trustworthy, reputable brand. Unfortunately, the CBD industry isn’t well-regulated, so some companies out there don’t care about what they’re putting in their products. So, some companies will fill their CBD products with synthetic and love quality ingredients. Before you purchase from any brand, I would highly recommend that you see if the company has a certificate of analysis to ensure a third-party lab has tested the products. This will ensure that the products are safe to consume or use. 

Question: How do you Properly Dose CBD Oil for Kidney Pain? 

When you’re starting off with CBD, I highly recommend starting off with the lowest dose as possible. This will give you time to adjust to any and all the side effects you may experience when you’re taking CBD. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you need more help with pain management, you can increase your dose over time. 


 There’s a lot that CBD has to offer, which is why it is an important option are you looking to if you’re looking to improve your symptoms while you’re suffering from a kidney stone. In general, there are a lot of positive health effects that can be found with CBD oil. Even if you aren’t sure if you get kidney stones regular enough to try CBD oil, I would highly recommend you look into it to help you treat the symptoms of other health complications you may have. 

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