Skyhio Delta-8 THC Product Review

Skyhio Delta-8 THC Product Review by Miah Schmahl at CBD Origin

2021 was Delta 8’s hottest and most controversial year. 2022 is proving to be just as exciting, and Skyhio is along for the ride. Skyhio belongs to a group of three different companies that offer different varieties of Delta 8. I would put Skyhio in the mid-range of products, it’s not 3Chi, but it’s not quite bottom shelf either.  

Like most Delta 8 companies, vape products and gummies are some of the most sought-after products from Skyhio. That’s why I decided to review their popular Strawberry Gummies and Fly Vape Cart. So you know exactly what you get when you order them!

Pros, Cons, and Bottomline

Skyhio is a well-known brand in the Delta 8 and CBD world. As a subsidiary of 3Chi offering slightly lower prices, they are considered a more affordable alternative to the top-tier 3Chi label. While still providing similar high-quality lab-tested products. 

I loved the Delta 8 THC Gummies. They had a smooth gummy texture and were covered in sugar crystals, along with a pleasant aftertaste that didn’t remind me of hemp. The effects were similarly pleasant and allowed me to feel relaxed but alert. I was also able to get a good night’s sleep. 

The Fly vape cart was pleasant to hit and tasted like sweet fruit with a kick of hemp. The effects were relaxing and gentle, but they only lasted about half an hour. 

Gummy Pros and Cons



  • Sweet strawberry flavor without a strong hemp flavor
  • Spongy soft texture that is easy to chew
  • Gentle high that lasts for several hours
  • I Felt refreshed after waking up 


  • Pouch was a bit difficult to open
  • Light film left on teeth after chewing

Vape Pros and Cons



  • Standard 510 thread vape 
  • Ceramic coil with a glass tank instead of plastic
  • Light fruit scent
  • Taste like fruit with a strong kick of hemp
  • Smooth to hit 
  • Kicks in quickly


  • Hard to measure the dose, and its easy to overdo it the first time
  • Coughing from Delta 8 can feel harsher than Delta 9. I don’t personally notice a difference

All About Delta 8 THC

Skyhio Delta-8 THC Product Review

Delta 8 THC is a minor cannabinoid found in the hemp plant. Unlike Delta 9 THC or CBD, Delta 8 isn’t found in large quantities. Currently, different cultivators are working on creating versions of the hemp plant that are naturally high in Delta 8 THC. However, the Delta 8 THC has to be synthesized from the hemp plant or Delta 9 THC in order to produce large quantities. The hemp plant is essentially the same as the marijuana plant, except it has higher CBD amounts and must legally have under .03% of Delta 9 THC. 

I hope someday soon we will have a flower that is naturally high in Delta 8. Still, for now, flower found on the market is actually hemp flower that has been sprayed or dusted with Delta 8 distillate. 

Synthesizing CBD into Delta 8 can be done in a few extensive ways. Still, the end result is always a sticky substance called distillate or oil. There is a lot of debate about the actual color of distillate. Frankly, I’m not entirely sure most people have seen Delta 9 distillate for themselves to even know what it usually looks like. 

Luckily, I have seen distillate right after it came out of a lab. It was completely clear and packed a punch. I’ve had Delta 8 distillate in amber, clear, and pink. All of these are acceptable colors; if it’s clear, it means that the company used food-safe bleach to make it colorless. There isn’t really a reason to do this, but some do it for uniformity in their products; it’s completely safe and harmless. If it’s amber, it just means they skipped this step, and the pink or rose color happens from oxidation after packaging. It just means your disty has been on the shelf for a few weeks, but it’s perfectly potent and safe to smoke. These colors can also show up in vape cartridges since it’s the same product in different packaging.  


So you are probably wondering, is it even legal? Well, that depends on where you live. In the United States, Delta 8 is federally legal and has been since 2018, thanks to the Farm Bill. The Farm Bill states that hemp and its derivatives (CBD, Delta 8, CBC, CBG, etc.) with at or less than .03% of Delta 9 THC is federally legal to produce, market, and sell. The catch here is that Delta 8 has to be synthesized from hemp plants or CBD isolate tested for less than .03% of Delta 9 THC. It cannot legally be synthesized from Delta 9 isolate. 

However, while it’s federally legal, this isn’t always the case at the state level. In some states like Florida, Delta 8 has been declared entirely legal by state law. In others like Colorado, it’s actually illegal. Most states don’t have specific laws that govern Delta 8 or CBD and instead default to federal laws and regulations. 

In many places where it is illegal, Delta 9 THC is recreationally legal. To keep the legal weed market booming and get tax revenue, they keep Delta 8 off the shelves. Primarily because Delta 8 is significantly cheaper than legal weed. In others, it’s simply the overarching culture and rejection of hemp or marijuana as a whole. At least they are consistent. 

If you want to buy Delta 8 products, make sure to check your state laws for restrictions and legality. If you’re going to grow hemp to make your own, that is an entirely different ball game, and I would contact professionals surrounding the legalities. 

Delta 8 THC Products

Delta 8 THC

There are several Delta products out there that are made from the distillate. The effects, come-up time, and method of consumption will vary depending on the product. 


Edibles most often take the form of gummies, rice crispy bars, or the famous pot brownies. Really any food or drink item infused with THC is considered an edible. They even have cooking shows dedicated to cooking with marijuana. I prefer gummies for the most part, but a good pot brownie always hits the spot at the end of a long day too. To make edibles, you simply add distillate into the recipe with fatty ingredients like butter or oil. Edibles can take anywhere from half an hour to three hours to kick in. Some people won’t convert the THC in edibles properly and therefore won’t get high from them. If you have a high tolerance, the likelihood of feeling the edible can be reduced as well. 

Vapes and Concentrates

Vaping and dabbing or smoking concentrates are simply distillate either on their own or as a sauce mixed with other cannabinoids that will be smoked. Vapes use cartridges, for example, a 510 thread cartridge like the Skyhio Fly vape. There are pods and different styles of hardware that users can fill themselves with heated distillate and a syringe. I like pod systems personally as they are easier to fill than smaller carts. Smoking a vape is easy.

  • Put the vape on the battery, either screwing it in or dropping it in. 
  • Make sure it is turned on by pressing the power button to see if it lights up; if not, press the button 5 times really fast (most basic pens). If it doesn’t light up after that, make sure it’s charged.
  • Press the button, put the tip to your lips, and breathe in. 
  • Take a small puff, let the button go, and then exhale.
  • Start with small short puffs, vaping can be harsh, and if you hit hard right away, you will be coughing for hours. 

Dabbing is another way of smoking Delta 8. This can be done in a few ways. My favorite is a cold start. 

  • First, warm the banger up just enough to melt the disty off your dab tool
  • Load a small amount of concentrate into your banger 
  • Heat the concentrate until it starts bubbling
  • Cap it with a dab cap and breathe the vapor in 
  • Exhale, don’t hold the vapor for more than a second. This can damage your lungs more
  • Don’t forget to cough if you have to and drink some water

The normal way of dabbing is similar, except you heat the banger until it’s red hot. Wait for it to cool to an acceptable temperature. I gauge it with my palm; if it’s uncomfortably hot when held close, then I wait; if it’s comfortable, add your concentrate, cap, and pull. 

If you like the idea of filling your own carts or simply don’t want to use a standard 510 thread rig, then you can also buy pre-filled syringes that allow you to fill up a cart on your own with ease and less mess. However, you won’t save as much money as you would if you bought a bucket. Still, there is significantly less mess and frustration involved in this method.


Tinctures are the last form of Delta 8 that is most commonly sold both online and in-store. Tinctures are designed to either be swallowed like an edible or placed and held under the tongue for about a minute before swallowing. Tinctures are made by essentially mixing warmed Delta 8 with a carrier oil like MCT oil or sometimes alcohol. It’s an easy process that can be done at home as well. 


As I mentioned before, Delta 8 flower isn’t widespread on the market. It is typically made from hemp or CBD flower sprayed with distillate. Personally, I prefer to make my own Delta 8 flower by taking CBD flower and putting warmed disty on top or just plopping a glob in between layers of flower in my bowl and smoking like normal. You can also add it to the middle of a joint for the same effect. This method allows me to combine the anxiety-killing effects of CBD with the 

relaxing euphoria of Delta 8. Perfect after a high-stress day.

Terpenes: How Disty Gets it Flavor

If you’ve ever had a vape that tastes like blueberries or topical punch, then you are smoking something that likely has botanical-derived terpenes or basically the stuff that makes blueberries delicious. Terpenes give plants flavor and smell, and they can also subtly enhance the high subtly. Botanical-derived terpenes are taken from plants like fruits. In contrast, cannabis-derived terpenes are meant to mimic the smell and flavor of smoking different weed strains. I like botanical ones because I like the fruity flavor and my room doesn’t smell like weed when I go to bed. It’s also more discreet when vaped, as most think it’s simply nicotine vape juice. 

3rd Party Lab Testing

With all these products on the market and no regulation, how do you know what’s safe and what isn’t? This is a tricky question. The best way is to look at a brand’s certificate of analysis (COA) for that particular product. A COA should include the amount of Delta 8 and other cannabinoids like CBD or CBG in the final product. Along with testing for heavy metals and solvents that could be harmful. 

Typically I find COAs listed with products on their website and a QR or barcode present on the packaging so I can pull up the information from the product itself. If a company doesn’t have readily available COAs or only gives them out when asked, I won’t give them business. I want to make sure that what I’m putting in my body and recommending to you is safe to use. When a company doesn’t have transparent testing, there is a higher likliehood of getting a poorly made product that can be very harmful.

Skyhio: The Brand

The Brand

Promoted as “Premium Delta-8 THC Without The Markup,” it has an impressive amount of products sold at very reasonable prices. Their Delta-8 THC products include cartridges, sauces (for dabbing or oral consumption), edibles (including baked goods and gummies), and tinctures. Skyhio also has non-psychoactive cannabinoid products that utilize CBD, CBG, CBC, and CBN, and lesser-known psychoactive cannabinoid products like THC-v and THC-0. Skyhio’s Delta-8 THC gummies are only available in the strawberry flavor and are sold at an affordable $19.99. 

On the other hand, the vape cartridges come in a whopping 25 flavors, ranging from familiar favorites like Gelato and Lemon Kush to exotic flavors like Cheetah Piss and Yellow Fruit Stripes. The cartridges are sold for $14.99 and have a concise description of the strain, effects, and flavor. Many of the cartridges are CDT (cannabis-derived terpenes) so keep this in mind when choosing a particular flavor from the drop-down menu.

With such a bold and impressive company logo, I expected the site to have a bit more of an underground edge, with lots of pizzazz and showiness. However, the site was very simply designed while being incredibly informative. Each product listing had a lengthy description of the product, how to use it, customer reviews, and a very considerate disclaimer. 

Since we have two skyhio reviews in this article, let’s start with the gummy review first and finish with the cartridge review (a more advanced user product). Buckle up and keep reading for lovers of soft and chewy treats to see how this exquisite product affected me.

Delta-8 THC Strawberry Gummies Product Review

THC Strawberry Gummies

Gummies are always my go-to Delta-8 THC product due to my raging sweet tooth. Since Skyhio only offers their gummies in a strawberry flavor, I was curious to see how this distinct flavor tasted compared to some of the other strawberry-flavored gummies I’ve sampled. I tore open the perforated pouch and, after some difficulty, separated the Ziploc-style seal.

I peered inside the pouch and fished out a gummy. I noted that the gummies are flat and square-shaped but extraordinarily soft and spongy. They are red and covered in sugar crystals, making my mouth water at sight. I popped a gummy in my mouth and was delighted at the authentic strawberry flavor and soft, chewy texture. 

I didn’t detect any overpowering hemp flavor while chewing or after swallowing. No thick slimy coating was left on my teeth or tongue. The hemp flavor became more noticeable after I had swallowed, but it was very light and not unpleasant. I also noticed a light film on my teeth but was surprised to realize there were no pieces that got stuck in my teeth or no lingering aftertaste that required a quick swig of water to rinse out.

The gummies took about an hour and fifteen minutes to kick in. Some of the effects I observed the most are that my mouth becomes warm, and my fingers and toes start tingling. I felt more alert and focused, yet warm and relaxed. I enjoyed heightened sensitivity as well as a light euphoria that lasted for several hours before I fell asleep. Upon awakening, I felt refreshed and well-rested, with no lingering high. 

As for side effects, I did notice a cottonmouth sensation and weighted eyelids and sleepiness, but nothing that would deter me from trying again. I thoroughly enjoyed the high from these gummies. I would easily recommend it to anyone looking for a rich strawberry flavor that tastes authentic but doesn’t leave a bitter aftertaste after swallowing. Now that we’ve gone over the gummies, let’s check out the more advanced user item from Skyhio, known as the Fly vape cartridge.

Delta-8 THC Fly Vape Cartridge Product Review


Vape cartridges are an attractive form of Delta-8 THC due to their fast reaction time and longevity. Keep in mind that you will need a vaporizer pen to use these products. I’ve used the Vuber Pilot (check out my review on that device here) for some of my previous cartridge reviews but recently upgraded to the Vuber Pulse (review coming soon!), which is the device I’ll be using for the Fly cartridge.

I quickly opened the packaging for the cartridge and carefully removed the rubber seal on the bottom of the 510 connection. I screwed it onto my vaporizer and instantly smelled the scent of the cartridge (even with the rubber stopper still on the tip). The website describes the cartridge as Indica Hybrid, which has a calming euphoric effect that promotes creativity and uplifts the spirit. The flavor is described as “fruity, spicy, earthy, sour, and pine,” which is exactly how it smelled.

I took my first light hit of the cartridge and instantly tasted a combination of sweet fruits and sharp hemp. The flavor was very satisfying, and I had to stop taking multiple hits. Thanks to my previous review of Delta-8 THC cartridges from Dimo Hemp, I knew to take light hits instead of deep pulls like a traditional vaping device. It took about 15 minutes to fully take effect, and the high lasted for about 30 minutes before tapering off. To combat this, I took another hit about 20 minutes in to allow the high to continue. I highly recommend these cartridges for anyone looking for a fast-acting and smooth-tasting cartridge.

Skyhio General Information

Lab Testing

Skyhio lists the results for all Delta-8 THC products in their Testing tab. Simply click on the batch number. A new tab will open up to display the COA (certificate of analysis) results. 

There is also a scannable QR code on the back of the product packaging, making it easy for users to view the lab results in a matter of seconds. I appreciated the level of commitment Skyhio displayed in making these lab results available to future and current customers alike.

Hemp Information

I couldn’t find any detailed information on how Skyhio obtains, extracts, or produces the hemp used in their products. I did, however, read on the vape cartridge section of the site that the hemp used in the cartridges is broad spectrum oil with plant-derived terpenes and contains less than 0.3% THC as mandated by the 2018 Farm Bill.

With a name like Skyhio, I assume that the hemp is somewhat related to the state of Ohio. I will reach out to the company directly to see if I can obtain any information on their hemp. Still, I did appreciate that the hemp oil information was directly listed in the product description.

Product Packaging

Skyhio’s product packaging was unique for both the gummies and the vape cartridge. The gummies came in a small pouch (about 4” x 5”) that was attractively colored and designed. The top of the package was dark navy blue but faded into a warm pink color and was stamped with several Ohio-shaped outlines with a cannabis leaf in the center. The graffiti-style font was difficult to make out (I initially read it as “skyline”) but gave the product an edgy underground feel. The pouch holds 16 gummies with 25mg each for a total count of 400mg per package. The back of the packaging had the estimated start time (a whopping 4 hours!), recommended serving size (½ gummy), detailed ingredient list (Hemp Extract, Sugar, Corn Syrup, Gelatin, Pectin, Citric Acid, Natural Flavoring and Coloring, Sodium Citrate), and customary warning and disclaimers.

The cartridge packaging was vastly different in that it was a clear case with the cartridge outlined on the left-hand side. A picture of a soaring airplane on the left side of the packaging solidified the idea of flying into the clouds on a dreamy high. The back of the clear packaging displayed the cartridge’s oil information, ingredients list (hemp oil and terpenes), customary warnings, and manufacturing information. The directions say to take one or two small puffs and wait 20 minutes to allow the effects to begin.

My only complaint would be that the lettering was dark blue against a black background, making it nearly impossible to read without squinting indirect light. Aside from that, the packaging was very well designed and easy to carry around without worrying about opening up.

Syhio, 3Chi and Reefers Bay

3Chi is technically the leading company behind Skyhio and Reefers Bay, so what’s the difference between them? Currently, not a whole lot. Among most lovers of Delta 8, 3Chi is considered the original and top-shelf brand. While, Skyhio is meant to be mid-tier in price and quality, and Reefers Bay is the cheapest. 3Chi technically sells the most potent oil, but Skyhio’s current COAs have the same amount of Delta 8 detected. Reefers Bay is slightly less potent than both of these. However, despite the differences in oil and brand intention, each store is currently selling its ounces (28 grams) at $150. 

I expect this to change as I typically buy 100 grams for around $150 at Reefers Bay, sometimes less. Skyhio usually runs about the same as Reefers Bay, so I’d expect the price to drop there as well. However, as of February 2022, Delta 8 oil has seen a price increase across most major brands. 

Editor Choices: Alternative Brands to Check Out

While 3Chi, Skyhio, and Reefers sell some of the best disty out there, they aren’t the only company that has been bringing fabulous products to the shelves and online! 

Delta Alternatives/Rogue River Labs

Rogue River Labs

Delta Alternatives is one of my favorite brands on the market currently. However, they haven’t always been a brand I enjoyed. When I first tried DA’s disty, I thought it tasted off, and their terp level was way too high at 6%. This was about a year ago. Over time, they have steadily worked to make changes and improve their products and transparency. 

Currently, DA has done a massive overhaul on their extraction method and the terps they use in their products. I noticed a massive improvement in their carts simply by reducing the percentage of terps to 3%. Still, I’m excited to try their new terps. Hippie Crippler is incredibly enticing.

They release their products in batches, each with different cannabinoids present. Typically they have two batches available, creating a sort of limited time fair. However, they always have something amazing, so you’ll never be disappointed. My favorite so far has been batch 57 with D8, CBD, CBG, and a few other noids. Basically, the kitchen sink of D8 oil, and it’s fantastic. The labs from Green Leaf are available right on the product page and are the same across the entire batch number, just with different terps added for flavor and smell. 



Cannaclear is another favorite of mine. I absolutely love their BDT terps and the fact that I can get a variety bundle of 20-gram jars to try out different flavors. My favorite so far has been Wedding Crasher, but every flavor has been packed with great flavor and a soothing high. In addition to buckets and pre-filled vape cartridges, they also offer tinctures and edibles along with products for other cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, and THC-V. 

There isn’t anything fancy about CannaClear Delta 8 products; it’s basically what you would expect to get from a fruit-flavored legal weed cart at a dispensary. In fact, the BlueBerry Dream reminds me of the Blueberry PaxPod and EvoLab carts I would buy in Colorado. While I love the smell of stinky weed sometimes, I enjoy the mild fruit scents most of the time. I also enjoy not smelling like weed. If you aren’t as drawn to the smell or taste of hemp, then this is a great choice. Additionally, if you want to smoke outside or while going for a hike, a vape cart like this is a great way to be discreet. 

Each product is tested by a 3rd party lab and posted on the product page. Additionally, they have a page dedicated to 3rd party test results for each current batch and the last four old batches, along with tests for all of their other products and cannabinoids. 

Fern Valley Farms

Fern Valley Farms

My favorite thing about Fern Valley Farms is that they grow their own hemp using heavy metals, mycotoxins, microbial, pesticides, and foreign materials. Along with their transparent testing practices and easy to acquire COAs, you know you are getting top-quality CBD or Delta 8 products from them. 

The second thing I love about Fern Valley Farms is their abundance of CBD and Delta 8 flower. It’s hard to find high-quality hemp flower and even harder to find Delta 8 hemp flower. These guys take it up another step by not using solvents as thinners for their distillate and instead heat the oil to a high enough temperature that they can spray it on without.This ideal and how I make my own Delta 8 flower. 

In addition to their flower lineup, they sell vapes, gummies, tinctures, CBD, and pet products. There is something for everyone in their store; they even sell THC-O. Additionally, they run a blog and have several resources about hemp and its derivatives available for customers. 

Harbor City Hemp

Harbor City Hemp

Harbor City Hemp is based out of Florida. They sell everything from Delta 8 gummies to federally legal Delta 9 THC chocolates (incredibly low dose) to CBD isolate. You’ll find everything you need here and more. I also trust them to deliver safe, quality products to my door. Their product COAs are located under the About Us drop-down menu on the main page, along with a link on each product page. They test for heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, and mycotoxins, along with a few other things. 

Unlike other retailers, HCH doesn’t sell their oils and distillate in bulk unless you have a wholesale account with them. They sell up to an ounce at a time, and the price ranges from 60 to 170 dollars depending on the terpene type and extraction method. They sell their live oil Delta 8 in ounces as well. 

If you are new to vaping and need a new battery, you’ll enjoy the fact that HCH sells batteries on their website as well. They don’t sell just any type of battery, though; they include ones from popular brands like Youcan and Coil King. Along with battery and vape bundles! 


I was astonished with the gummies’ rich and authentic strawberry flavor, and I really enjoyed the pine flavor of the cartridge. Both of the Delta-8 THC highs were warm and comforting, allowing me to relax and enjoy a delicious mind and body high that lasted for several hours. 

I appreciated the accessibility of the lab results and loved the sheer variety of products on the company website. I would have liked the website to display more attention to detail in the graphics, much like what was depicted on the product packaging.

But the amount of information available was astonishing and quite refreshing! I loved that the directions were listed right on the product packaging and the estimated start time. These Delta-8 

THC products cater to the beginner and advanced user, something I don’t often get to do in these product reviews.

What are some of the Skyhio products you’d like to try or have already tried? Do you have a preferred method to enjoy Delta-8 THC products? Share your experiences and thoughts in the comments below! 

The hemp plant is an incredible plant that we are still learning so much about, and it’s an honor 

to try each of the Delta-8 THC products in these reviews. Check back with us soon to read our thoughts on the Effex gummies and cartridges (much like this skyhio delta 8 review) that have been rebranded as the Extrax brand. More on that and other Delta-8 THC and CBD reviews to come; I hope to see you there!

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