Two Hawk Delta-8 THC Product Review

Two Hawk Delta-8 THC Product Review by Leah Johnson at CBD Origin

Welcome back, fellow Delta-8 THC users! In an effort to shed some light on the more advanced user items, we’ve been reviewing quite a few disposable vape and vape cartridges from renowned companies throughout the industry. Today we’ll be reviewing two products from a company called Two Hawk Hemp Co., a subsidiary of Erth Hemp. Their Maui Wowie Delta-8 THC Disposable Vape Pen is more of an advanced user item, while the Storyteller Delta-8 THC Tincture is easy for users of all levels. Both products promise to bring you to new heights as you enjoy a deliciously powerful mind and body high, and we’re excited to check them out. But before we jump into our full-blown product review, let’s take a brief moment to go over what Delta-8 THC is and what to expect on a Delta-8 THC high.

Delta-8 THC: A Very Brief Overview

Even if you’ve never smoked or consumed edible marijunana, chances are that you’re familiar with the smell and psychoactive effects of the villainized Delta-9 THC. But did you know that weed has been used (and even prescribed!) for centuries? Smoking marijuana has been used to relieve a variety of mental health issues, chronic pain, and sleeping problems, mostly for the psychoactive high. Unfortunately, improper use of marijuana and the ideology that marijuana was simply a gateway for stronger drugs has made the general public wary and highly mistrustful of this particular cannabinoid. Only recently has the world begun to recognize the powerful healing properties of the Delta-9 THC cannabinoid, as well as many other cannabinoids found in the hemp plant.

You may also be familiar with the non-psychoactive cannabinoid known as cannabidiol, or CBD for short. CBD exploded in popularity several years ago, offering users a homeopathic option in place of pharmaceutical drugs prescribed to treat anxiety, depression, PTSD, and others. Yet some people longed for the powerful high that marijuana brought, but on a more manageable level. In 1941, a young student named Roger Adams from the University of Illinois discovered the Delta-8 THC compound in the hemp plant. A few decades later in the 1960s, an extraction method was invented to isolate the cannabinoid into what we use today.

The Delta-8 THC cannabinoid was perfect for users who longed for a soothing high but had been scarred by marijuana’s mind-numbing effects and overwhelming sense of anxiety and paranoia. Affectionately nicknamed the “lite” version of weed, Delta-8 THC offered a middle ground of both CBD and Delta-9 THC. This unique cannabinoid is also legal for resale and consumption under the 2018 Farm Bill, as it contains less than 0.3% THC, and comes in tinctures, softgels, vape cartridges, gummies, and many other products. If you’d like to learn more about the fascinating properties of Delta-8 THC, you can check out some of previous articles like How Does Delta-8 THC Affect the ECS, What Using Delta-8 THC Feels Like The First Time, Guide to Delta-8 THC Products on the Market, and A Simple Guide To How Is Delta-8 THC Made. Now that you have a better understanding of what Delta-8 THC is, let’s go over some of the things you may experience while experiencing a Delta-8 THC high.

What To Expect On Your Delta-8 THC High

If you’re trying Delta-8 THC for the first time, you undoubtedly have many questions about this fascinating cannabinoid. We’ll try to answer some of the more common ones, but feel free to reach out to us for more specific inquiries. The most frequently asked question is “how high will I get?” The answer is a little tricky, as it honestly depends on a number of factors: previous exposure to THC, weight, age, gender, metabolism, and much more. If you’re trying a Delta-8 THC product for the first time, always start with a small dose. Most companies will recommend the initial dosage (half a gummy, 1-2 puffs of a cartridge, a single capsule, etc.) on either product packaging or the company website. Once you’ve accurately gauged your body’s reaction to the recommended dosage, you can increase your intake gradually until you’ve reached your preferred dosage. The reaction times of Delta-8 products vary wildly as well. Inhalables like disposables, flowers, and cartridges can kick in within a few minutes after consuming, while edibles like softgels, gummies, and strips activate within 30-90 minutes after consumption. Try to wait the recommended time for the product to kick in before consuming a second dosage, as taking too much Delta-8 THC at once can result in extreme drowsiness and increased anxiety/paranoia.

Always check with your primary care physician before trying Delta-8 THC to confirm it will not interfere with any pre-existing health conditions or prescription medication. You should not attempt to operate machinery or vehicles while under the influence of a Delta-8 THC high. The length of your high varies with the product you consume, and the effects depend on the type of strain you consume (either sativa or indica.) You can expect to feel a warm euphoria along with enhanced creativity, appetite stimulation, erotic arousal, and much more during your Delta-8 THC high. Some other mild side effects can include drowsiness and dry mouth, but are easily rectified with a drink of water and a warm bed.

Now that you have a better understanding of the Delta-8 THC cannabinoid and what to expect during a Delta-8 THC high, it’s time to explore the Two Hawk Hemp Co./Erth Hemp company and their products. We’ll start by checking out the actual company and then dive straight into the double-feature product review.

The Two Hawk Hemp Co./Erth Hemp BrandTwo Hawk Delta-8 THC

As we mentioned in the introduction, Two Hawk Hemp Co. is a sub-brand of the Erth Hemp company. Erth Hemp began as a CBD company that offered a delightful assortment of products including CBD vape juice, topicals, pet products, flower, pre-rolls, and more. Once Delta-8 THC became increasingly more popular, Erth Hemp created Two Hawk Hemp Co. to distinguish between the two cannabinoids. Two Hawk Hemp Co. products included the three most popular forms of Delta-8 THC: disposables, tinctures, and softgels. Their disposables come in five unique flavors of 0.5 grams of Delta-8 THC, sold for $29.99. The tinctures are available in three distinct flavors and are tailored for specific uses, such as nighttime use, pain and inflammation reduction, and daily use. The tinctures come in 30mL bottles and are sold for $39.99.

Erth Hemp

In toggling between the Erth Hemp and Two Hawk Hemp Co. website, I noticed some irregularities that might be confusing for the casual browser. First of all, I noted that the Two Hawk Hemp Co. website only offers the three types of Delta-8 THC products at flat prices. The Erth Hemp website, on the other hand, offers discounted prices via a bi-weekly subscription service. Additionally, you can also set the frequency of the subscriptions for every two, four, six, or eight weeks. Secondly, the Two Hawk Hemp Co. does not offer any other sizes than what is shown, while the Erth Hemp site offers sample sizes at significantly lower prices (i.e., a 4mL sample size for $9.99 for a one time purchase or $6.99 with a bi-weekly subscription). Lastly, the Erth Hemp website. is extremely user friendly while the Two Hawk Hemp Co. website seemed to be created out of sheer necessity. The Erth Hemp contains a “Try Before You Buy” section, an updated blog, and a menu option that offers information about exclusive discounts, lab testing, full product catalog, and much more. The lab tests are displayed on both sites for customer convenience, but show the name “Erth Hemp” on the top.

In short, if you’re looking for a no-nonsense website that simply sells the product and won’t require prolonged browsing, the Two Hawk Hemp Co. site is for you. If you’re looking for a relaxed browsing session with lots of discounts and sample size options along with a wealth of information about the hemp plant, you’ll highly appreciate the Erth Hemp site. Now that we’ve gone over both sites, the product sizes and pricing options, it’s time to jump into the full-fledged review. We’ll start out with the disposable for our more advanced users, and finish off with the easy-to-use tincture. Let’s begin!

Maui Wowie Disposable Delta-8 THC Product Review

Maui Wowie Disposable Delta-8 THC Product

Disposables are a unique Delta-8 THC product in that they’re designed to be used until the battery dies or the puff count has been depleted. There is no option to recharge or refill, and is designed to be responsibly recycled once the device is no longer viable. We’ve reviewed several disposables in the past from the Binoid and Dimo brands, which I encourage you to read at your leisure. Disposables require some previous knowledge of vaping or smoking due to the technique of inhaling the vapor, and are often considered an advanced user item. Yet with the proper technique, beginners can also enjoy the fast-acting high from a Delta-8 disposable device. Disposables are activated by taking a light draw, no more than a few seconds. You may experience some coughing if you take too strong of a draw or if you hold the vapor in your lungs for too long. Many devices have a very small opening to allow the vapor to pass through, resulting in dirt or oil buildup that clogs the opening and prevents you from taking a proper pull. You can either soak the tip of the disposable in hot water or use a blowdryer to gently heat the built-up oil and allow it to dissolve.

The disposable from Two Hawk Hemp Co. is described as having “hints of mango, pine and pepper, and is uplifting and unwinding, great for focus.” The disposable came packaged in a large brightly colored paper box, and had a rubber stopper plugged into the tip. I removed the little rubber nub and noted that the disposable was completely wrapped in white vinyl. A black arrow dictated the top of the device, and the brand name was stamped on the bottom of the device, identical on both sides. I held the device to my lips and took my first pull. I didn’t see much vapor come out, but I did notice an LED light begin to glow once the device had activated. I took a second deep pull, about five seconds long. I expelled an enormous amount of vapor that tasted sharply of pine and sweetly of fruit, but surprisingly didn’t smell or cloud the room. Unfortunately, I’m not sure how much was absorbed into my lungs because I launched into a brief coughing spell (only 3-4 coughs). I instantly drank water to quell the unpleasant tightening sensation in my chest.

Within about five minutes, I felt my eyes grow heavy and weighted. There was a light pressure on my chest that made me feel warm and comfortable. I felt a slight tingling in my hands, feet, face, and lower legs, and I noticed my eyes were slightly tinged red. I definitely felt high, but didn’t feel sleepy or drowsy. I felt a sense of enhanced creativity and peace. I also noticed a very slight dry mouth, and my tongue clung to the roof of my mouth. I took a few sips of water to relieve the dry mouth and felt satisfied. I noticed that my vision was slightly blurred, and felt my eyelids grow heavier as more time passed. I also felt the munchies kick in, and enjoyed a few snacks with great gusto. The high intensified right around the 15 minute mark, but dissipated after about an hour.

I appreciated how quickly the high set in, as well as how long the high lasted with just a single puff. If you’re looking for a quick high that lasts surprisingly long, I highly recommend this discreet little disposable. Now that we’ve gone over the Maui Wowie disposable, it’s time to check out the second product in this review: the Storyteller Delta-8 THC Tincture!

Storyteller Tincture Delta-8 THC Product Review

Storyteller Tincture Delta-8 THC

Tinctures are a particular Delta-8 THC product that I don’t often get to try, despite their simple dosing methods. You can check out my last Delta-8 THC tincture review from Elevated Wellness here, but we’ll review Two Hawk Hemp Co.’s tincture in a moment. Tinctures are wildly popular in the CBD industry, and are designed to be released and held under the tongue for up to two minutes. The tincture is absorbed sublingually, and the remainder should be swallowed. Some users report adding tincture droplets to food and beverages, but this method significantly reduces the tincture’s bioavailability. Tinctures should not be added to any vaping device, as they are designed to be used sublingually.

Two Hawk Hemp Co. offers a sample 3mL size for their tinctures, which is the one we’ll be reviewing today. Keep in mind that if you select the full-sized 30mL, the dosage instructions may be slightly different. I unscrewed the small dropper from the bottle and noted that the dropper was not graduated. The dosage instructions recommend two full droppers for a 0.5mL amount, so that’s what I started with. The tincture was a light yellow color and easily sloshed around in the bottle as I tilted it side to side. I released two mini droppers under my tongue and held the liquid easily for the recommended two minutes. I was delighted with the sweet flavor, which tasted like a warm combination of cinnamon, milk, and stevia. There was no perceptible flavor of hemp until the aftertaste, which was still extremely faint. I started to feel the effects after about an hour, after which I added two more mini dropperfuls. I felt the high intensify after about 90 minutes, and was blissfully euphoric throughout the entire high. I felt warm and relaxed, but not sleepy to the point where I was desperate to go to bed. I felt a light weighted feeling on my eyelids but did not feel any urge to close them fully. There was a delicious tingling in my hands, feet, and chest, as well as some light pressure on my frontal lobe. There was a very light reddening of the eyes, and some light dry mouth, but again, nothing overwhelmingly uncomfortable. The high was similar to the high from the disposable, but this high lasted much longer and took significantly longer to kick in. I could actually see myself using this during the day time, as I felt more creative and alert in addition to feeling relaxed. For a sample size, this was an excellent product for first-time users to test the waters of Delta-8 THC without spending too much on an initial purchase.

Two Hawk General Information

Lab Testing

Two Hawk Hemp Co. (and ultimately Erth Hemp) is dedicated to delivering a premium product that is both pure and authentic. To confirm that their products contain what they say they do, each of Erth Hemp’s products are subjected to independent third-party lab tests (specifically SC Labs). There isn’t a specific tab on the website that allows the user to view the results in a single page. Instead, Erth Hemp uploads the lab test results directly onto the product page as well as the product packaging.

There is no FDA involvement or ruling that requires companies to submit their products for independent lab testing, which unfortunately means that anyone can create a hemp-based product and market it as potent and pure. These lab tests are vital to building trust with a company’s customer base, as they are both expensive and time consuming. Unfortunately, there are many companies that try to skirt the rules by editing pre-existing lab results or blatantly copying an authentic lab result and advertising it as an actual lab result (check out our article on this here). If you are curious about the validity of the results or suspect that the results have been falsified, you can always reach out to the lab directly. Contact information for the lab is usually listed right on the lab results, along with a testing date and batch number.

Hemp Information

Erth Hemp is considered a unicorn in the industry, as they not only grow their hemp but also extract and manufacture their products from start to finish. Despite being located in the desert, Erth Hemp’s hemp is one of the finest in the industry and is grown using proprietary methods. Their seedlings are grown with natural well water, ideal elevation, and nearly perfect weather that allows the plants to “rest and refresh.” Erth Hemp provides a full-blown explanation of how their hemp is grown, extracted, and manufactured. If you’re curious about the process, I highly encourage you to read their detailed article on their hemp growing and cultivation process here.

Product Legality & Drug Tests

As required by the 2018 Farm Bill, all of Two Hawk Hemp Co. and Erth Hemp’s products contain less than 0.3% THC. However, since there is still THC present in the products, your body will produce metabolites to process and ultimately break down the THC within your body. These metabolites may show up on a drug test, causing you to fail even though the product you consumed is considered federally legal. If you are required to submit random drug tests for initial or continued employment you should avoid consuming any Delta-8 THC products.

Product Packaging

Maui Wowie Disposable Delta-8 THC

We mentioned briefly in the Maui Wowie product review that the cartridge came packaged in a bright orange and yellow paper box that was seemingly overly large for the small disposable within. The company name was emblazoned in large white type letters, with the flavor listed in smaller letters a little lower than halfway down the box. The cannabinoid (Delta-8) was listed in equally large letters as the brand name, with the product type (disposable vape pen) and net weight listed at the bottom of the packaging. The left side of the packaging displayed the actual size of the product, while the right side simply had “Delta-8” printed in large white letters. The back of the packaging listed the ingredients list, suggested dosage, and manufacturing information.

The Storyteller tincture that I received was the sample 3mL, so there was no packaging necessary. The bottle itself contained the same bright coloring as the Maui Wowie disposable: vibrant yellow and orange stripes along with some crimson and light blue stripes. The front of the label was almost identical to the disposable’s product packaging, save for the different flavor name (Storyteller), strength (123mg), and net weight (1 gram). The back of the label contained the ingredient list, serving size, suggested dosage, and estimated reaction time, along with strong verbiage to wait for the initial dose to kick in before taking a second dose.

The packaging was colorful and vibrant, instantly eye-catching. The names were thought-provoking and adequate, as the Maiu Wowie was tropical and the Storyteller tincture was worthy of talking about. Even though there were no QR codes on either of the product’s or labels, I adored both of the product packaging and congratulate Two Hawk Hemp Co. for their unique approach to naming and designing their product packaging.


I was blown away by the professional design of both of these products, and delighted with the warm euphoric high that both products delivered. I realize that the constant switching back and forth of Two Hawk Hemp Co. and Erth Hemp may be confusing, but I felt it was necessary to mention both the parent product and the Delta-8 THC branch off. The described flavor of the disposable was spot on, as I easily detected the sharpness of the pine and pepper along with a light fruity flavor. But the flavor of the tincture may easily have been the best I’ve ever tried, and I sincerely look forward to trying any of the other Two Hawk Hemp Co. tinctures.

Have you sampled any of Two Hawk Hemp Co. or Erth Hemp’s other products, either CBD or Delta-8 THC? Do you prefer the quick yet short-lived high of disposables and cartridges or are you patient enough to wait for the long-lasting high from edibles like gummies and capsules? Let us know in the comments below! Here at CBD Origin, we pride ourselves on reviewing as many brands in the CBD and Delta-8 THC industry as we can find, whether they be well-known brands like 3Chi and Populum or smaller lesser known brands like Hathor and Vybba. Check back with us for our next review of the Chill Plus gummies from Diamond CBD. We look forward to seeing you there!

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