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When you mention the word “CBD”, products like CBD gummies, CBD capsules, and CBD oil are some of the first to come to mind, but what about CBD wax? CBD wax doesn’t seem to be as popular a topic of conversation when discussing CBD products. However, a relatively substantial group of enthusiasts and amateurs appreciate all that CBD wax offers.

If you have heard about CBD wax, you’ll notice it is associated with CBD dabs. In reality, the two terms are pretty interchangeable in the world of cannabis. If you’re a newcomer to CBD (Cannabidiol) or an experienced CBD consumer who wants CBD wax, you may be wondering what the best sources for the best CBD wax products are? Let us help get you started on your CBD wax journey.

What is CBD Wax?

Before we get into who makes the best CBD waxes, let’s first look at what CBD wax is. CBD is cannabidiol that comes from industrial hemp plants. Along with other cannabinoids like CBN, CBG, and THC. Also found in industrial hemp are amino acids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

The cannabinoid THC is a psychoactive compound that gives a person that feeling of being “high.” However, legal CBD products grown on industrial hemp farms must contain only 0.3% THC or less to be sold as CBD products.

CBD wax (or CBD dab wax, hemp wax) is just that – a wax. It resembles ear wax that is sticky and soft with a gel-like appearance in different colors ranging from opaque to yellow to dark brown. CBD wax goes through an extraction process where the CBD is extracted from the hemp plant using a CO2 extraction process. What remains is pure CBD.

How are CBD Concentrates Made?

This CBD can be refined as oil or processed further to create solid CBD concentrates such as CBD wax. With the CO2 method of extraction, the raw industrial hemp is placed in a chamber, and then CO2 at high temperatures and pressure runs through the raw material.

This process dissolves the hemp plant’s trichomes freeing the cannabinoids to be used for CBD oil or the more solid CBD wax. This highly concentrated form is what people use for dabbing CBD (or inhaling small doses of a smoking resin). Usually, CBD dabs are taken as CBD vapes through a vape pen.

Once the process is complete, the CO2 is removed from the chamber, leaving the CBD concentrate to be extracted. There are other methods of extraction that use solvents to extract the CBD from the plant material. However, these methods may leave some residual solvents in the final product. The cleanest is CO2 extraction.

Not all CBD concentrates are created equally. The extraction process makes products like CBD budder, CBD shatters, CBD distillate, CBD crumble, CBD powder, and wax. Let’s look at each of those products:

CBD Budder

CBD budder is a fluffier and creamier variation of the wax CBD concentrate that resembles butter.

CBD Distillate

This is a potent CBD concentrate that is distilled from CBD hemp flower.

CBD Isolate Powder

CBD isolate is a highly concentrated powder that resembles cocaine but is pure CBD.

CBD Crystals

This is a super-concentrated crystalized form of CBD used for CBD dab products.

CBD Crumble

This concentrate has a waxy consistency that easily falls apart – or crumbles.

CBD Wax Essential Ingredients

Hemp Extract

This is also known as CBD extract. It is found in hemp plants and is extracted from the parts of the plant, such as the leaves, stalks, and flowers, that contain the beneficial qualities used in CBD tinctures and the CBD concentration for products like CBD wax.

Other Cannabinoids

Aside from the most dominant cannabinoids like CBD and THC, hemp extract also contains CBG and CBN cannabinoids. Each one contains its own unique qualities.


Terpenes are the naturally occurring compounds found in hemp that give the plant its familiar pungent and earthy aroma. CBD wax products will also have this same aroma.


If you have ever seen a hemp plant, you may have noticed that they are not always the same color. Some may have a purple hue, while others are light green in color. Flavonoids are what give each plant its unique color.

Now that we’ve looked at what CBD dabs, CBD isolate, CBD crystals, and CDB wax are, let’s dive into the top CBD wax brands available.

A Closer Look at The Top 3 CBD Wax Brands

If you’re interested in CBD dabs and are unsure which companies have the best CBD concentrate wax products, we’ve listed three of the best CBD wax companies and what makes their waxes stand out from the many CBD waxes available in the CBD marketplace.

Here’s our breakdown of what makes this CBD waxes some of the best CBD concentrates:

  • Brand Transparency – How much information they provide so customers can gain confidence.
  • Extraction Method – Do they use CO2 extraction or solvents?
  • CBD Type – Is it a full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD, or CBD isolate product?
  • Affordability – Does the price match the quality of the product?
  • Cannabinoids – The amount of CBD and THC found in a product like CBD oil, gummies, and CBD dabs or wax.
  • Customer Service – How reachable the company is and how well they respond to questions or concerns from customers.

If you plan to buy CBD wax, we found these brands to meet all of the criteria and more. So let’s take a look at these champions of the best CBD concentrates and CBD wax products.

#1. Cheef Botanicals – Highest Quality & Value

Cheef Botanicals gets the top spot for having high-quality CBD products and the cleanest CBD dabs at the best value. Their non-GMO hemp is sourced from premium Colorado and Oregon hemp farms, and they use a safe and clean CO2 extraction method. There are no heavy metals, no additives, or preservatives in their products.

Cheef Botanicals CBD wax is a pure CBD concentrate that contains over 85% pure CBD isolate. It is THC-free and contains very few cannabinoids like CBG. It is a potent product that delivers beneficial effects without compromising quality.

Aside from being THC-free and having the highest quality around, they also offer their customers a Certificate Of Analysis (COA) with their CBD wax. This certificate is in the form of a QR code that customers can scan to find detailed information on the product’s potency and purity.

Cheef Botanicals also offers various discount codes via their social media pages, but you can also get discounts via a newsletter that you can sign up to. And let’s not forget about their great prices. They offer the following CBD wax product prices when you buy different amounts:

  • 1 container of CBD wax at $29.95 each.
  • 3 containers of the CBD wax for $28.95 each
  • 5 containers of the CBD wax for $27.95 each
  • or 10 containers of the CBD wax for $26.95 each

Aside from these great discounts, you can browse over 5000 honest customer reviews on their website. Their customer service is second to none when it comes to customer questions, concerns, or just general comments about the product or company. This company is super transparent, they have fair return and shipping policies, and customers feel confident in buying from them.

cheef botanicals cbd wax

#2. Steves Goods – A Good Contender

Similar to Cheef Botanicals, Steves Goods comes in as a close second. An award-winning quality CBD brand Steves Goods is one of the best CBD producers of CBD oil and CBD concentrates like CBD wax. Ironically, CBD wax was the very first product they started selling. Since then, they have been refining the formula and now offer a variety of flavors made from all-natural hemp.

Their waxes are a broad spectrum CBD isolate product. Using CBD isolates means that they don’t contain any THC. This is an excellent product for those that want all of the benefits of CBD without having any THC. Some of Steve Goods’ best selling CBD wax products are:

  • Blueberry OG CBD Wax.
  • CBD Wax OG Hemp.
  • Girl Scout Cookies CBD Wax.
  • Pineapple Express CBD Wax.

These are just a few of the broad-spectrum CBD concentrates offered by Steves Goods. They also carry a limited selection of CBD wax strains that are quite popular and sell out fairly quickly. They also provide a reasonably decent return policy, and their customer service is available 24 hours a day to address any concerns you may have. And you can reach the company through several methods.

Steves Goods also uses a COA, and their products are third-party lab-tested. This means that you will get a high-quality CBD wax product, knowing the potency, purity, and ingredients. On the topic of ingredients, their CBD wax is free of harmful byproducts, and their CBD is CO2 extracted, which means there will never be any harmful solvent residue present.


#3. A Gift From Nature – Quality, and Price

Although relatively new to the CBD wax game, A Gift From Nature is gaining traction among other CBD brands. One of the reasons this company seems to be making strides with its CBD wax is the purity of its product. As their name indicates, their products are indeed a gift from nature, one of the most natural CBD waxes on the market.

They use the safe CO2 extraction method to extract their CBD concentrates. Their products are sourced from American organic hemp, and they use a third party to lab test their products. This lets the consumer know they’ll be getting an excellent quality wax.

Their all-natural CBD wax products don’t contain any preservatives or pesticides. And because of the CO2 extraction method, there will be no solvents left in the final product. Gift of Nature’s products contains over 80% pure CBD, 2% natural terpenes, and zero THC.

They offer a flat rate for the shipping of $29.99, and the CBD wax is delivered straight to your door. They are very hands-on with your order and will send a confirmation email so that you can track your package. Their shipping and refund policies are easily located on their website, and they offer excellent customer service.

A Gift From Nature CBD Wax

What Are the Benefits of CBD Wax?

When CBD is extracted, it can then be turned into products like CBD crumble, CBD shatter, CBD crystals, CBD oil, and of course, CBD wax. People seek out these products because of their therapeutic benefits. More research is needed to endorse CBD’s benefits fully, but many CBD users claim that CBD helps with everything from pain management to managing anxiety.

Many users will take CBD products like CBD shatter, CBD crumble, or CBD wax to relieve the aches and pains from a sports injury to help ease the tension of a stressful day. And since many of these products are CBD isolate products, they will be THC-free.

Having zero THC can be good for those who want to avoid it altogether, especially if they need to take a drug test. Here are some of the ways that products like CBD shatter, CBD crumble, and CBD wax can help:

Since dabbing CBD isolate seems to provide so many benefits, there is a potential for more research and human studies to understand the full effects of CBD. Living with pain is not easy, but before you take any CBD products, you should consult with your local doctor to ensure it is safe to take. A doctor will know how much CBD is safe for you to take and if it will create any adverse side effects when you take it with prescription medications.

Will CBD Wax Get You High?

The 2018 Farm Bill made industrial hemp extract products legal federal across the US. However, these products only contain 0.3% or less THC (the cannabinoid that creates the intoxicating effects) to be considered legal. Most, if not all states are on board with CBD, however, there are slight differences in how each state deals with local laws on CBD products. Always check with your local state laws before buying CBD concentrates like CBD wax.

Consuming CBD wax or any other CBD product may cause side effects like forgetfulness, difficulty with coordination, or nervousness. Still, there is not enough THC in legal CBD products to get a person high. Always check the company’s COA (Certificate Of Analysis) to ensure the CBD wax you are purchasing is a full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD, or CBD isolate product that contains less than 0.3% THC.

CBD Waxes and Their Effects

There are several CBD products available on the market today, with new companies starting up all the time. Products such as edibles, oils, CBD topicals, vapes, and tinctures can be found in droves online and in outlets. Each one provides its own method of getting CBD into your bloodstream. Some do it a bit better than others.

Many consider tinctures and vaping the fastest and most effective way of getting CBD into your bloodstream. Tinctures work by placing drops under your tongue (sublingually), and vapes enter your lungs through inhalation.

Both are the faster way to get CBD to your body quickly. With vaping CBD wax, you feel the effects of the CBD right away, roughly 30 to 90 seconds after inhalation.

Once the CBD enters your bloodstream, the cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, CBN, and THC interact with the cannabinoid receptors inside the human body. They are part of the human body’s endocannabinoid system (or ECS). This system helps regulate the body’s balance (or homeostasis), regulating other systems such as the digestive and nervous systems.

How Do You Consume CBD Wax?

CBD is a versatile product and can be consumed differently depending on a personès individual preference. Some users prefer to ingest it, while others prefer to inhale it as smoke. Letès look at the different ways that CBD wax can be consumed:

  • Dab Rig – You apply portioned amounts of CBD wax to a heated dag rig. This specially designed and heated device doesn’t let the wax instantly. The heated vapor is filtered through water to be inhaled without the user burning themselves. This is what is commonly known as dabbing.
  • Vaporizer – This is more commonly known as vaping. A vaporizing device (vape or dab pens) heats up, melting the CBD wax, allowing the user to inhale the smoke from the heated wax.
  • On The CBD Flower – Sprinkle the wax onto your favorite flower. Simply apply the wax to the flower with a small butter knife.
  • CBD Edibles – Mix the CBD wax into foods that you bake. Some of the more popular forms are cupcakes or rice Krispie bars.

Many people feel that they can only inhale CBD wax, but as we’ve just illustrated, CBD wax is a very versatile product that can be consumed in many different ways. Find out which method appeals to you personally and keep experimenting and having fun. That’s part of what CBD is all about!

Final Verdict – Best CBD Wax

Whether you take CBD oil products for therapeutic reasons or you simply want to relax and chill. CBD wax is a versatile and easy way to get all the benefits of CBD without a lot of hassle. With a constantly growing CBD industry and hundreds of new products available every year, it can be challenging to find a company and product that meets all of the standards necessary for quality and price.

However, as you do your own research, you’ll find the right company and products that work for your specific needs. When researching, a few things to look for are if the company is third-party lab-tested and offers a COA (Certificate Of Analysis) and if they have excellent customer service and ear easily reachable. This alone will set your mind at ease before you buy CBD wax from them.

And before you take any CBD product, always check with your doctor to make sure if taking CBD is safe for you. Enjoy and explore once your doctor gives you the green light on CBD wax!

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