CBD for Diabetes — Denny’s Story (Part 2)

CBD for Diabetes – What The Medical Professionals Don’t Want YOU to Know (Part 2)

This blog post is the second post about Denny Magic’s triumphant story about using CBD oil for diabetes.

If you haven’t read Part I click here to read it now.

The following story you are about to read has been reprinted with permission from Denny Magic’s Book: Why CBD Oil? What The Medical Professionals Don’t Want You to Know

Here’s the backstory:

I was so inspired by how much CBD hemp oil helped with Denny’s type II diabetes that I decided to reach out to him.

I found his email and wrote to him (thank God for the internet).

He called me a few days later and we had a long conversation about CBD hemp oil, diabetes, and alternative medicine.

Denny’s led an interesting life — he worked for Apple computer, built some pretty sophisticated medical technology which is still used today, and designed unique theme park rides.

Denny was very happy to share his whole book for free on CBD School because he is on a mission: he wants to tell anyone who will listen about how well CBD hemp oil worked for him.

Denny hopes that others like him, no matter how skeptical they may be, will give CBD hemp oil a try.

** All we ask of you is if you would be so kind as to leave Denny a review about the book on Amazon. Denny is a writer of many books on Amazon and reviews help his content get read. If you read both Part 1 and Part 2 of this post, you have read his whole book and are ready to review it! **

CBD oil helped Denny:

  • sleep better
  • lower his blood sugar (this enough is a reason to try CBD oil for diabetes)
  • find pain relief from his diabetic nerve pain

If you are struggling with the nastiness of type II diabetes, please read both parts of Denny’s story.

Questions about dosing of CBD for diabetes?

Read: What’s Research Say About CBD Oil and Diabetes?

We know that many of you who read this story are going to want to know exactly how much CBD oil Denny took.

This is what Denny told me: “I began my exploration of the merits of CBD oil by starting with the suggested drops (that were printed on the company’s label) but soon I regulated that routine to what I call ‘a teaspoon-full’ every evening at about 10 PM – 11 PM.

Later I moved up to a ‘soup-spoon-dose’, and for me (a large frame man)… that seems to be a good solution.

Then, to augment that dose, I later purchased a refillable cartridge unit for my Vape Pen (from the same company, who had started to offer a smokable CBD OIL-derived from the CO2 process).

Discover: CBD on Amazon

“Make sure that your ‘source company’ is not processing their CBD OIL, with Butane Gas! That is NOT healthy!”

This is Part II of Denny Magic’s story about using CBD oil for diabetes.

Seeing the “Wrist Slapper”

My lab test at Kaiser Hospital was on a Wednesday, and that Friday I had an appointment with the “Wrist Slapper”.

When I arrived, I saw that she was reading my chart.

So, I took a seat, and then she looked up at me and asked… “What are you doing that’s different?”

I was confused and must have looked it, so she added… “Are you exercising?” I said… “Nope… I am still your worst patient! No exercising, and I eat whatever I want to.” 

She looked perplexed and asked… “Are you taking some different medications, or something?” 

I thought about it for a moment then I blurted out… “I’m taking CBD oil.” Immediately she raised her hand to her mouth, and twisted an imaginary key, as if she was locking a small padlock on her mouth. 

Then she raised both her hands and started moving them horizontally in the air in front of her, left and right – back and forth, as if to indicate… 

“I can’t talk about that!” This silent gesture caused me to ask… “You mean that you cannot talk about CBD oil with your patients?” 

And she smiled, and nodded ‘yes’. I said… “Oh my God, are you telling me that Kaiser has warned you not to talk about CBD oil?” 

And again, she nodded yes, and pointed at me, as if to say… “Yes. You have it!” I asked… “Is this because Kaiser has made deals with the pharmaceutical companies, and they don’t want to lose that revenue?” 

Again, she silently confirmed my hypothesis. I was stunned. Then she asked… “Have you seen your latest lab report?” 

I had not, and told her so, and she then said… “Well your A1c has gone up and up over the past twenty-five years, but according to the Kaiser Lab Report your A1c dropped a full four points.”

** Note from CBD School on what an A1C is for anyone who doesn’t know: An A1C level test measures the glucose (blood sugar) in your blood. Denny’s A1C had dropped four full points — it had gone from a little over 11 to a little bit over 7. . Between 5.7 and 6.4 is considered prediabetic. Someone with uncontrolled diabetes can be at a level of 8 or more. 7 or less is thought of as a goal to hit for someone who has been diagnosed with diabetes. ** 

Back to Denny’s story… 

Later at home, I looked for myself, and saw that I went from a little bit over eleven, to a small fraction over seven. 

My wife and I were absolutely stunned. I did not know it at that time, but that was the last appointment ever scheduled for me, with the “Wrist Slappers”. 

Kaiser never contacted me that those appointments would cease, but the stopped after the one that I described above. 

This made me think that Kaiser knew something about CBD oil that they were not sharing with their patients. 

Note: I spoke with Denny this week. I asked him if CBD oil was keeping his A1c consistently low. He told me it was, that it never went over 8 since he started taking CBD oil. 

Suddenly I’m having Low Blood Sugars 

That next week I started to have low blood sugars, and I was wondering why? 

Now low blood sugars are VERY dangerous for diabetics. 

Most cannot sense this condition and many of those folks end up in a coma in the hospital. 

I apparently am VERY lucky in that I do sense a low blood sugar coming on. 

For me I start getting weakness in my body, and for those of you that are around my age… you’ll remember that annoying bright spot in the center of your eyes after having a picture taken when you were just kids, with those old flash-bulbs? 

Those bright ‘flash-bulbs’ left a residual spot after they went off. 

So, after experiencing a few low blood sugars, I didn’t put two + two together until my wife suggested… 

“You know, if you dropped nearly four points in your A1c, maybe your insulin needs to be reduced?” 

Bingo! I dropped my insulin dosages by ten percent, and for a few days I was good. 

Then the low blood sugars started to happen again, and that’s when I dropped my insulin again, and then again, and again. 

It has been about five months since that infamous Kaiser blood test, and I have had to drop my insulin down by a whopping 45% – so far. 

Now I have suffered from neuropathy in my feet, legs and hands for almost two decades (numbness). 

But about a month ago I went to the restroom with bare feet and while I was in there I could feel the cold tile floor. 

It wasn’t much of a sensation, but it was the most feeling that I have had in over twenty years. 

A Spokesperson for CBD Oil 

Now that I have verifiable proof that CBD oil works for me, I began a campaign to spread the word to others who suffer the symptoms of diabetes. 

Now… I’m talking, and I can’t shut up. So, I finally thought… Hey you’re a writer, so write all this down so others can benefit as well! 

Now I want to share the good news with anyone who has a friend, or family member, that has diabetes. 

Anyone that will listen to me! This exposure has gained me audiences all over my local community – from the grocery store to the hardware store. 

As I describe my great results to anyone that will listen, I find that people are asking me about other diseases like Cancer and Leukemia, and MS. 

Those are difficult for me to address, because I don’t suffer from those things, and I try to explain to people that they need to get on the web and do their own research. 

All the TV Specials, Film Documentaries, and Literature indicates that it can help people who have those diseases… 

But I am unable to personally verify that it works for those problems because I don’t have those issues. 

For example, the TV Channel (Vice®) has a series called “Weedicate” that showcased a seventeen-year-old girl who had a brain tumor. 

She suffered through her first round of chemotherapy, and she told the program’s host that she’d rather die than go through that treatment again. 

The host and his film team followed her to her follow-up doctor’s appointment, and her doctor said that he was sorry to tell her that her brain tumor was still there, and that she needed to repeat the chemotherapy again if she wanted to live. 

She adamantly said NO, and explained… “I’d rather die.” The doctor was disappointed but still setup a future appointment to see her again. 

For the next few months she smoked cannabis in the morning before school, on the way to school in her car, during her lunch break, on the way home, and before going to bed. 

Months later the TV HOST accompanied her back to the doctor’s office for a checkup, and guess what? … NO MORE BRAIN TUMOR. 

The second case on the show was a twenty-something young man that the film crew met in a local hospital, who had Leukemia. 

He had been treated with CBD oil and his Leukemia went into remission. 

Then because he was in a Colorado Hospital and missed his family, he decided to take a vacation back to Illinois knowing full well that he would be unable to take his CBD oil on the plane back to his home state where all things related to cannabis were still illegal. 

And… within two weeks, his Leukemia was back. 

The good news is that he went back to Colorado and within a few days his Leukemia was back in remission. 

Again, I want to stress that I do not have a brain tumor, or Leukemia (at least I am unaware of those, if I do have them?) so I cannot validate the effectiveness of CBD oil on those problems. 

But I can tell you this, knowing what I do know about CBD oil… If I had either malady… 

I would give CBD oil a try, as it certainly couldn’t hurt, right? 

Snake Oil

I can attest that CBD oil is NOT, ‘snake-oil’, the bottom line is that it works. 

The medical profession and the public need to embrace this substance and get it into the hands of those that can benefit from it. 

Doctors and health organizations need to get their heads outta their asses, and wake up. 

Pharmaceutical profits are NOT as important as saving people’s’ lives or reducing their agony. 

What has happened to the Hippocratic Oath? In fact, where is the humanity that should drive these big health organizations? 

What is wrong with a health organization that tells its employees not to discuss something that is helping people… 

WITHOUT ANY SIDE EFFECTS! When our government ignored what the people REALLY want, they elected Donald Trump. 

Need I say more? 

On a side-note: Trump could surprise us all, but my point is this… Ignore the people and the people will rise to bite you on the ass. 

The medical profession needs to understand that CBD oil is their wake-up-call! Pay attention you assholes! 

CBD oil is a medicine that works, which doesn’t need a professional announcer to read off a huge list of side-effects that will kill or hurt you, at the end of this commercial! 

There are no side-effects for CBD oil! 

OK. I’m convinced… 

OK. Where can I get some of this magical substance? 

The answer is that it is very easy to get, buy and use… get on the web and do a search. It will not be hard for you to find CBD oil. 

Prices have dropped since numerous states have legalized cannabis, and the rumor is that prices will continue to drop, as cannabis is taken over by huge corporations that see it as a proverbial gold mine. 

Therefore, the pursuit of money, may ultimately be the main tool that could drive this medicine into the public arena. 

Currently in January of 2017 an 8-oz. bottle of the regular grade CBD oil is selling from my supplier at a senior discount for approximately $141.00 (with FREE S&H). 

No matter where you get your CBD oil, the fact is this… 

There are lots of reputable suppliers that can sell you very clean and precise dosages of CBD oil. 

What do I need to know about CBD Oil? 

Number one is this… 

DO NOT buy from anyone that uses Butane Gas to separate the CBD oil from the cannabis plant. 

It is unhealthy to ingest any CBD oil that was derived using Butane Gas! 

Unscrupulous suppliers are still attempting to sell CBD oil that was made using the Butane method, so “Buyer Beware”. 

The best method of extraction is C02 which is super clean as it evaporates entirely after the extraction process. 

Why does CBD oil cost so much? 

The stainless-steel equipment used in the C02 process can cost the supplier upwards of $100,000.00 dollars to purchase. 

That’s a one hundred-thousand-dollar investment before they sell the first bottle. 

Now… if you are a marijuana grower, you can make your own “clean” CBD oil at home, and it is easy… but you’ll be unable to separate the CBD oil from the THC oil. 

This means that you’ll be able to get the medicinal help from CBD oil but you’ll also get very, very, high! 

Are there different forms of CBD oil? 

In late 2016 several companies started selling “smokable” CBD oil. Now I am not a smoker, never have been. 

But for those of us that occasionally smoke cannabis (the THC stuff) find that can be hard on the throat, and it can cause many of us to cough. 

However, I can attest that using the new “smokable” CBD oil in a Vape Pen, is NOT difficult at all. 

And after I take my initial dose of CBD oil by spoon, I augment my intake by smoking the oil over a couple of hours before I go to bed. 

The new vape pens convert the “smokable” oil into a water vapor (not actual smoke) which any non-smoker can easily inhale without any problems whatsoever. 

Actually, it’s kind of cool for a non-smoker to be able to blow thick smoke rings! 

Using the oil in this way produces NO cannabis smell, and creates an almost artificial smoke that dissipates in the air immediately, leaving not a single trace. 

I have come to love this augmentation method. 

I’ve never tried Pot

That seems like a reasonable fear, especially if you’re interested in ingesting the THC form, and dealing with a “High”. 

Initially I would say this… 

The new Cannabis is very potent stuff, and one should never smoke or ingest anything but a small sample the first time. 

If you are unsatisfied, then increase the dose on the next night, and so on. 

NEVER treat this new THC Pot like the pot that you may have smoked (or eaten) when you were a teenager! 

That was the Model-T of pot… and the new pot is the guided missile version. 

Keep that in mind, and you’ll be fine! 

I am scared to try CBD oil

Nothing to be scared about with CBD oil that was produced using the C02 method. 

There is NO HIGH associated with C02 – CBD oil… Remember, it’s the THC that gets you high. 

You will not feel anything different with plain CBD oil. Remember the extraction process should be performed using C02 and not Butane Gas. 

If you follow this suggestion, then the CBD oil that you purchase will be safe. 

Can I overdose on CBD oil? 


In fact, even cannabis [with THC] has no recorded deaths in more than 3,000 years! 

Per records – dating back to the use of cannabis by the Egyptians. 

When EMT people in Colorado were asked by Vice® TV what kind of problems they were seeing since Colorado legalized cannabis… 

THEY SMILED and said that they occasionally get calls from senior citizens [who smoked pot when they were teens] and now have tried edible pot in their old age… 

Many call 911, to swear that they’re dying! 

Because the new pot is so potent, unlike the pot that they smoked as teenagers, senior citizens don’t know their limitations. 

That’s why it is important to start off slow. Apparently when you eat pot, it can take between one and four hours to kick in… 

When a couple doesn’t feel anything in an hour, or two… they think that they need to ingest more, and that’s when the problems start. 

Then the first round of pot suddenly starts working, and according to the EMT guys… 

The overall effect is compounded, and they freak-out, and they start to think that they’re going to die, which sends them into a state of panic. 

The EMT guys (when asked) say that all they must do is reassure them that NO ONE HAS EVER DIED FROM TAKING POT! 

That’s when the patients start calming down, and a reasonable recovery happens soon after. 

The other interesting fact is that since legalization Colorado has seen a drop in the consumption of alcohol, and they have reported that DUI’s are down. 

Personally, I can attest, that with this new pot, driving a vehicle is NOT something that I want to do, ever! 

That’s why my personal consumption usually starts after 10 PM on nights that I know that I have no need to leave the house. 

I suspect that others in legal states feel the same way. Hence the problems that are associated with alcohol, have been greatly reduced. 


Here’s a quick recap of Denny’s story

  • Denny, like many Americans, did not eat the best diet during his life and ended up getting diagnosed with type II diabetes. 
  • Because of his diabetes, Denny was dealing with high blood sugar levels, diabetic nerve pain, and trouble sleeping – 
  • Denny’s medical providers did not inform him about alternative treatments for his condition and symptoms – 
  • Denny heard about CBD oil and decided to give it a try – 
  • After using CBD oil for about a week, Denny’s diabetic nerve pain stopped — and it hasn’t returned – 
  • Denny quit taking his Rx meds (Nortriptyline®) which were prescribed to him for his diabetic nerve pain – 
  • Denny has never had to take Nortriptyline again — thanks to CBD oil – 
  • After Denny started taking CBD oil his A1C (measure of blood sugar level) went down from 11 to 7! It has consistently stayed in the range of 8 and below since he started using CBD oil

About the Author 

Denny Magic was born in San Francisco in 1949; and is a retired computer engineer living in Gilroy, CA. 

Creative writing has always been something he was interested in, but it took the free time that retirement provided to finally kick-start his writing career. 

Denny began writing about thirty years ago, and he’s quite surprised that he is a writer. 

He had always hated ‘English Classes’ in high school, and becoming a writer was NOT something that he ever dreamed that he’d ever do. 

However, he stuck with storytelling… and with the help (and encouragement) of his late wife Nancy Alford, he was able to learn (and refine) his craft – to the point where he is finally pleased with his published short stories, books, scripts, and plays. “My goal is to provide a variety of entertainment for readers in all genres!”

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