Is a little THC OK for dogs?

Is THC Safe for All Dogs?

Is it safe to give your dog a tiny amount of THC included in a full-spectrum extract CBD hemp oil, and if so, how much THC is safe for dogs?

There isn’t a definitive answer to this question, as THC can have different effects on different dogs. However, it is generally recommended that you start with a low dose and slowly increase it if needed.

This will help you find the right dose for your dog while minimizing any potential side effects.

The use of cannabidiol (CBD) for pets has become a hot topic among holistic health practitioners as well as the American Veterinary Medical Association.

The list of CBD’s advantages for our four-legged companions continues to expand. Thousands of testimonials and moving stories have entered the homes of curious pet owners.

As this all-natural treatment gains in popularity, fundamental issues will inevitably arise. “How much THC is safe for dogs and what about THC toxicity and THC poisoning?” owners have inquired. Everyone knows how beneficial CBD oil can be to dogs; however, what about the most prevalent cannabinoid: THC?

THC can be helpful in treating certain medical conditions in dogs, such as seizures and pain.

However, it is important to consult with your veterinarian before starting your dog on THC therapy because of how it interacts with other medications they may already be taking or due to the risk of side effects.

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Ultimately, finding the right dosage of THC for your dog is a process that may take some time and patience. But, with the right dose, THC can be a safe and effective treatment for dogs with certain medical conditions.

What to Look for in CBD Products

There are a plethora of CBD goods on the market. While too much THC is problematic for dogs, hemp-sourced CBD products can be revolutionary. It is important to make sure that any product you use is hemp plant-derived, and not marijuana-derived. CBD products made from hemp should boast a 0-0.3% THC label, which is a government-mandated level for animals So, is it true that the product is safe to give to dogs?

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Yes, it is. Even a tiny amount of THC, like the amount found in a full-plant extract CBD hemp oil, is still safe for your pet. If you want to know more about using CBD oils for pets and proper dosing, keep reading.

Cannabis: Its History

Cannabis plants, marijuana, weed, herb, ganja, or any of the other names given to this plant have acquired a negative reputation in recent decades. However, the cannabis plant is not a new discovery. Since ancient times people worldwide have cultivated the Cannabis plant for its medicinal and spiritual significance.

This plant was not only utilized for therapeutic purposes but also for recreational ones.

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Cannabis was used for its fibers and other physical qualities in early colonies. Cannabis is now used for both recreational and medicinal (medical marijuana) purposes.

Cannabis has been a part of human history for over 10,000 years (1). After almost 100 years of prohibition, it’s been re-introduced into the United States either recreationally or medically in nearly half of the states.

Cannabis Reform Movement

The cannabis reform movement has been urging for decades of misinformation to be replaced with scientific evidence. When part of the plant was used as a psychotic herb, cannabis could be beneficial and certainly less harmful than the years of propaganda to which it had previously been subjected.

These efforts have resulted in the state-level legalization of marijuana. Now, researchers and physicians may investigate the effects of cannabis on a variety of mammal systems.

Cannabis has been found in studies to be able to help with a variety of ailments, including nausea, inflammation, muscular control problems, epileptic seizures, mental illness, addiction, cancer, and general pain conditions.

History Of Cannabis In Dogs

Before there were CBD-based pet products, people understood the therapeutic potential of CBD oil and other formulations containing CBD for both humans and pets. Dogs and cats face the same concerns as we do, after all—temporary worry, aching older joints, and so on. As a result, if something works for people, it should work for pets.

If you go back far enough, you’ll find numerous stories of pet parents obtaining a medical marijuana license just so they can buy cannabis products for their sick animals. The problem was that because these largely unregulated goods had varying amounts of CBD to THC, it was impossible to predict what effect they would have on a pet.

how much thc is safe for dogs

We may see more studies being done on using cannabis for medical treatment in dogs as it becomes legal in more parts of the world.

Since most information available on using cannabis to treat medical conditions in dogs is based on anecdotal evidence, it’s important that you speak with your veterinarian before starting your dog on THC therapy.

This will allow them to help you find the right dose of THC for your dog while minimizing any potential side effects.

Medical Evidence of Cannabis for Dogs

The medical evidence and testimonies are so overwhelming that the National Institute on Drug Abuse classifies cannabis as a medicine for these problems. Cannabis has yet to receive the FDA’s seal of approval (2) thanks to the plant’s previous prohibition.

Cannabis has been prevented from being officially legalized due to the lengthy and laborious approval process. However, many believe that this will happen soon as more studies are running and uncovering the medical uses of cannabis. The public’s interest is certainly growing, including veterinary medicine, and consumers are becoming more aware of its benefits.

Even those who don’t have health issues are interested in the benefits of cannabis for their loved ones who do.

Can I Give My Dog CBD Oil Drops With THC?

Dogs who may benefit from the THC component of cannabis can consume it, but only in tiny amounts. This may be the case for dogs with irritable bowel syndrome.

The typical amount of THC in whole plant medicine from CBD goods, which is 0.03 percent or less, generally suffices.

However, CBD oil for dogs does not react badly; and because it is free of mind-altering effects, it may be taken in much higher doses without causing static ataxia or other undesirable side effects.

The CBD chemical has been shown in numerous studies and testimonials to help treat our dogs.

The benefits of the plant are more effectively absorbed by using a whole plant extract rather than a high THC medication.

What are the Benefits of THC Oil for Dogs?

Note: Although THC oil has numerous health advantages, it should not be given to your pet without consulting a doctor. Because of its psychoactive effects, THC is more dangerous for dogs to consume than CBD.

  • THC is a chemical that has powerful pain-relieving qualities. It can help to treat neuropathic and nociceptive pain in dogs and other health conditions.
  •  Neuroprotectant: this chemical can also protect brain cells and nourish them. It may protect and maintain brain cells.
  •  THC has antiemetic effects, which make it a more effective therapy for dogs with vomiting or nausea.
  • THC enhances appetite, which is beneficial for pets with eating issues.

If you are considering starting your dog on THC therapy, it’s important to consult with your veterinarian.

They can help you determine if THC and CBD is the right treatment for your dog and guide you in finding the correct dosage. And, they can also monitor your dog closely and adjust the dose as needed.

Side Effects of THC on Dogs

Some common side effects of THC oil in dogs can include sedation, increased heart rate, and changes in appetite. So, it’s important to monitor your dog closely when they are taking THC and adjust the dose as needed.

Your dog’s body weight, medical conditions, breed, and age can all have an impact on the potential side effects of THC for your pet.

If they are taking other medications, you should also talk to a veterinarian before starting them on THC therapy as THC can interact with some medications.

How Much CBD Oil Should I give my Dog?

The best advice for when your dog is just starting on CBD is to always go beneath the recommended amount outlined in the manufacturer’s dosage instructions. This will allow you to check for any adverse effects or determine whether you need to increase the dosage amount.

Established CBD businesses, on the whole, provide a thorough dosage chart as part of their packages.

If you’re giving your dog CBD oil for medical reasons, be sure to follow the instructions carefully. However, if you’re using it for general health or preventative care, you won’t need a higher dose. You can opt to reduce the amount of CBD administered to mild or regular doses.

Guidelines for Giving CBD to Your Dog

Give your dog CBD (or other cannabinoid products) with his or her daily food. CBD is more readily absorbed when taken with a meal, so it should be given before meals to optimize absorption.

Full-spectrum hemp is more potent than isolated CBD. Full extract hemp provides a higher percentage of cannabinoids and terpenes than isolate extracts do.

CBD-rich hemp is most likely superior to CBD alone. If you give the entire hemp extract, you may need to reduce the dosage you give your dog.

Always buy CBD dog goods rather than generic products. If you’re a CBD enthusiast, don’t share your goods with your pet. Human medications may include substances such as xylitol or caffeine that are hazardous to dogs.

Follow the dosage on the bottle: The correct dose of CBD for your dog will be determined by his or her weight, as bigger dogs require higher doses to have an impact. However, the optimal doses that work best for each medical condition are still being studied. Begin with a tiny dose and gradually increase it until you notice any side effects.

How To Administer CBD to Dogs

After you’ve confirmed that CBD is helpful for your dog’s regular health regimen, it’s time to look at how to administer CBD oil to dogs.

CBD dosage chart for dogs

CBD for dogs comes in a variety of forms, all tailored to your dog’s physique so you’ll have no trouble finding one that works.

Finding the best approach for you and your pet may be determined by your daily routine and requirements. However, to make an informed choice, you must understand the specifics of each CBD oil product, what type of assistance it gives your pet, and how to use it.

Here are some strategies for those who want to give CBD to their dog.

There are a variety of CBD products for dogs available on the market, including extracts, edibles, tinctures, and topical lotions. Let’s look at some of the many forms of goods and how they may be used.

CBD Oil Extracts

CBD oil is especially useful for pet owners since it has a quick onset time and small dosage errors. It’s worth noting that the oils can be hemp-derived or full-spectrum. THC is sometimes present in full-spectrum oils, and certain veterinarians believe they provide greater health benefits. Once again, it’s critical to get advice from a veterinarian before selecting an oil.


Tinctures are a type of cannabis extract that is similar to oils, except they’re less powerful and contain CBD in combination with vegetable oil, glycerin, or alcohol. They are taken via mouth by mouth. Owners who want to give them on a daily basis appreciate the moderate to low potency of these tinctures.

CBD Topicals

Topicals, also known as lotions, are creams that are used to provide immediate localized relief to the skin. They’re ideal for aching joints, muscular discomfort and inflammation, and allergic skin disorders. The creams are frequently combined with medicines that have cooling or healing properties. To the soothing effects of these topical lotions, older dogs with discomfort respond wonderfully.

Strategies for Giving CBD Goodies to Dogs


Place the correct amount of CBD in your dog’s hard kibble or wet food (this works best) and combine it all together. You may also drop a small amount of oil onto a hard treat, let it soak in for a few moments, and then give it to your pet — with a few pats and kisses on top!

You can also buy CBD dog treats from a reputable dealer.

Straight From the Dropper:

You may also apply CBD oil directly to your dog’s mouth, or use a dropper to deliver the CBD inside. If your dog is fine with it, stick with it! Just keep in mind that you should handle your pet gently—not gagging or compressing their mouth too tightly. Also, give them a treat as a reward for good behavior!

Where to Buy CBD Products for Dogs

Natural Joy: This company only offers CBD products for pets and their Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil for Pets is organic, vegan, grain-free and soy-free.

CBDMD: CBDMD is a massive CBD brand that carries all types of different hemp-derived products. You are sure to find something your furry friend loves here. You can also use coupon code CBDSCHOOL20 for 20% off your entire order!


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