Is CBD Oil Good for Sex?

CBD oil is regarded as having many promising properties for overall health — from assisting with sleeping disorders, and chronic pain, to anti-anxiety properties.

A common question that is on many of our minds is, is CBD oil good for sex?

There isn’t much if any research that has been done to show the effects that CBD has on sex, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anecdotal evidence that suggests CBD can have a positive effect on an individual’s sexual experiences.

While it would be hard pressed to suggest that CBD will boost your libido and sexual performance, CBD has been shown to relax the body which would be beneficial during sex.

Let’s discuss ways in which CBD could be good to take prior to sex.

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CBD Oil Explained

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Before we jump into the many potential ways in which CBD oil could be beneficial to take prior to engaging in sex, let’s first explain a bit about CBD oil.

CBD, which stands for cannabidiol, is one of about 100 cannabinoids that are found in the cannabis plant.

Unlike the most popular cannabinoid, THC, CBD will not give you a psychoactive feeling.

The main reason many people have begun a regimen of CBD is due to how it assists your body in maintaining a state of homeostasis.

Endocannabinoid System

While there’s some debate as to whether CBD is able to assist the body in getting itself to feeling a state of homeostasis, what is not debatable is that your body has an endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system was discovered in the 1990s, and it has three main parts, endocannabinoids, receptors, and enzymes.

Your body produces cannabinoids, called endocannabinoids, on its own, and these cannabinoids assist in keeping you functioning properly.

Endocannabinoid receptors are all over your body, and the cannabinoids will bind to the receptors, mainly CB1 and CB2 receptors, which will alert your endocannabinoid system that a certain area needs some help.

endocannabinoid system receptor locations

The enzymes will break down the endocannabinoids after they’re done working.

The effect that CBD has on this process is debatable, but those that believe in the efficacy of CBD oil feel that the CBD works in keeping the endocannabinoids from disintegrating which allows them to have a more beneficial effect on your body.

While there are been many studies performed to understand the possible health benefits of CBD, many more need to be conducted to fully understand the efficacy of this cannabinoid.

Is CBD Oil Good for Sex?

Now that you have a better understanding of what CBD is, and how it may work within the body, let’s get into why CBD oil may be good for sex.

The health benefits associated with CBD vary from assisting with inflammation, arthritis, and pain to helping with depression and anxiety.

Many of the medical conditions that CBD has shown to be beneficial for are reasons why CBD oil may be good for sex.

CBD for Inflammation

When your body is dealing with inflammation issues it can be painful, physically and mentally. There are many conditions the body deals with where inflammation is a symptom.

For some people, sex can be painful. When this pain shows itself, inflammation of the area in pain is inevitable.

So when certain parts of the body, including sexual organs and the areas of the body that are needed during sex, are in pain and inflamed, CBD may help you.

CBD for inflammation has assisted many people to deal with body, muscle, and joint pain, and it may be beneficial for you to try if sex is painful.

doctor using instrument to point out a patients inflammation

CBD for Arthritis

Arthritis affects roughly 25% of all adults in the US, which is pretty staggering on its own.

When your body is dealing with arthritis, you guessed it, the body is also dealing with inflammation. Arthritis specifically is when your joints are inflamed.

If you are experiencing arthritis pain, sex is most likely the last thing on your mind. Since CBD for arthritis has shown to reduce inflammation caused by arthritis, consuming CBD prior to engaging in sexual activity may assist you.

Arthritis in Hand

CBD for Anxiety

Anxiety can rear its ugly head many times during our lives, and sometimes it shows up prior to or during sex. Some deal with sexual performance anxiety, such as premature ejaculation, while others can’t get a past sexual experience out of their head.

When your body is dealing with anxiety it is in essence in a “fight or flight” mode which causes and prolongs stress.

If you are one of the roughly 40 million adults that deal with anxiety in the US, then you might also deal with anxiety around performance in the bedroom.

CBD for anxiety has been shown to possibly assist those that deal with anxiety-related issues. If you are someone that has sexual-related anxiety you may want to give CBD a try to see if it has a beneficial effect on your situation.

anxiety attack

Should You Use CBD Oil for Sex?

The answer is entirely up to you and what conditions you personally deal with.

CBD has been shown to assist in bringing the body to homeostasis which would benefit most people if this is the case.

While CBD isn’t a cure-all, and you shouldn’t think of it as that, if you are dealing with any of the above symptoms, which in turn show up in your sex life, then yes, you should attempt to see if CBD may benefit you.

Prior to using CBD, you should consult with your doctor to discuss if CBD is right for you.

If you decide that CBD is right for your situation, keep in mind that CBD doesn’t take effect immediately. You should plan ahead and take CBD at least 30 minutes, if not longer, prior to sexual activity.

Things You Should Consider

Before using CBD oil to boost your sexual performance, there are other things you consider. You should know that the supplement isn’t a cure-all for the problem. Some factors may contribute to poor sexual performance, and they include:

Medications: Some medications, such as anti-depressants, can affect your sex drive negatively. It can also lower your libido due to its effect on serotonin levels in the brain. If you’re taking any medication, ask your doctor or pharmacist if it impacts your libido before using CBD oil to boost sexual performance.

Excessive alcohol consumption: Alcohol is known to harm sex drive and cause erectile dysfunction in men. If you’re an alcoholic or binge drinker, this will negatively affect your sexual performance.

In that case, using CBD oil to boost your sexual performance won’t help much. In fact, it might make matters worse since alcohol is also a depressant and can hurt mood swings, leading to depression or anxiety disorders, further lowering libidos considerably.

Poor nutrition: A healthy diet is essential for good health and well-being, including good mental function and general well-being, which includes good physical fitness.

Nutrition plays a vital role in developing and maintaining brain health, memory, learning, and concentration. A balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables is recommended for overall health. If you don’t have a balanced diet, CBD oil might not help you that much. You still need to live a healthy lifestyle, including paying attention to what you eat.


Is CBD oil good for sex? That all depends on what issues you are having around sex. However, several factors come into play that might affect its effectiveness on some people, such as your medications, nutrition, and alcohol consumption. If you’re unsure if CBD oil is the one for you, you can always consult a medical specialist.

One thing you should know is that never take CBD oil without the supervision of your medical health professional. Yes, CBD oil is effective in many areas, but we must note that not everyone is created the same. We need to have the opinion of someone who knows this more than us to avoid complications.

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