Smoking CBD flower? CBD pre-rolls could become the next big thing (especially if you want to quit smoking)

As the CBD market continues to expand, new innovations keep surfacing up.

While smoking cannabis flowers is nothing new and has long been the mode of intake for consumers worldwide, up until this point, smoking CBD flower has been relatively unheard of.

Why, after all, would someone who is used to smoking cannabis shift into a different kind of smoking that would not offer psychoactive effects?

Simple. Not everyone enjoys how they feel after smoking cannabis. CBD, however, is a different chemical of the same flower but doesn’t lead to any of the psychoactive effects THC is famous for. But, this CBD smoke does contain, however, a plethora of benefits that made it so famous in the first place. That’s what made CBD pre-rolls the next big thing in the CBD marketplace.

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What are CBD Pre-Rolls?

CBD pre-rolls are simply pre-rolled “joints” made with CBD flower instead of the regular well-known cannabis strains containing THC.

Hemp flowers have high amounts of CBD and offer the same benefits as other forms of CBD (tincture, edibles, capsules, vaporizing), but work much more rapidly than any of them. Vaping comes in close, but if you’re looking for the quickest relief possible, smoking the CBD flower may be what you are looking for.

It’s no secret that CBD can help ease chronic pain, anxiety, and inflammation. It’s also shown to be the perfect solution for people who want to quit smoking.

According to the WHO, tobacco is capable of killing more than half its users. First hand smoking kills about eight seven people every year1. So, with such an elevated mortality risk, it is evident to keep looking for some kind of alternative to smoking, one that may be deemed less deadly! That’s where CBD flowers come in handy!

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A study published in 2013 in the journal of Randomized Controlled Trials discovered that vaping CBD helped people reduce their intake of cigarettes. In the study, smokers were divided into two groups where one group received no treatment and the other group got a CBD inhaler. None of the participants knew in what group they were placed. In both groups, participants were asked to use the inhaler (blank or CBD) every time they felt the urge to smoke.

As a result, and after one week, those who received no treatment kept smoking the same number of cigarettes while the participants of the CBD treatment reduced their cigarette intake by 40%2.


Are CBD Pre-Rolls the Cigarette of the Future?

If you’re trying to quit smoking, perhaps it’s time to try smoking some CBD. Hemp Garden is a CBD retailer in Manhattan that specializes in CBD. Aside from the regular tinctures, vape oils, topicals, and edibles, Hemp Garden also sells CBD flowers. Their CBD pre-rolls are one of the top products under the spotlight! “We have people coming in on their lunch breaks, buying pre-rolls to smoke, whether it’s for anxiety or for quitting cigarettes,” says Hemp Garden CEO, Tia Tagliaferro. “Because CBD works with the endocannabinoid system, it’s a regulation tool that will bring the body back to homeostasis. It will help with sleeping, anxiety, and bringing you back to a calm state…which is why people turn to cigarettes in the first place, they’re looking for an outlet for their stress3.”

CBD has also shown to reduce the urge to reach out for a cigarette. These urges are what directs a person towards smoking cigarettes.

Some experts believe that CBD can have a very positive impact on the mechanisms of addiction because of the way it regulates cannabinoid and AMPA receptors in the brain. Both regulate addiction.

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According to Dr. Yasmin Hurd from Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, CBD is looking to be promising for treating individuals with heroin use disorder4. Also, a 2009 study, for example, found that CBD could be a potential treatment for heroin craving and relapse5.

While cigarettes certainly aren’t actually heroin, quitting smoking can be as difficult as ending a heroin addiction. Pathways in the brain that govern drug intake and craving are mediated by the neurotransmitter dopamine. It’s the endocannabinoid system that affects the activity of neurotransmitters, and ultimately stimulates the release of dopamine6.

CBD can reduce cravings for cigarettes by interacting with dopamine receptors and increasing levels of anandamide (the “bliss” molecule) in the brain.

Smoking a CBD preroll could just crush those cigarette cravings altogether.

Are CBD Pre-Rolls the Next Wave of Cannabidiol Consumption?

In July 2018, Wagner Dimas, a preroll technology company, made a deal with the Canadian cannabis company, Aurora.

They plan to produce 50 million CBD pre-rolls in the coming year, a number up from just 5 million last year.

Wagner Dimas CEO, Dean Arbit says, “This scaled platform gives credence to CBD hemp because we can run it in scale as a tobacco alternative.

There are herbal cigarettes out there, people need that fixation and there’s a market for it. It’s like a $200 million global market for herbal cigarettes.”

With the popularity of cigarettes fading down while the efficacy of CBD is more endorsed especially when it comes to quitting smoking, CBD pre-rolls are expected to become the next big thing.

While smoking, in general, isn’t particularly good for you, this doesn’t stop millions of people from lighting up cigarettes, daily!

Could a CBD pre-roll satisfy the need to smoke a cigarette? The answer is a definite yes! Already, CBD pre-rolls are found to be an attractive alternative and more people are showing increasing interest in CBD flowers than any other time before.

With tens of millions of CBD pre-rolls planned for production in the coming year, it’s possible that we will see a declining market of cigarettes and a busy market for CBD.

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