What Age Do You Have to Be to Buy CBD by State?

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There have been lots of changes in the legality of hemp and CBD products over the past few years, and this has raised a lot of questions in the mind of people across different states. 

Some common questions people ask include, “Is CBD legal?” “Is it permitted to use CBD for recreational purposes?” “What age do you have to be to buy CBD by the state?” These are all good questions and we shall answer them in this article. 

Is CBD legal?

Let’s start by informing you that CBD is legal! The 2018 Farm Bill legalized the use of CBD products at the federal level, provided they are hemp-derived and contain less than 0.3% THC – The cannabinoid responsible for the feeling of “high” in marijuana. 

Hemp naturally contains a high level of CBD – a non-psychoactive compound that offers huge health benefits ranging from helping to relieve muscle soreness and pain to bring a sense of calm and improving focus. It does not contain a concentration of CBD that causes intoxication. That’s why it is legal for sale across the federal level. 

What age do you have to be to buy CBD by state?

Well, the simple answer is: It depends. 

Although CBD is available to people of all ages and there’s no stated restriction at the federal level, it still depends on the state in which you reside. This is simply because federal legality doesn’t automatically rule out state legality.

So the age restrictions on CBD imposed by a state will determine whether you can purchase CBD from a store in that state.  Also, the store you’re trying to purchase CBD from and the form of CBD also determines the minimum age requirement. 

The federal law gives no restriction for CBD forms like topicals, oils, gummies, and creams. But you must be over 18 years of age to purchase smokeable products like CBD vaping oils or CBD flower according to federal law.

Anyone over the age of 21 is legally permitted to purchase CBD without restrictions. However, if the CBD you’re purchasing is derived from marijuana, with a THC level over 0.3%, you may be above age 21 before you get served. 

In states where recreational marijuana use is legal, such as Washington and California, you can get CBD products at the dispensaries where these marijuana products are sold. But you will have to be 21+ because the purchase of marijuana is treated in the same way as alcohol, and it is illegal for minors to enter dispensaries.

If you live in states where CBD is legal and contains less than 0.3% THC, 18-year-olds should be able to buy it as there are no federal laws restricting the sale or use of CBD. However, most stores may need you to verify that you’re 18.  Some reputable CBD retail stores have measures in place to ask your age.

In summary, the age you have to be to buy CBD depends on the following factors:

  • The state you live in
  • The store you’re buying from
  • The form of CBD you’re purchasing
  • Whether the CBD is medical or recreational

Where is CBD Legal?

The federal 2018 Farm Bill does not automatically confer state legality. Each state has their own laws for CBD and hemp. 

In some states, like South Dakota, Iowa, Louisiana, and Idaho, CBD is entirely illegal. 

In North Dakota, New Jersey, and New Mexico, CBD is completely legal without restrictions.

In Utah, CBD oil and hemp products are legal, however, products have to be registered with the state and samples must be tested so consumers are sure of what they’re getting. 

In Texas, CBD is legal but if it must be completely free of THC. Possessing products with even a trace amount of CBD could result in a felony charge. 

There are more states where CBD is legal. But because the law changes with time, it is advisable that you make your research on CBD legality in any state where you intend to buy your products from. 

Although it is illegal to use CBD in Iowa, you can get some medically. Patients having a medical cannabidiol registration card may buy products legally from licensed dispensaries in the State.

The laws in Georgia do not permit people to use CBD, but patients with certain medical conditions, are allowed to possess what the state calls “low THC oil.”

You just need to make a thorough research to be sure CBD is legal in a state before you purchase your product from there. 

Here is a list of states where you must be 21 to buy CBD:

  • Alaska
  • Tennessee
  • Illinois
  • Maine

In some states like Mississippi, local laws dictate that buyers be 21 years and above. 

All other states either require you to be 18 years of age or place no age limit.  

Generally, you need to keep the following in mind regarding the various age restrictions on CBD:

  • Laws differ between states, so if you intend to purchase CBD from a physical store, ensure you do proper research first to see if age restriction applies.
  • Always buy your CBD from a reputable source that is transparent about its certificate of analysis, manufacturing process, and quality control measures. 
  • If you want to purchase CBD online, ensure you buy from a brand that is fully compliant with all regulatory requirements and have a clear report of their practices. 

Don’t forget, ensure you check the local legislature of any state before purchasing any CBD product. 

Different types of CBD products you can buy

Now that we’ve shown you some basics about age restriction for CBD, it is important we also mention the different types of CBD products that are available. 

Some of the popular ways you can use CBD include:

  • CBD oil in form of tinctures: This is a popular and easy way to use CBD. You can take it directly or mix it with your favorite beverages and food. (Check state legislatures regarding this usage).
  • CBD topicals: These are gels/creams that allow you apply CBD formulas directly to your skin for easy absorption and result
  • CBD oil in caplet or softgel form: This is another popular way to add CBD to your routine.

How does CBD affect the body?

CBD has huge potentials to help you get the best. Following its legalization in 2018, a lot of research has been ongoing to explore the benefits of CBD and how it affects the body. 

Based on research, CBD users report a sensation of calmness and relaxation. You can also use these hemp-derived products to get relief from depression and anxiety. 

More so, CBD works to give relief from pains and inflammation. It has been shown by several studies to interact with neurotransmitters linked to the brain to tackle pain. CBD may also be effective in treating pains associated with arthritis.

CBD also reduces nausea, help people sleep better, and improves skin texture and health. 

Final Remark

Hemp and its derived compound, CBD, were illegal until the 2018 Farm bill legalized the cultivation of hemp and the use of its derivatives. The federal laws, however, do not rule out state legislature, and not every state has adjusted its laws to be in line with the federal legalization. 

Hence, some states have age restrictions on the use of CBD. You may buy CBD at age 18 in some states, but with proper identification, which many stores require you to verify. Some states only allow you to buy CBD products from age 21 and above, especially if you’re buying from a dispensary. 

Generally, the age permit depends on the state you live in, the store you’re buying from, the form of CBD you’re purchasing, and whether the CBD is medical or recreational. 

Once you’ve confirmed to be of legal age to use this product in your state, you can purchase your preferred CBD form and enjoy the enormous benefits loaded in this substance. 

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