What’s CBD Isolate and Why Does It Matter?

If you consider all that has been written about Cannabidiol (CBD), you would find that very little attention is paid to CBD isolates. Many are blown away by the benefits of full-spectrum CBD and the talks of the entourage effects that they often pay no mind to the isolates.

But that in my opinion is a grave mistake.

CBD isolates represent the purest form of CBD and they hold the most potency for pure CBD amongst all categories of CBD products. The whitish crystalline compound offers the best CBD value per milligram (mg) and is often the best base form of CBD for the formulation of products for a broad base of conditions.

If you are looking for premium CBD potency, then CBD isolate is your best bet.

What is CBD Isolate?

CBD isolates are a form of CBD. You would recall that scientists and medical researchers broke CBD into three categories.

Full-spectrum CBD: This one contains CBD and all the other cannabinoids, terpenes, and plant parts. Usually, this form of CBD contains trace amounts of THC, the psychotropic substance responsible for the irrational behavior that has been credited to consuming cannabis.

Broad-spectrum CBD: Broad-spectrum CBD excludes THC but contains all other cannabinoids, terpenes, and plant parts. The absence of THC means that this form of CBD would not cause a high or psychotropic reaction.

CBD Isolates: Isolates are pure CBD crystals. This form contains only CBD and excludes all other cannabinoids, plant parts or even terpenes. They offer the best CBD value and are the perfect recipe for CBD formulations.

You can use CBD isolates at home and as a recipe in building your own CBD formulas to suit your needs. 

Why you should add CBD Isolates to your Routine

There are plenty of reasons to add CBD isolates to your daily CBD routine. Because isolates are pure CBD, they offer some unique benefits that are incomparable with other forms of CBD, like:

  1. No THC: CBD isolates do not contain THC. As said above, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the compound responsible for psychotic reactions associated with consuming cannabis. Pure CBD isolates would not get you high.
  2. No Odors:  The absence of terpenes makes this substance pure and odorless. Because some individuals can suffer allergic reactions from terpenes, CBD isolates offer a safe option for getting the need dose of CBD without running the risk of developing allergies.
  3. Easy to Use: Because they are often in pure, crystalline powder form, CBD isolate can be added to any oil, beverage or cosmetic solution. This makes it a super easy form of CBD for use by anybody. 
  4. No scare of a Drug Test: Randomized drug test would ever be a bother with CBD isolates. Because isolates do not contain any THC, they do not show up on your regular drug test. Also, CBD is legal and non-psychoactive, and for this reason, you are sure to never get a negative report on a drug test, unlike when you use other forms of CBD.

Want CBD in your coffee? Just add a teaspoon full of pure crystalline CBD isolate powder to your brew and you’ve got CBD coffee. A teaspoon full of CBD isolate under the tongue is enough to get you going for the day. CBD are super easy to use in whatever way you choose.

Ways to add CBD Isolates to your Routine

  • Under the tongue: You can consume plain CBD isolates by placing a teaspoon full under your tongue and allowing it to dissolve in your mouth. Oftentimes, this is able to provide your daily CBD requirements depending on the amount you consume. The effects are often instantaneous and beneficial if you want quick relief.
  • In Beverages: Want a CBD beverage? A teaspoon of CBD isolate in your preferred beverage would do the trick. Simply pour in and stir till it dissolves. It is especially beneficial in coffee, juices and smoothies.
  • In Topicals: You can add CBD to your body creams or other body beauty products. Mix in CBD isolates into the particular cream and stir till it is absorbed in. CBD isolate can also be mixed with skin oils to create a topical that can be used on sore muscles or to ease inflammation as well as joint or arthritis pain.
  • In food: Same way as other, you can sprinkle the powder over your food and stir to mix in. You can also infuse CBD isolate into carrier oil (MCT, grapeseed, coconut or olive oil) to create your own version of CBD oil that can be used for cooking.

Other ways you can use CBD isolates in your daily routine are vaporizing or even smoking. But know this, anyway, you choose, you can be sure of getting the best value of pure 99.9% CBD.

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