10 Best Dry Herb Vapes In The UK (2022)

The Best Dry Herb Vapes In The UK

Cannabis use has become more common in the UK. Therefore, many people have turned to dry herb vapes as an alternative to smoking.  Of course, before you look at the best weed vaporiser in the UK, you need to know more about these devices. They’re something you should consider — but why?

What Is A Dry Herb Vaporiser?

If you’re a regular vape enthusiast, this part doesn’t concern you. We’d say that you’re pretty well-versed in the dry herb vape-sphere! However, if you’re a beginner looking to vape your herb, we have you covered.

A dry herb vape is what it says on the tin. It’s a device that uses heat to vaporise the essential oils found in cannabis. Dry herb vapes have a small chamber; this works as the oven. All you need to do is fill this chamber with your herbs and turn the device on.

The weed vape will heat up the chamber to a pre-set temperature. This is usually within the range of 180 to 210 Celsius. This heat boils the oils within the plant, and it’ll start to vaporise. Once that’s ready, you’re good to go. Now, all you have to do is inhale the vapour through the mouthpiece. The essential oils found in cannabis are where the cannabinoids are. Additionally, it also contains all the other beneficial compounds.

Most of the dry herb vapes on the market are battery-powered. However, you can find some that require a torch lighter to work. Other options could be mechanical. Many of these weed vapes are small and portable. That being said, you can also get large, elaborate pieces that shouldn’t be moved very far. The style, features, and price will vary widely. It all depends on the device you look at.

How Are Dry Herb Vapes Healthier Than Smoking?

You cannot deny that when you smoke, you are exposing yourself to potentially harmful chemicals like carbon monoxide. That’s where a dry herb vape can help. When you use a dry herb vaporiser, the plant matter doesn’t combust. This is because of the low level of heat.

This means that there are no harmful chemicals being inhaled. In fact, you’re only inhaling vaporised essential oils, along with the goodness of CBD.

A recent study also found that vaporising cannabis can result in greater THC absorption into the bloodstream. Therefore, you’re getting a higher, more powerful dose of CBD with a dry herb vape.

Top 10 Dry Herb Weed Vaporizers in UK

1. FireFly 2+

vaporizer firefly2 portable red large 300x300 1
  • Six separate heat settings
  • 204 degrees Celsius in 3 Seconds
  • Android and iOS App

    Price: £££

Many believe the FireFly 2+ is what the original Firefly 2 was aiming to be. Unfortunately, it did not reach quite these heights. Although it is still a great product, the FireFly 2 is nothing compared to the 2+ model. The FireFly 2+ is yards ahead of its predecessor. Not only does it heat up quicker, but it also has a longer battery life and less draw resistance, making it a much more enjoyable and reliable product.

The Firefly 2+ is an excellent option if you’re seeking a dry herb vape that has all the features you need. It is compact, heats up quickly (ready in three seconds), and is simple to keep clean.

  • The dry herb vape uses special convection technology to extract the most flavour from the herbs and a cooling borosilicate glass path for vapour. Additionally, you can use it with concentrates.
  • There are six individual heat settings, five which are dedicated to dry herbs and one for concentrates.
  • There is also an app available for iOS and Android that will connect your device via Bluetooth and allow you to change settings, check battery life and adjust the temperature.

2. DynaVap M 2022 Edition

dynavap m

The DynaVap M 2022 is the latest “M” edition of the DynaVap dry herb vape range. It is a perfect dry herb vape for anyone who is searching for a simple, manually controlled vape that is dependable and discreet. The M Vaporiser sets a really high standard for manual vapes and stands head and shoulders above most other dry herb vaporisers.

  • The latest edition is still made from medical-grade stainless steel to ensure maximum flavour, but now it has the addition of a new “Captive Cap” that has two tiny indentations towards the end to lock the cap firmly in place without obstructing airflow.
  • DynaVap has taken steps to become even more eco-friendly by ditching plastic packaging and is now using a 100% recyclable cardboard package that doubles as a case.
  • By manipulating the air intake, you get to control the airflow and intensity of vapour. Block the air inlet for thicker vapour, or leave it open for lighter effects.

3. Volcano Digit

volcano digit

When you look at the Volcano Digit, you will see that it’s an impressive kit by Storz & Bickel. This dry herb vape is quite at home on a desk or a table. Instead of inhaling the vapour directly, you’ll fill up large bags, which you’ll then inhale from. This weed vaporiser is one of the most reliable on the market. It’s also pretty well-known.

In fact, Health Canada has approved this weed vaporiser for medical cannabis use. To date, it’s the only dry herb vape device to get this approval.

  • This unit is built very well and produces high vapour quality (density, temperature, taste). It’s very easy to use. However, it takes a couple of minutes to heat up.
  • The Solid Valve is made from heat-resistant plastic and durable high-quality stainless steel. You can also get customisable balloon sizes!
  • The Easy Valve system features a maintenance-free design and offers only one balloon size. A great advantage is that this dry herb vape is time-saving because you won’t have to clean it. However, balloon costs will run around $25-50 per year.

4. Arizer Solo 2

arizer solo 2 vaporizer 2 300x300 1

The Arizer Solo 2 is made by Arizer. In terms of vapour quality, it’s one of the best dry herb vapes in the UK. Once you have loaded this device up, get ready for some huge, tasty clouds. The battery life of the device is also very impressive, with approximately 15 to 20 sessions per charge. This puts many other dry herb vape models to shame.

The Solo 2’s least appealing feature is its overall size. Although it will fit into your pocket, you might be better off using it at home.

  • It’s slimmer than the OG Sole. However, it weighs more. The slimmer body does feel a lot better in the pocket, and everything fits together quite nicely. Its outer shell features a brushed finish, which appears to be scratch-resistant.
  • It has a very bright display that is easy to read. In fact, if it’s too bright for you, you’re also given the option of dimming it.
  • The buttons are very responsive and feel nice. This dry herb vape is a good-quality option, offered by a company that knows what they’re doing.

5. Crafty+

crafty vaporizer

The new Crafty+ is an excellent upgrade from the Crafty vaporiser made by Storz & Bickel. Although it has many of the same capabilities as the original Crafty, the battery life, vapour quality, longevity, and temperature options have been upgraded.

  • This compact battery-powered dry herb vaporiser is one of the best on the UK market. Super easy to control, the Crafty+ has one-button control and an app you can use to personalise your settings for a vaping experience customised to suit your preferences.
  • The Crafty+ has additional button features called Boost Mode and MAX Mode. Boost Mode heats up to the highest temperature setting. It is activated by pressing the on/off button twice, while MAX Mode immediately heats up to the highest temperature and is activated by pressing the on/off button three times.
  • On average, the chamber holds roughly .25 grams worth of dry herb, although this can be increased to about .30 grams if a super-fine grinder is used. Unlike many other vapes, the Crafty+ vape works well no matter how full the chamber is and provides excellent results each time. Its ease of use also makes it ideal for beginners.

6. V2 Pro 7

v7 pro vaporizer
  • It comes with 3 pre-set temperatures, will heat up quickly, and offers quality clouds with each draw. In addition to that, the battery can last a good number of sessions. there are also attachments that allow the device to run with both concentrates and e-liquids.
  • This dry herb vape is very pocketable. It is the right size for gripping easily and slipping into your pocket. It’s around 1.75 inches taller than the Pax 2 and around .75 inches wider.
  • The V2 Pro Series 7 has exact dimensions of 1 inch deep, 1 3/8 inches wide and 5 /18 inches tall. With its dry herb cartridge, it weighs 111 grams. In comparison, the weight of the TI Grasshopper is 55 grams, the Haze V3 is 198 grams, the Firefly 2 is 140 grams, and the Pax 2 is 90 grams.

7. Boundless Tera V3

boundless tera

The Boundless Tera V3 is the latest version of full convection dry herb vaporiser by premium brand Boundless Technology. An all-in-one device, the Boundless Tera V3 works with dried herbs AND concentrates.

With a reliable, sturdy build, the Boundless Tera V3 will become your go-to dry herb vape you know you can depend on.

  • The Tera V3 uses genuine convection heating, which effectively heats your herb and creates vapour with enhanced flavour.
  • The vape comes with two operating modes: dry herb mode and concentrate mode. The temperature is fully adjustable when using dry herb mode and can be set between 140-428 F (60 °C – 220 °C). On the other hand, concentrate mode raises it to the highest temperature, 500 F (260 °C).
  • The kit includes multiple mouthpieces: a standard swivel mouthpiece, a glass mouthpiece and a water adapter.

8. PAX 3

pax3 matte teal 01 large

The device from PAX labs, the PAX 3 has become their flagship model.  The device is ideal for flower and concentrates, offers a large chamber, and heats up quickly.

  • The most important feature is the thick, flavourful clouds of vapour that it produces. There are a lot of reasons why the PAX 3 is one of the most popular dry herb vapes in the UK market.
  • Out of the box, the PAX 3 looks stealthy enough. However, after use, it can smell fairly pungent (especially when the oven isn’t emptied after your vaping session). If you need to be really discreet about the smell, then we’d recommend that you get the Pax 2 End Caps from Delta 3D Studios. This will help conceal the smell!
  • The very first thing you’ll notice about the Pax dry herb vape is its matte finish. It feels great in your hand, is more resistant to scratches, and (in our humble opinion) it just looks nicer than the Pax 2’s transverse brushed finish.

9. Boundless CFX

boundless cf

The Boundless CFX Is the new and improved version of the legendary Boundless CF, yet another stellar offering from the Boundless Tera brand. It is reasonably priced for a high-performance dry herb vape, but don’t let its affordability fool you. The CFX packs a punch.

  • The Boundless CFX dry herb vape is one of the fastest vaporisers available on the market, and heats up within 20 seconds or less. It also has an OLED display that will give you precise temperature controls along with battery life indicators.
  • The high-quality OLED display shows the current and cool temperature scale, battery life, and an auto shut-off timer that switches off after five minutes.
  • The dry herb vape has both herb and oil vaporisation capabilities, with the herb chamber holding about 0.5 grams of herbs and the oil capsule containing up to 0.3 ml of oil.

10. DaVinci IQ2

davinci iq vaporizer gunmetal

The DaVinci IQ2 dry herb vape is the upgrade to the DaVinci IQ, with a host of new and improved capabilities.

  • DaVinci claims the IQ2 is the brand’s most advanced dry herb vaporiser, and many dry herb vapers agree and believe it could actually be the most intelligent dry herb vape that has ever been released.
  • With the DaVinci IQ2, you are able to adjust and customise airflow to suit your preference, control temperature, set precise dosage and track and report your vape dose. The possibilities are endless with this innovative vape!
  • The DaVinci IQ2 has a straightforward, intelligent dosing function that you can access via the free Android app or the vape’s controls. Here, you can enter the strain you are using and set your CBD and THC consumption goals. The app will notify you once you have reached these goals. This capability is ideal for users (especially those that use medical cannabis) who want to get an exact dose each time.

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