25 Surprising Benefits and Uses of CBD Gummies

Does anything sound more delicious than CBD gummies? CBD has become a household favourite. It has gone from being a simple oil taken under the tongue to coffee, tea, chocolate, skincare, and more.

It seems you can get CBD anything these days, including CBD gummies. These CBD edibles are perfect for those who have a sweet tooth. In addition, for people who prefer to eat their dose of CBD.

Not everyone is a fan of the natural nutty, earthy taste of CBD, so gummies usually have different flavours. Beyond being delicious, they are very convenient. You can pop the container in your bag and bring it out with you.

When you need to replenish your CBD, you can take another. The great news is there are vegan versions available on the market right now. So, if you’re vegan, there is no excuse not to give them a go.

Read on to discover the exciting benefits of consuming CBD gummies and their uses. Find out why you should try them out.

About CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are just as they sound, edible infused cannabidiol (CBD) gummies. You can find them in a range of different shapes, colours, flavours, and sizes. Not to mention, you can avail of various strengths.

They are easy to take and make for a very discreet option. CBD gummies are an excellent choice for people on the go. They are well suited to people who do not enjoy the natural taste of CBD.

They have grown hugely in popularity, and as a result, many companies have released vegan versions. CBD gummies have been said to have a range of health and well-being benefits also.

How to Take CBD Gummies

The easiest way to consume CBD is by consuming CBD gummies. The dose will vary depending on the brand. However, it is as simple as putting one in your mouth, chewing, and swallowing.

Be sure to stick to the recommended dose on the packaging. This will reduce the likelihood of you experiencing any side effects.

How Long Does It Take for Effects to Kick In?

You can also take them by adding them to baked goods or other food items. It usually takes around 30 minutes for the effects to kick in. This is because they have to go through the digestive system, which takes some time.

In saying that, the length of time they take to kick in varies from person to person. The length of time can be affected by other factors such as your weight, the amount you have eaten recently, and your metabolism and gender.

25 Benefits and Reasons to Try CBD Gummies

There are many benefits to taking CBD gummies, and as a result, little reason not to try them. Read on to find out the benefits of CBD gummies.

1. A Majority of CBD Gummies Taste Incredible

One of the most common reasons people turn to CBD gummies is because they taste amazing. CBD has a nutty, earthy taste naturally, and not everyone enjoys it. In saying that, there are other CBD products that do not have this taste.

For example, e-liquids for vaping; however, not everyone agrees with vaping or wants to start doing it. In addition, the flavours that are related to CBD are limited. Other CBD edibles manage to mask the natural CBD taste; however, not quite like gummies do.

2. There Is So Much Variety

There are so many different CBD gummies out there. They come in all different shapes, sizes, forms, and flavours. You can get sugar-coated gummy bears, worms, peach rings, and more.

Not to mention, you have vegan-friendly options at your fingertips. This is great as you get to have your preference. If you prefer gummy bears, pick those, and this will only help you further make CBD a regular step in your routine.

3. CBD Gummies Are a Discreet Option

Some people feel self-conscious about taking their CBD oil in public. Generally, this is because they would prefer that people did not know they take CBD. After all, it is a personal matter.

This is where CBD gummies come in. They are an excellent discreet option if you do not want everyone knowing that you take CBD. You can bring your gummies around with you and take them when you need them.

People will think you have a sweet craving. You can bring them with you to your work, social settings or take them while at home. While sharing is usually encouraged, be sure no one else is snacking on your CBD gummies.

4. Taking CBD Gummies Is Straightforward

One of the most appealing things about CBD gummies is how straightforward they are to take. The dose is a certain number of gummies. You do not have to mess around with oil, trying to get a precise amount in your dropper.

In addition, with other methods of taking CBD, it can be hard to identify how much you are consuming. Gummies remove this hassle. This means you know how much CBD you are taking, and it is simple to measure out that precise dose.

5. The Effects of Edibles Are Said to Last Longer

Another reason many opt for CBD edible products is that they have been said to last longer. This is because, unlike CBD oil, edibles must go through the digestive system to leave the body. As a result, this process is lengthy, and the effects of edibles will last much longer.

Therefore, if you want the effects after taking CBD to last longer, edibles may be a better choice for you.

6. They Won’t Give You a Sore Throat or Harm Your Lungs

We all know smoking has health implications for our lungs. In addition, it is very harsh on the throat and can cause pain. Smokers regularly deal with throat infections and other various viruses, and smoking cigarettes plays a role here.

While the research around vaping is limited, it can also irritate your throat. On the flip side, CBD edibles, specifically gummies, will not cause you throat irritation or harm your lungs. This is excellent news for people who are cautious about trying CBD because they are concerned about any health risks.

No smell, smoke, or respiratory discomfort is produced when consuming CBD gummies.

7. Less Equals More With Edibles

One reason people are choosing to use CBD gummies is that less equals more with CBD edibles. In other words, taking fewer CBD gummies has more significant effects than taking the regular dose of different CBD products. This is because you eat CBD gummies.

When you choose CBD products that have to go through the lungs, they have to allow some to go through your brain. However, CBD gummies pass through the stomach, which means you do not need as much product for the effects to kick in and stay.

In other words, you get your money’s worth when buying CBD gummies.

8. No Major Side Effects

One barrier to people trying CBD, specifically CBD gummies is the worry there may be side effects. However, there have been significantly few side effects of CBD reported. The only ones found for gummies include interacting with various medications and causing a dry mouth.

These side effects are more so a reality for people who exceed the recommended dose of CBD gummies. It is essential to keep to the amount that is recommended. On the medication side of things, you should not take CBD if your medication has a grapefruit warning label.

With that said, it is crucial if you want to start using CBD to speak with your doctor.

9. Reduces Everyday Aches and Pains

CBD has been raved about for its ability to reduce the discomfort that comes with everyday aches and pains. What better medication could there be than to chew on a tasty gummy and experience some relief? However, research on CBD is still limited, so what may work for one person may not work for another.

With that said, it seems promising that CBD could help people in dealing with discomfort, although not entirely alleviating it. In addition, the gummies could work to prevent these aches and pains over time.

10. CBD Gummies Encourage You to Relax

We all have busy lives, and it can be challenging to allow ourselves the time to relax. It is not good for our physical health and well-being to be on edge all the time. The good news is CBD products encourage users to relax.

Therefore, CBD gummies could help you in reducing your stress levels and find time to chill out.

11. Enhances Mood

Among the many anecdotal claims, users have claimed CBD has helped them to enhance their mood. They feel less stressed and on edge, all the while more relaxed and feel generally happy.

This is precisely why CBD has become so popular. We all struggle with our moods and have bad days or feel stressed with work. CBD gummies sound like a fun way to reduce stress and feel content.

12. CBD Gummies Help Users Get a Good Night’s Sleep

For some, it is a challenge to fall asleep at night. This can be the result of stress following us to the pillow or other various factors. In saying that, it is so important that we do get a good night’s sleep.

In addition to claims that CBD can enhance mood, people have turned to it to help them fall asleep. With it encouraging relaxation and helping people to feel less stressed, it’s not surprising it could help with sleep.

13. Improves Concentration

Users have claimed CBD improved their concentration when working and studying, preventing them from procrastinating. It supposedly prevents you from fixating on other things going on around you that would usually distract you. In addition, it encourages us to relax, and stress is another barrier to concentration.

14. CBD Gummies Increase Appetite While Lowering Nausea

CBD has been said to increase appetite while simultaneously reducing the feeling of nausea. This could be useful for those who struggle to meet their recommended calorie intake. Alternatively, for people who have a condition that lowers their appetite.

Food is essential as it gives us the nutrients we require to grow and have energy. In addition, it aids all crucial bodily functions. Therefore, if you find you do not have a great appetite for food, it is vital to address it, and CBD gummies could be one promising way.

Additionally, CBD gummies are said to help in stabilising food cravings.

15. Could Assist in Lowering High Blood Pressure

As mentioned previously, CBD has been said to be helpful in lowering stress levels. When in stressful circumstances, our bodies produce numerous hormones. They can increase our blood pressure temporarily.

While feelings of stress and anxiety are not the root cause of high blood pressure, stress certainly does not help. Therefore, with CBD’s ability to reduce stress levels, it could be helpful to those who have high blood pressure.

While it will not bring your blood pressure down to a normal level, it may prevent it from skyrocketing in stressful situations.

16. CBD Gummies Don’t Give Users a ‘High’

Many avoid trying out CBD products because they are worried they will experience a high, euphoric feeling. However, CBD products will not do this. The reason is that CBD contains minimal amounts of THC.

THC, or as it is known, Tetrahydrocannabinol, is the substance that makes people feel high. Although many CBD products contain THC, it is not an adequate amount to make them high.

17. Easy to Find and Purchase

It is so easy to find CBD gummies and purchase them. A wide range of online retailers sell them in various shapes, sizes, flavours, and colours. Therefore, you can essentially get them at the click of a button.

The only thing to note with purchasing CBD products online is to buy from a reputable brand. We cannot emphasise the importance of purchasing from a company that has undergone all necessary testing to ensure its product is high-quality.

18. CBD Gummies Are Rich in Antioxidants

CBD is said to be rich in antioxidants. These are substances that protect the body and can prevent cells from becoming damaged. Antioxidants can be found in a wide range of foods, in particular, fruits.

Therefore, by taking CBD gummies alongside your regular diet, you can further protect and nourish your body.

19. Can Stabilise Blood Sugar Levels

High blood sugar is a common health issue, and numerous factors contribute to it, from diet to lifestyle choices and more. For those who deal with this health issue, the treatment can be strenuous. In other words, you have to take insulin injections and make changes to your diet.

Even at that, sometimes it can be challenging to bring your blood sugar level down to a normal range. While CBD will not do this, it has been suggested it could assist in stabilising blood sugar levels.

Every little helps, so adding CBD could benefit you if you have high blood sugar.

20. Doses Are Pre-Measured for You

Beyond knowing how much you are taking, you also do not have to meticulously measure your doses. The doses are pre-measured for you, and all you must do is follow the directions on the packaging.

This is great for people who want to be able to take their CBD not only in a convenient way but quickly also.

21. CBD Gummies Allow You to Experience the Positive Effects of THC

As mentioned previously, people are cautious about trying CBD products because they do not want to get high. Luckily, CBD products do not do this because they contain a minimal amount of THC. With that, CBD gummies enable users to experience the positive effects of THC without the adverse effects.

There is zero possibility of you experiencing a bad trip or paranoia when taking CBD gummies. All you will experience is the relaxing and calming effects associated with this substance. In addition, no drowsiness or memory loss will be experienced when consuming these gummies.

22. CBD Gummies Are Useful For Many Health Issues

There has been research into CBD for a range of health issues.

These include:

  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Chronic pain
  • Psychosis
  • Arthritis

In addition to mental health issues such as schizophrenia, anxiety and depression. The research is very limited and for that reason, more needs to be conducted. However, the findings are promising that CBD could help with the symptoms of these issues.

23. Soothes Muscle and Joint Discomfort and Aches

CBD has also grown popular among athletes, fitness fanatics, and regular gym-goers. This is because it has been said to be able to soothe muscle and joint discomfort and aches. As a result, many fitness lovers are using it to aid post-workout recovery.

With CBD’s ability to relieve everyday aches and pains, it is no surprise it can also assist with muscular pain. People have claimed using CBD can speed up the recovery process after working out. It soothes the painful areas so they can perform their best when they next work out.

24. CBD Gummies Reduce Redness and Inflammation on the Skin

Along with antioxidant properties, CBD also has anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, it can reduce redness and inflammation on the skin. This is particularly the case for topical CBD products.

However, oral and edible products can have the same effect. Therefore, CBD has a calming effect on the skin, reducing redness, irritation, and inflammation. People use it for a range of skin issues, including acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, and dry, itchy skin.

25. They Are Legal to Consume in the UK

CBD products are legal to consume in the UK so long as they do not exceed the recommended amount of THC. Products must also undergo testing to prove they are safe for humans to consume.

Where to Buy CBD Gummies in the UK

At CBD Village, we sell lots of different CBD products, including CBD gummies. They come in different flavours, shapes, sizes, colours, and strengths. Some of the CBD gummy brands we carry include Canndid, CBDMD, 1CBD, 365 CBD, Doctor Herb, Dr Watson, and European Hemp.

Canndid’s gummies are vegan-friendly, and you can choose between two strengths: 15 mg or 25 mg. They are made from natural ingredients, and each container has a great variety of flavours. So, if you are looking for vegan CBD gummies made by a reputable brand, the Canndid gummies are an excellent choice.

The CBDMD gummies are available in two strengths, and there is a good variety of flavours in each container. These flavours include strawberry, raspberry, and orange. They are another great vegan option and are also gluten-free.

365CBD’s assorted fruit flavoured gummies are another great choice. Some of their flavours include raspberry-lemon, strawberry, lemon-lime, and mango. Each gummy gives a dose of 10 mg of CBD.

Doctor Herb’s CBD gummies are available in bears, rings, and nuggs shapes. They have an excellent variety of fruity flavours to choose from in each jar. In addition, they are another vegan option.

The Dr Watson CBD gummies offer users a tasty tropical peach flavour. They are made with only real fruit and natural ingredients. These gummies give a dose of 25 mg of broad-spectrum CBD per gummy.

Key Takeaways

CBD gummies make for a fun, easy and convenient way to add CBD to your lifestyle. Beyond that, they are delicious and potentially boast health and well-being benefits. They are also easy to find and purchase online.

In addition, there are so many shapes, flavours and types to choose from. With the above benefits, it feels there is little reason not to try them. However, remember to purchase from a reputable brand that has undergone all the critical testing.

We have a wide range of CBD gummies listed on our website, so be sure to check out our range. CBD Village has vegan options and gluten-free gummies also. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team, who would be happy to help you.

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