4 Ways of Dealing with Male Impotence

Male impotence can be one of the most difficult things for a man to face. Many people assume that it’s something that will only affect men over a certain age but that is just not true.

Erectile dysfunction can come about for a variety of reasons. Far from being uncommon, erectile dysfunction is likely to affect one in four men under forty. This condition can also increase dramatically post-40 years old. Other medical conditions can bring about erectile dysfunction in men who have diabetes being around three times more likely to have the condition than men who don’t have the condition. Diabetes is a disease which can have serious effects on the blood vessels and nerves required to maintain an erection.

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What Can You Do

Whether it you or your partner that has the problem it’s important to that there is hope and there are steps you can take. It’s easy to feel like it’s a personal thing. But it’s extremely rare that the cause of erectile dysfunction is ever the partner. Like we mentioned above about the damage from diabetes, heart disease can also cause similar problems, especially in older men. For those who are younger, though, the problem can be rooted in their own psychology. If it happens once the stigma can be difficult to shake.


It seems today that there are precisely four hundred million diet regimes to choose from. Whether you want to cut out all your carbs, or just eat a few carbs, or you want to eat like what we assume pre-historic man might there’s a diet for you. But to combat male impotence it’s not necessary to be following a strict regimen. Everyone knows that they could do with eating more vegetables and drinking more water. Cut down on your alcohol intake, same goes for sugars. Try getting some exercise in where you can. You’d be surprised what just a few small changes will do to your overall health.


Exercise same as with the diet, this isn’t about some radical shift in the way you live your life. There’s no need to become an aspiring gym rat. Small, subtle changes in your lifestyle can make all the difference. Try taking the stairs instead of the elevator up to your office. Walk to work instead of using the car, or if it’s too far try cycling once or twice a week. Any way you can get your heart active and healthy is best. Vascular health directly corresponds with good penis health.

Treating Male Impotence Mentally

Perhaps not surprisingly those that have to deal with erectile dysfunction are more likely to deal with low self-esteem, and following that depression. What’s important to remember is that if it happens once or twice it’s perfectly normal. Underlying anxiety about sexual performance can be the main reason. Thinking about the problem too much will only add to the stress and the problem may continue. It sounds like a simple fix but just chalking one or two incidences up to tiredness and moving on might be the best thing.

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CBD (Cannabidiol)

There are a lot of medications on the market these days dealing with erectile dysfunction. Some of those, however, have long-term side effects, especially on the heart and you should consult with a doctor about possible side effects.  CBD has long been used as a dietary supplement in that industry and more recently has become known for its pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties all of which will require more research. Where CBD products for helping with sexual performance are available for sale on sites we recommend you talk to a doctor before using. While further research needs to be done CBD has  been shown to have effects on mood, in allowing the body to create more serotonin which can be activated to combat depression and anxiety. These are the very things that anyone with male impotence needs to relieve the perceived pressures of sex.  CBD products are not medicine but we hope the information here has been helpful in general and we wish you and your partner a happy and great sex life!

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