420 Celebrations and CBD

Try CBD this 420

420 is a worldwide annual gathering of herb enthusiasts. Yet for those of us who do not like the psychoactive effects of THC, but still want to hang out, we have the option of choosing the calming, relaxing effects of CBD.

What started out as a peaceful protest against cannabis prohibition, has now evolved into worldwide celebrations, everywhere from Hyde Park to Nottingham by the river, Hampshire picnic on the beach and much more.

To the uninformed, 420 might sound like a number plucked from the sky.
Some people say it was a secret cop code, others still say it was the time of day (4:20) that the Waldos met to find a plant hidden by a US coast guard.

Maybe it is the sum of all the phytocannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids the plant contains?

Wherever the origins might have been, today it represents April 20th.

So if you and your friends are going to celebrate, but have no interest in THC, then I am happy to tell you that you can celebrate in style with CBD.

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Vape CBD

CBD Vaporizers UK

Vaping is becoming an incredibly popular method of CBD consumption as it is efficient, easy to use, and has an incredibly fast absorption rate.

To get started with vaping all you require are 2 things:

  • A vaporizer
  • CBD Flower or CBD Oil

A Vaporizer for CBD?

A discreet, handheld, portable, electronic device powered by batteries.
A vaporizer heats your CBD e-liquid or CBD herb producing cool, smooth vape that you inhale and then blow out. (There is NO Nicotine)

CBD vape pens are Incredibly easy to use and intuitive, just make sure it is fully charged before you leave the house.

In terms of which one to purchase, you can pick one up for as little as £25 or pay as much as £250. Essentially they all do the same thing, but one point of note is that some will vape herb, some oil, and others still can vape both.

Choose the one (ask the shopkeeper) that suits the type of CBD you are purchasing. Are you going for flower or oil? Flower being the precursor to oil.

CBD Flower for Vaping

Although it is identical in appearance to its infamous cousin, the flower available in the UK contains CBD. None the less it does come from the hemp plant which means the flower CAN contain up to 0.2% of THC.

There is no way in the world that this can get you high even if you vaped a field full of it, BUT it could turn up on a drug test so CBD isolate oil might be more suitable for some of you.

CBD Oil Isolate

cbd vape oil uk

Vaping pure CBD isolate means just that, pure CBD, nothing else.

CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant and CBD is then “isolated” from that solution.

NB: Purchase CBD isolate from a vendor who can verify the isolate with third party independent testing analysis from the supplier.

Certainly CBD Isolate is the best option for those who cannot have any trace (negligible or not) in their system.

If you choose CBD isolate oil, be sure to choose a vaporiser that can vape oils. Most CBD pens (compact and discreet pen shaped vaporizers) will vape oil only.

Alternative Option

CBD Tinctures

Easy to use, simply place some drops under your tongue. Due to the sublingual region containing multiple blood vessels, the oil will rapidly enter your circulatory system. Like Vaping, the sublingual method is certainly one of the best absorption methods when it comes to bioavailability.

NB: Only purchase CBD Flower from a vendor who can verify the CBD tincture with third party independent testing analysis from the supplier.

Happy 420!

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