5 Reasons London Is Poised To Be The Epicentre Of The Green Rush

London Looks Set To Become The Hub For CBD In The UK

London is a hotbed for evolving new industries and a cultural and financial centre that the world looks to. Brightfield Research reported the cannabis industry is poised to grow to over £200bn by 2025. Fair enough reason to jump on the green bandwagon – if cool Britannia says it’s hip – it going to mushroom out of control and into the cultural zeitgeist.

Start-ups will presumably congregate in London, call it home and try and get a piece of the CBD action. Demand has to meet supply and the numbers are looking very attractive – It would be rude not to boost the economy for the love of green.

these are the businesses forging the way for cbd in the uk

The Food & Beverage Industry & CBD

London is famous for its gastronomy (the French might disagree). When visiting London, expect the unexpected. From curries in Brick Lane, eel pie and mash in East London, the city is bursting at the seems with inspired food menus and extremely talented chefs.

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Wherever you turn a corner there is choice but Londoner do love a food trend. Shoreditch eateries you have been warned. Acai berries and Pomegranate have had their 15 minutes in the spotlight it seems as if 2019 is CBD’s year.

The market potential is substantial with many avenues to explore. CBD-infused coffee, CBD-infused yogurt, CBD-infused beer to CBD -infused food offerings, the potential for businesses is limitless. I can see it looking very healthy in the bank spreadsheet for those businesses who explore this route.


CBD Getting A Makeover – The Rise Of The Many Personas – Marketing Overhaul

The CBD-user stereotype is so 2018! There is now a multitude of CBD user profiles, vying to be targeted. Elevate your mind.

Start-up companies are looking to brand/marketing agencies to be more all encompassing of the varying demographics – from the millennial all the way to the senior citizen bracket. The sports recovery sector also looks like a potential marketplace for CBD with UK CBD companies such as FourFive CBD recently launching a range of CBD products developed for athletes.

The face of CBD is changing. London agencies are addressing this by segmenting markets with bespoke tailoring to specific demographics.

Biggest CBD EXPO at Excel, London 2019

The who who of the CBD world will descend on London on the 12-13 July, 2019.

The CBD EXPO in London is a 2-day hybrid business and consumer trade show and conference dedicated entirely to CBD (Cannabidiol). The CBD EXPO will feature more than 80 exhibitors, a CBD Link Educational and Networking Area.

Attendees at this year’s EXPO in London will have the opportunity to participate in panel discussions from experts in the research, development, and distribution of CBD products. London is truly where its at for CBD. The world is watching.

Recently in March, CBD broke new ground in the UK with a landmark event. Birmingham played host to the very first Hemp & CBD EXPO at the NEC.

CBD Village went to the historic event in Birmingham, check out the video below:

Legal Support

The city now has its own law firm. City Law firm Mackrell Turner Garrett have just unveiled their new cannabis law department. You heard it here first at CBD Village UK. The senior partner at the firm heading up the department is hoping that being first to serve the UK market will allow them to replicate the success of law firms in the US who hit the jackpot by focusing on the needs of the fast growing cannabis industry.

Clever, v v clever! The legal ramifications of the business of CBD is a minefield and so many people are confused over its legal status and regulations it makes sense to seek advice from specific CBD lawyers.

CBD Investors

The big one. Show me the money £ £ £ £ £ £ £ £ £ £ – kar-ching! London is a financial hub for those looking to invest in the green space. Balance sheets are showing a lucrative market, great returns and a promising future. London is emerging as the European hub for cannabis companies looking to raise money, two cannabis businesses are currently planning to list on the London Stock Exchange by 2020.


Exactly one month ago European Cannabis holdings, who hit the news recently for delivering the UK first legal cannabis shipment hired Canaccord Genuity to drum up investors. The company is believed to be valued at over £100m.

CBD appears at pop ups all around the city almost every weekend. London is always first with trends and style direction and has earned its reputation as a champion of CBD, paving the way for others in CBD business and cementing a central hub in CBD everything. Anchoring the foundation to lead only to commercial success.

CBD eyes always look to London.

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