(At Least) 5 Great Gifts For Father Day

1.   BBQ Steamer Brush

If your dad is anything like mine, he likes to eat food. And more than any kind of food, he likes barbecue. Most of the fathers I know wont pass up on a chance to showcase their grill skills, as soon as the sun appears in Spring. Some will even have the barbecue out under a canopy in the dead of winter!

As Summer rolls in, garden grills are rolled out of sheds and garages across the northern hemisphere. What more would your father like than the perfect tool to clean the dust off off his grill, and as the season progresses, to scrape off the grease and charred food after he burnt through his third packet of steaks this week?

A range of companies produce these ergonomic, efficient scrubber-scraper-steamer combos – the perfect gift for the sire who loves to sear!

2. Shaving Set

If your dad a male, he more than likely has the unfortunate habit of sprouting strands of unruly keratin from the front of his head. If he isnt a buffalo or a narwhal, these arent tusks, but human hair! Most of us like to keep our face free of obstruction – it really helps with eating, breathing, whistling with your fingers, and a huge range of other activities.

Since edged tools became all the rage in the early palaeolithic, pulling out our hair by the fistful quickly fell out of favour among the country set. This trend soon spread to the urban working classes of the proto-cities of Çatalhöyük, Ur, and Babylon in the 7000s BC.

Men shave. No matter how many beards crop up in the streets of our urban centres, some men will always want to shave, whether it be for Olympic Swimming or simply to eat a meatball sub without ingesting one own moustache. If your dad isnt the shaving type, however, (gift number 2.5) you can get him one of a dizzying range of beard maintenance kits that have lately saturated the market!

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3. Pocket Knife

Everyone could do with a pocket knife! If your dad likes to get things done around the house, is outdoorsy, or just needs another tool to pry the charred meat from his barbecue grill, he will love a pocket knife. For trimming nails, sharpening a pencil, opening a wine or beer bottle, or any one of hundreds of tasks, the pocket knife is your best friend!

You can find traditional one-bladed wooden models, or super-modern ones containing everything from a compass to a magnifying glass. There a pocket knife to suit every father on Father Day.

4. Novelty Socks

We may laugh at them, but getting your dad a pair of cosy novelty socks depicting his favourite film or hobby really shows that you care. Also, who likes buying socks? It much better to have them bought for you, and when more so than Father Day?

5. CBD Oil

Being a dad is tiring, stressful, and at times pretty painful! CBD is a new supplement derived from the hemp plant. It has quickly outgrown its hippy roots, and people young and old are using it for stress, anxiety, chronic pain, and a range of other ailments. While nothing has been proven definitively yet people are still seeking out more than ever to help aid them in their wellness pursuits. For something to perk him up this Father Day, get your dad some CBD!

5.5. A Little Plastic Trophy That Says Number One Dad

No matter what else you buy for your father this Sunday, Father Day wouldnt be the same without the little plastic trophy that says Number One Dad. Get one, make his day!

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