Atmos Jump Vape Pen – Review

Atmos is the company behind the Atmos Raw, which is one of the first vape pens I’ve seen. However, more and more impostors have made their way into the market. Now you can get a vaporizer at a much cheaper price.

With that said, the Jump does state it’s different, and it’s designed to work as a real vaporizer. It goes for around £40, which is actually quite affordable for a vape pen of this nature. Now, let’s discuss the Atmos Jump in greater detail and then you can decide whether or not to give this vape pen a try.

Specs & Features

1. Appearance

When I heard that this pen was made from carbon fibre, I was excited to get my hands on it and carbon fibre is very impressive. In fact, this pen was the first of its kind to be made with carbon fibre.

I purchased the pen in gold, but Atmos does have a pen in black. However, the chamber is blue, and this is because of the anodization process that the pen uses. When the button is pressed, it lights up red and then it turns green to indicate that it’s ready to be used.

One of the things I like the most about the Atmos Jump is how it feels. It may be lightweight, but it is built solid. When you charge the Jump, a red light near the charging port will turn on. The serial number will turn red too.

It’s fair to say that Atmos put in a lot of work and thought into the aesthetics side of things. This is because the Jump is stylish, as well as sleek. Finally, you can easily twist off the mouthpiece.

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2. Quality Of Vapor

The Jump produces vapor that is of high quality, even though there is only one temperature setting. You’ll be impressed with the amount of vapor and the quality of it.

You’ll taste your herbs to the fullest and this is because of the ceramic filter that the device is equipped with. Besides that, I like that the vapor stayed high quality right up until the last puff. Bear in mind you won’t get thick clouds with the Jump, but the vapor that the Jump produces is nothing less than impressive.

3. Quality

The Jump is durable and solid. If I ever drop it, I know there’s a good chance it won’t break or become damaged. Remember, accidents can occur when you’re on the go, therefore it’s smart to go for a vape pen that is built with solid materials. That is exactly why you should get the Jump.

4. Convenience

All you have to do to charge the Jump is plug it in via the USB port and wait for 2-3 hours, as that’s how long it takes to charge fully. The batter is powerful, so you can enjoy using the Jump for long periods of time. In fact, a full chamber can typically provide you with a good 4-6 sessions.

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If that wasn’t impressive enough, cleaning the product is easy and all you have to do is take the brush to it after each session. When you notice the vape pen is dirty, take a cotton swab and dab it in a bit of alcohol. Then you can clean it quickly.

The pen is compact, so bringing it around with you will be easy. It’s also simple to charge. If you want a pen that offers the utmost convenience, then this is it.

5. Efficiency

This pen may be small, but it is very efficient. The material is vaporized evenly. This means you get excellent puffs right until your very last puff.

Atmos Jump Black Vaporizer

Not many other pens can produce vape that tastes great right from the beginning of the session to the very end of the session. Furthermore, the chamber can hold about 0.2 grams of material. This gives you around 10 puffs, which is a fair bit.

6. Good Value

A few years ago, nobody would believe you if you told them that this vape pen goes for only around £40, and today the same is true. The pen is being sold at a very fair price and it packs a lot of value, which is why many people would find it hard to believe you. The bottom line is this is the pen for you if you want a vape pen that is portable and produces good vape.

The pen is a good choice for those who are just starting the whole vaping thing. However, if you already own a pen and you want to upgrade, then this is also for you. The truth is that anyone who wants to enjoy a good vaping session should go with the Jump pen.

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What I Like

I like that the device is light, portable and easy to use. It’s affordable, looks impressive and produces vape that is quality and tastes good. Besides that, I like that there’s an auto/shutoff function and that the mouthpiece is easy to twist off.

What I Don’t Like

I don’t like you can’t adjust the temperature. I also think the chamber is a bit small. Other than that, I’m a major fan of the device.

Final Verdict

The final verdict is that for around £40 the vape pen is a steal. It’s lightweight, solid and the vape produced by it is impressive. The Jump stands out of the crowd and is easily one of the best vape pens out there.

Atmos has produced a quality vape pen that is portable and one that won’t burn your herbs. The bottom line is the pen is worth every Pound.

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