Best CBD Capsules on the UK Market

CBD capsules: What are they?

CBD capsules are designed to conveniently deliver cannabidiol (CBD) to the body through the digestive system and can be consumed orally.

These capsules are a form of CBD, manufactured with hemp-extracted cannabidiol and low THC levels which are below the legal threshold of 0.3%.

Although CBD capsules work like any other CBD product, they differ in that they simplify dosing by identifying the exact dose concentration in each capsule.


CBD capsules have become extremelt popular in the UK in the last few years. Today we are going to rate the best ones and see what makes them so great.

Canndid CBD capsules

Canndid originated in the UK, starting in Yorkshire and have quickly become one of the public favourite UK CBD brands.

Each jar of Canndid CBD capsules contains…

  •  500MG of CBD with 50 servings of 10MG capsules, or
  •  750MG of CBD with 30 servings of 25MG capsules.
  •  Each jar ranges in price from £24.95 £34.99, which contains naturally grown hemp. This is grown in the EU and is 100% THC free.
  • These CBD Capsules are ready to consume fresh out of the jar and it usually takes 1-2 hours to feel the effects of the CBD. The effects usually last 4-6 hours after consumption.
  • Canndid CBD Capsules are described as perfect to introduce CBD into a daily routine and lifestyle. This is because the cannabidiol is released slowly throughout the day.

CBD Cacao-Tabs from Canabidol

One unique feature of these capsules is their white chocolate flavour. CBD Cacao-Tabs are an ideal alternative for individuals that struggle with the taste of CBD Oil.

  • These tabs differ from other CBD capsules in that they are taken sublingually (under the tongue). This method has developed to be the most effective at delivering CBD into the body.
  • These CBD capsules are popular as each tab contains 25MG of CBD that is released slowly through the blood vessels under the tongue. This results in a high proportion of CBD being absorbed into the body.
  •  Each pack of CBD Caraco-Tabs is marketed at £20.00 and contains 10 capsules.
  • For optimum absorption of CBD, it is recommended that tabs are to be taken twice daily with 10-15 minutes given. This allows the tab to dissolve under the tongue.

CBDfx Soft Gel hemp capsules

CBDfx CBD Gel Caps are easy, discreet, and popular in that they can be taken alongside a daily vitamin regimen.

  • The CBD in these capsules is extracted from industrial hemp that is genetically unmodified. It is also 100% organically grown, and contains undetectable levels of THC.
  • Each jar of CBDfx CBD Gel Caps is priced at £44.99. They contain 750MG of CBD with 30 capsules. These capsules are convenient and easy to include in a daily routine
  • These CBD capsules do not have a serving recommendation as the ways in which they affect people are diverse, unique and specific to the individual. This makes the serving size subjective and personal.

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