Best Ways To Mask The Taste Of CBD Oil

Have You Tried CBD Oil But Dont Enjoy the Taste?

More and more people are starting to realise the potential health benefits associated with use of cannabis and particularly with cannabis-based products, such as CBD oil. Most folks will automatically associate cannabis users with an outdated stereotype.  This stereotype still lingers around medical cannabis regardless of the fact that there are countless clinical research studies being funded worldwide.

If you are consuming a full-plant extract of cannabis, the taste is going to as strong as the plant it is extracted from, unless flavoured post-production. For regular cannabis users this doesnt seem to be an issue.

However, for the person who consumes CBD for any benefit they have discovered, who hasnt previously been a smoker of cannabis or a user of cannabis-based products, then you may struggle to get to grips with the strong taste that may accompany your CBD.

What CBD Dosage Should You Take

What Are Your Options?

Most cannabis oils are directed to be used sublingually. That is to be placed under the tongue for up to two minutes for full absorption into the blood stream. This can cause users to complain of a strong grassy and earthy flavour to fill the mouth with some to claim it is completely unusable because of its unpleasantness. Fortunately for anybody who complains of this, there are several ways in which you can combat this…

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Ensure No CBD Oil Touches The Top of Your Tongue

Although we do have taste receptors located throughout the whole of the mouth, the majority of the taste receptors located in the mouth are found on the upper section of the tongue. So, if your CBD oil is placed carefully underneath the tongue, you should barely taste it at all. If you ensure you wait for the full two minutes before swallowing and resuming normal mouth function then most of the oil will have absorbed, strongly reducing the flavour of the oil.

CBD Dosage chart

If after trying this you still taste the oil and it is just as unbearable, you may be within 10% of the population that have more than the average amount of taste buds in the mouth, known in the medical industry as a supertaster. If this is the case, you may need to follow more drastic action to avoid the taste.

Mix The Oil With Edibles

Administering CBD drops directly underneath the tongue is the most efficient way of consuming the oil aside from vaping. Sublingually has the highest rate has the best absorption for oils, but even if knowing this you still want to find an alternate method of consumption, then you could add your oil to food. CBD-Infused food and drink is increasing in popularity. It has a lower rate of absorption, but CBD edibles certainly taste infinitely better.

You can mix the oil into any food stuff that contains fats or oils. This could be any recipes containing oil, coconut oil, butter, creams and even milk. It can fit with any recipe, just ensure that it is thoroughly mixed throughout the meal. It’s also worth noting that you wouldnt want to use it as an oil to fry any ingredients in, because if its temperature is to go above 200 degrees Celsius then the CBD will start to denature. But you can add it to sauces, garnishes and even bake it.

Other quick methods to mask the taste with food could be to mix directly with honey or your favourite yoghurt.

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Mask The Flavour Immediately After Consuming

We do understand that it isnt always convenient to cook every time you wish to consume CBD oil, especially in the mornings, before work, where youre morning routine takes precedent. That why you could very easily just try to keep the oil underneath the tongue and away from most taste buds. Once it has stayed under the tongue for the allotted amount of time (2 minutes), you could immediately consume a strong-tasting liquid or something minty.

This gives you the option of consuming it slightly before your morning coffee. You could also have water infused with lemon, fruit juice or even a strong fruity tea. You could try a CBD tea to mask the taste as well. A mint or chewing gum would also work, and you could even completely ensure eradicating that earthy taste all together by simply just brushing your teeth after consuming CBD oil.

Whatever suits your dietary needs and has a strong taste should work.

Try CBD Isolate

If you are still unable to ignore the taste of CBD, then a change in the product you are consuming is possibly your best bet. Fortunately for you there are CBD products that exist which dont have that earthy cannabis taste at all. These products are called CBD isolate. Conventional full-spectrum cannabis products contain the whole cannabis plant, which means all the flavourings that give the taste.

CBD isolate

CBD isolate is CBD in its purest form, usually around 99% pure, and comes in the form of tasteless, white crystals. It has been isolated from all the other compounds in the cannabis plant, including those that give flavour but also other compounds that have suspected potential benefits. This isnt to say that CBD isolate doesnt have its own benefits, just that full-spectrum is believed to be better due to the entourage effect.

What Is The Conclusion?

If you find that consuming CBD oil is beneficial to any aspect of your life, as many in the UK currently are, then it may be worth just putting up with the taste. If this is a complete no-go for yourself for any reason, then you can follow the steps in this article. If this still doesnt help, then maybe CBD oil isnt for you. You could then try alternate methods of consumption, such as vaping CBD e-liquids.

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