Brexit Leads To Resignation Of Pro-Medicinal Cannabis Minister In The UK

Pro-Medicinal Cannabis Minister Resigns Over Brexit

UK Parliamentary Under Secretary for Health Steve Brine, a supporter of medicinal cannabis, resigned last week as under-secretary of state for public health over Brexit-related issues.

Brine, Conservative MP for Winchester, had supported changes to allow the legal prescription of cannabis-related products, including CBD, in the UK.

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No Deal Proves A Deal Breaker

CBD-Intel reports that, in Steve Brine’s letter of resignation to Prime Minister Theresa May, he said he felt he had to resign in order to vote against the government on the handling of the UK departure from the EU.

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Mr Brine said he was giving up his ministerial position, because of fears that the UK was heading towards a no deal Brexit. He will continue to serve as MP of Winchester and Chandler Ford.

Mr Brine added that his opposition of “no deal” had been informed by “countless public statements” from business, public services, security services and testimony from his own constituents, as well as from his own experience in government.

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Welcomed Progressive CBD-Oriented Legislation

Last July, on his website Brine expressed his approach to medicinal cannabis when he welcomed news that specialist clinicians will be able to legally prescribe cannabis-derived medicinal products by the Autumn.

Mr Brine said it was ‘absolutely right’ that the Home Secretary has decided to reschedule these products after receiving advice from experts during the two-part review he commissioned in June. It means that senior clinicians will be able to prescribe medicines to patients with an exceptional clinical need.

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There is one less pro-medicinal cannabis supporter in a position of cabinet power in the UK after parliamentary Under Secretary for Health Steve Brine stepped down over his opposition to government approach to a No Deal Brexit.

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