Cannmed’s Top Products and What You Need to Know

Cannmed is a new, up and coming CBD wholesaler in the U.K. They are offering top quality products at wholesale prices. We checked out some of their most popular items under the Canndid brand and here is our verdict.

Canndid Vegan CBD Gummies

Our score- 8/10

The edibles industry is constantly expanding. This is due to the increasing demand for CBD products and how convenient edibles can be for consuming CBD. Gummies are usually associated with unhealthy sweets but not in this case. These chewy CBD infused gummies have all the health and wellness benefits associated with other familiar CBD products.

Most gummies are created with some form of gelatine, however, Cannmed’s Canndid Gummies are not. Cannmed has made sure that their Gummies suit every lifestyle because they are 100% Vegan. Compared to Naturecan CBD Gummies 300mg which are not vegan friendly as they contain gelatine. Cannmed’s Candid Gummies would be a great choice for most lifestyles. Whether you are new to CBD gummies or are an experienced CBD user they have a value range suitable for you.

The only downside for a healthy lifestyle is that they are sugar-coated gummies. This might mean more calories but it also means a nicer taste.

Canndid CBD Tinctures

Our score 9/10

CBD oil   tinctures are one of the most popular forms of CBD products available on the market for many reasons;

  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable Servings
  • Widely available

Canndid’s CBD Tincture has various size options. Including 1500mg which is suitable for frequent users or people who consume high doses. Next is the 1000mg tincture followed by a 250mg tincture which is very practical for those starting off or who only use a small dose.

One key feature that we really liked is that it is made in the U.K. It is always good to support local products instead of imported products, especially in these tough times. They also have a great taste compared to other forms of tinctures, such as Honest Hemp Tincture, where taste is not a stand out factor. You’ll be happy to know the flavouring that gives the great taste comes from completely natural sources.

Along with the added benefit of great taste Canndid’s CBD Tincture comes in significantly cheaper than Honest Hemp Tincture. Honest Hemp Tincture is £59 per 1000mg compared to Canndid’s low price of £45.99. A top quality, great-tasting product at a low price, how could you resist?

Canndid CBD Capsules

Our Score 7/10

The benefits of capsules and why many people choose them is due to their slow release throughout the day. It can take up to 1-2 hours to feel the effects of the capsules but the better thing is that the effects can last for 4-6 hours. Perfect for those looking for a boost of CBD throughout the day.

We didn’t like that they are gelatine based so they are not vegan friendly. However, we believe their great value can help you overlook the gelatine content. We gave it 7/10 as it isn’t vegan friendly but it also tastes like any other CBD capsule we have tried. There was no stand out flavour that made it interesting for our taste buds.

It is a top-quality product and we would say it is very similar to the capsules offered by FourFiveCBD. The only difference we spotted between the two brands is the price. Canndid’s Capsules were significantly cheaper at £34.99 per 750mg compared to FourFive’s £49.99 per 600mg. Getting the same quality at a higher quantity for a lower price is always a win in our minds.

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