CBD And Tattoo Pain – Can CBD Actually Help?

Does CBD Make Getting A Tattoo Less Painful?

Tattoo enthusiast David Reilly is curious about whether CBD renowned benefits would help with the downside to body art – namely swelling, inflammation, pain, skin irritation and allergies. His experience suggests a promising, mutually beneficial, future relationship between the tattoo and CBD industries.

Is CBD Cream Good For Tattoos?

CBD Village followed Dave experience from getting inked at Dundalk, Ireland The Tattoo Room to applying a Fourfive CBD Balm remedy as part of his aftercare.

But it gets more complicated than that – as Dave ignores well-worn advice to avoid certain activities for two weeks after getting his tat.

So will taking in surfing on the Atlantic Ocean, off Ireland west coast, and playing football affect his recovery?

As anyone familiar with getting a tattoo will tell you, pain is part of the deal, allergies are possible and aftercare is vital. The location of Dave tattoo and the elaborate design equals extra pain.

CBD & Tattoo Healing

The use of healing ointments and moisturisers is standard after a tattoo procedure, but it doubtful if any of those conventional aftercare treatments could match up to what CBD balm is capable of achieving.

A self-professed sceptic about the qualities of CBD oil, Dave is genuinely surprised at just how useful FourFive CBD balm has been in helping the healing process. The Tattoo Room have also taken note as Dave happy experience can be applied to their clientele.

Who knows? This could well be the start of a unique relationship between CBD and tattoo parlours worldwide.

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