CBD Asylum’s CBD Stik Vape Pen Review

What You Should Know About CBD Asylum

This CBD company is still pretty new on the scene; it was founded near the end of 2018. Since it was launched, CBD Asylum has stood out from its competitors in many ways, from the unique products that it offers to the way it presents them to customers. They target an audience that’s focused on health and wellness, and physical fitness is often a priority.

Because they have such unique ideas and are so focused on CBD, this brand has had a huge impact on the UK’s CBD industry. Since they’re so different from other CBD companies, a lot of consumers appreciate what they bring to the current market.

The CBD Stik Vape Pen they offer is still new, but it’s already attracted a lot of positive attention.

CBD Stik Vape Pen

This compressed and stylish disposable vape pen was recently released by CBD Asylum. It’s similar to a USB memory stick in appearance, which means it’s easy to carry around. It can easily be tucked into any pockets, even the ones on women’s jeans.

CBD Asylum CBD Stik Vape Pen

If you’re going outdoors, you’ll want to bring this pen along with you. Since it’s so small, it isn’t attention-grabbing at all. A lot of consumers want to be discrete when they’re vaping in public, which is why many people appreciate these kinds of features. If you read our CBDfx CBD vape pen review  then you will be forgiven for thinking that we have already reviewed this vape because they remind me so much of each other.


As stated above, this pen looks a lot like a USB drive. There’s a reason it’s referred to as the CBD Asylum Stik! You’ll find it packaged in a simple cardboard box.

After it’s removed from its box, you’ll notice the rubber mouthpiece protector. Once that’s removed, you can begin vaping! You won’t have to mess around with buttons or do anything fancy. You can simply take a draw.

The quality of the build is impressive. Although this pen is designed to be disposable, it offers a high level of quality for the price point. In fact, when you compare it to standard disposable e-cigs, you may find that this has a better shape. Because it’s so sturdy, you won’t have to worry about breaking it on accident.

Vape Quality

This is available in both Berry and Menthol flavours.

If you’ve tried menthol or mint-flavoured e-liquids in the past, you know that the quality can vary. Thankfully, this pen delivers high-quality flavour. It’s similar to menthol gum. The flavour is strong without being overpowering.

Anyone hoping for huge clouds when they use this pen is going to be let down. Remember, this pen was made to be disposable! It delivers an average amount of vapour, but it is extremely smooth.

Overall, this is a smooth vape with fantastic flavour. It’s surprisingly strong. In many cases, when you buy individual CBD e-liquids, you’ll find that they are lower strength.

What Makes It Stand Out?

There’s no nicotine in this vape oil. Since the CBD it contains is taken from CBD isolates, it’s also THC-free. You won’t have to worry about addictive ingredients when you use this vape pen, and you won’t have to worry about THC either. If you want to avoid THC, or if you’re drug tested regularly, this is an excellent option. It might just make the best CBD e-liquids brands list!

This 2 ml vape pen contains 100mg of CBD, which means the CBD has 5% strength. This makes it stronger than a lot of e-liquids on the market, but it still meets dosage recommendations.

If you’re new to CBD and are worried that you might ingest too much, you’ll be able to use this without any issues. Of course, if you already use CBD regularly, this won’t be too weak for you. It’s a great option for virtually all users!


You’ll find that the CBD within this vape pen is organic and pure. No matter what sort of CBD products you’re using, you’ll always want to opt for this type of CBD when possible. Since it’s purer, it’s a healthier option. Some CBD products contain harsh chemicals, but you won’t find those here. This is a clean product that’s safe to use.


You can get as many as 300 puffs from this vape pen. For most users, that will last quite a while. If you vape more frequently, however, and you use this pen exclusively, you may find that it isn’t a cost-effective option.

As mentioned above, both Menthol and Berry flavours are available. Both e-liquids are flavoured naturally. The Menthol flavour was sampled for this review.

CBD Asylum CBD Stik 100mg menthol

No Maintenence Needed

One fantastic element of this vape pen is that you won’t need to charge it. In fact, it doesn’t need any upkeep at all. If you enjoy vaping, but don’t want to have to worry about cleaning, charging, or reloading your pen, this a terrific choice. It’s a low maintenance option that still provides all of the benefits of vaping.

You’ll also found that the pen is reasonably priced. If you only vape every once in a while, or if you’d like to give vaping a try, this is a fantastic option. If you frequently vape, and you plan on using this pen exclusively, the cost of this pen could add up.

This is a disposable pen, which could be seen as a positive or a negative. Some people feel that disposable pens lead to more waste, and would prefer to vape in a way that’s more environmentally friendly.

Final Thoughts

This product is a fantastic choice for people that want to experiment with vaping without spending money on e-liquids, vaporizers, coils, and other products. If you only vape every once in a while, a product like this is a terrific option.

If you’re going out for the night, this is a great product to bring with you. Many people smoke socially. People in that situation can use this product instead. It can curb cravings for a cigarette, and you won’t have to worry about upkeep for a vaporizer.

It’s also a terrific choice for travelling. It’s much easier to bring this small, USB-sized vape pen with you than a vaporizer and e-liquids. Even if you don’t have extra room in your luggage, you’ll be able to tuck this pen into your pocket.

Because we’ve only used it for a week, it’s hard to say how long it will last. We can say that we haven’t encountered any issues thus far! With so many rave reviews, it’s safe to assume that it won’t fall apart.

The CBD Stik Vape Pen is frequently recommended, and it’s easy to understand why. The price is affordable, it’s easy to use, and it’s incredibly portable (it’s also very similar to Innokin Endura T18 II Kit). With such a low price tag, there’s no reason not to try this product out. Once you give it a try, there’s a good chance that you’ll love it too.

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