CBD Cigarettes: All You need to know

Hemp cigarettes are a great alternative to vapes. They provide you with a natural, chemical free smoke. CBD is taking the world of health and wellness by storm. Companies are making all sorts of products in order to market CBD to different people. You can find CBD coffee, CBD sweets, CBD oils and CBD skincare products.

All of these products are great in their own right. Nonetheless, we are forgetting the natural and ancient role of CBD and hemp in human society.

Hemp History

If we look back at our ancient ancestors, to times when societies started to use the hemp and cannabis plant. How did they consume it? Well, it would be no surprise to anyone but they smoked it. Yes, they simply smoked cannabis and hemp cigarettes or smoked it from a pipe.

Fascinatingly, a research report has shown direct evidence that our ancestors living in Central Asia have been smoking cannabis and hemp plants as far back as 2,500 years ago. Although, many are confident smoking hemp and cannabis has been around much longer than that.

It hasn’t stopped there. Many of the greatest ancient civilizations were hemp plant smokers. The ancient Egyptians sold cannabis and hemp to smoke in their version of pharmacies. The mighty Romans would smoke it for their health and at parties. And it is hard to imagine the success of the ancient Chinese empires of the past without hemp and marijuana.

In the modern hemp renaissance where the use of CBD is growing exponentially, we are seeing a rise in smoking CBD through an e-cigarette. However, as purists, we would feel heartbroken if all these modern devices used to consume CBD totally eradicate the hemp cigarette.

We believe there is a place in the modern world for natural and pure hemp cigarette. There is space for the CBD cigarette to truly be set ablaze and light up our world as it did for so many of our predecessors. So hold on to your box of matches, as we uncover why.

What Are CBD Cigarettes?

To make the perfect CBD cigarette, we need to harvest the flower from the hemp plant. The hemp flower is then dried and delicately toasted. Then the flower is wrapped up into the rolling paper to make a delightful hemp cigarette.

To some, the CBD cigarette may be better known as the hemp joint, or a CBD joint. However, the concept is the same as a tobacco cigarette. Except, in place of the dried tobacco, toasted hemp flower is used.

It is important to know that the CBD cigarette does not contain tobacco. The reason it is commonly called the hemp cigarette is for marketing purposes. The word ‘joint’ has negative connotations. People tend to think smoking a joint is an illegal act which may lead fewer people to avail of the completely legal and possibly beneficial hemp joints. So many companies call them CBD or hemp cigarettes.

Why Should You Smoke CBD?

With an endless list of different products on the market containing CBD, you may be more confused than ever about which product to use. However, we believe it is important to take into account the method of consumption when choosing a CBD product.

There are edibles, sublingual tinctures and topical creams. However, the most effective method is inhalation. CBD starts to take effect when it enters your bloodstream and there is no faster method than inhaling CBD. The CBD and other beneficial compounds go directly to your lungs where it quickly enters your bloodstream for instant effect.

One problem with edibles is that they can take a couple of hours to kick in. With smoking hemp cigarettes, you can instantly feel CBD working its magic.

The speed the calming effects take hold has added benefits. One is that it is a lot easier to dose yourself when smoking a hemp cigarette. For example, if you are halfway through a CBD cigarette and you are feeling the effects, you can put the cigarette out and save it for another time. You can dose yourself by your feelings while you smoke. With edibles, it is easier to miss your dose; being too cautious and not taking enough or being impatient and consuming a larger dose than required.

Benefits of Smoking CBD Cigarettes

Now that we know the body is quick to absorb CBD from CBD cigarettes, we can look at some of the other benefits of smoking CBD cigarettes. Seeing someone smoking a cigarette or a joint usually has a negative association in the minds of many people. If you are one of those people, we hope to show you the good that can come from smoking hemp cigarettes.

1. No High With CBD Cigarettes

When you see someone rolling a joint with dried hemp flower or about to light a joint with its head tightly twisted up, you may think that person is smoking to get high. However, this would only be the case if it is marijuana.

When it comes to hemp cigarettes bought from reputable companies, you can rest assured that you will not feel high or intoxicated. Reliable CBD companies manufacturing CBD cigarettes only use hemp flower which has very low levels of THC.

THC is the compound that creates an intoxicating feeling and it is illegal in the UK in high amounts. So you buy a packet of hemp cigarettes from a trustworthy company, you know that they follow the UK regulations and have less than 1 mg of THC in the entire pack of cigarettes.

Other than the legal side to it, it is important for us to know our CBD cigarettes will not intoxicate us for the day. If you wish you can go outside during a work break and light up a hemp cigarette and after that be confident that you will continue working productively. If you have family responsibilities, you can smoke a hemp cigarette knowing it will not make you high.

2. CBD Cigarettes Are Chemical Free

Many of you may think smoking is bad for you. And you would be correct. That is because many pre-rolled tobacco cigarettes are packed full of chemicals that are simply there to make you more addicted and are damaging to your lungs and overall health.

Hemp cigarettes are different from tobacco because reputable brands create natural, organic cigarettes. They do not include any chemicals. Hemp cigarettes consist of little more than the dried toasted hemp flower and rolling paper to hold it together. The organically grown hemp flower contains CBD, other beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. All these work together to help improve your health rather than to make you sicker.

Additionally, hemp cigarettes do not contain the notoriously addictive chemical, nicotine. So you do not need to worry about becoming addicted to smoking hemp cigarettes.

3. A Natural Alternative to Vaping

Vaping has rapidly grown in popularity in the last decade or so. Due to its fast-acting effects vaping is a prominent method to take CBD. However, some may want the quick calming effects of smoking CBD but not particularly want to use a vape.

There are numerous reasons you may not be a fan of the vape. Here are some reasons:

  • As it is only a new craze, you are still sceptical about it
  • You think vaping is for the young
  • Perhaps you like organic products and find vaping to be unnatural
  • You find vaporisers are high maintenance

Whatever your reason is, you should have an alternative. If you don’t like CBD oils, there are other CBD edible alternatives. And when it comes to smoking CBD, hemp cigarettes are the natural choice. As mentioned before, like our predecessors, we can enjoy smoking CBD in the way it was meant to be smoked.

4. CBD Cigarettes May Help You Quit Smoking Tobacco Cigarettes

There is no doubt that tobacco cigarettes are bad for you. Many of us continually try and fail to break the habit of smoking. You try every trick in the book. You use nicotine patches and nicotine gum. However, all the roads so far have led you back to having a lit cigarette in hand with a horrible feeling of guilt and frustration to go along with it.

However, hemp cigarettes could be the solution for you. The reason why many people fail using nicotine gum or patches is not that they are craving nicotine, but rather they need to fulfil the habit of smoking.

Psychologically, you can be as addicted to the habit as to nicotine. You crave the habit of lighting a cigarette during a work break. Perhaps you miss the feeling of a cigarette nursed gently between your index and middle finger. You miss the act of stubbing out a cigarette to sign off a successful and relaxing lunch break.

Hemp cigarettes could replace tobacco cigarettes in these situations. They help tackle the addiction to the habit of smoking.

Hemp cigarettes combined with a nicotine patch could be even more effective as you can deal with both the addiction to nicotine and the addiction to the habit.

CBD Cigarettes and Wellness

Anecdotally, CBD consumers use CBD to help better their health. People smoke CBD to help reduce anxiety, improve their mood and alleviate everyday pains and aches.

  • The Calming Effect – If you are someone who feels anxious a lot of the time, hemp cigarettes can help. The CBD in the hemp flower works on the receptors in the brain so that you can feel a sense of calm instantly after you smoke.
  • Pain Management and Anti-Inflammatory Properties – People smoke hemp cigarettes to help them relax. On the other hand, people smoke CBD to help manage their everyday pains. Smoking can give you quick solace and refuge from pains and aches that torment your life. Also based on many reviews, CBD is helping people reduce inflammation.

Risks of Smoking CBD Cigarettes

Like all things in life, hemp cigarettes do have risks.

The first being that hemp joints smell identical to marijuana joints. This is because they both are made from the same plant. At first, this might sound great as you love the smell of hemp and its natural terpenes burning. However, it can bother others and lead others to complain or feel worried.

So we advise you not to smoke CBD cigarettes in public as it could lead to suspicion. Although it is perfectly legal to smoke CBD, it may cause unwanted attention and hassle from the public or even police officers. We recommend you smoke CBD responsibly, as manufacturers can not help you if these misunderstandings happen to you.

Having said that, we believe you are responsible and will never smoke CBD around people who are uncomfortable with it.

The second risk is smoking can cause health problems. Although organic hemp flower used in CBD cigarettes has no chemicals, smoking can cause lung damage in the long term.
Our lungs love to breathe oxygen and inhaling large amounts of smoke can end up hurting some people.

If smoking is the way you wish to consume your CBD, remember, to smoke responsibly. We recommend you buy your CBD cigarettes from a reputable business. And to maintain good lung health, you should seek pure and organic CBD cigarettes with no added chemicals.

Types of CBD Cigarettes

There are two ways most people can smoke hemp cigarettes.

  • Rollies – If you are a traditionalist and like the ritual of rolling your own cigarettes, you can buy a packet of hemp flower. The hemp flower is dried and toasted and ready to be smoked. All you need to do is add some to some cigarette papers and roll yourself a cigarette. Then light it up and enjoy your work!
  • Pre-rolled cigarettes – If you do not know how to roll or just would prefer to have the cigarette ready when you need it then you can buy pre-rolled CBD joints. They come in a packet, and depending on your choice can be bought in packs with up to 20 hemp cigarettes.

Both types suit different kinds of people but essentially do the same thing. They allow you an easy and natural way to smoke CBD.

In the UK, CBD products are completely legal if the product is approved by government legislation. This means that CBD cigarettes made from accredited hemp flower are perfectly legal to smoke across the UK.

For a CBD cigarette to be legal in the UK, the entire packet of cigarettes must contain no more than 1 mg of THC. This is a tiny amount and is the legal limit. You can be confident if you buy your CBD cigarettes from a trustworthy company, you can smoke CBD legally.

Do CBD Cigarettes Taste Good?

Hemp Cigarettes smell and taste similar to cannabis. For certain, it tastes a lot better than tobacco which has a bitter and crude taste to it.

Hemp is full of natural terpenes which are basically essential oils that give hemp a beautiful and unique taste and smell. The terpenes found in hemp could also play a role in the effectiveness of smoking CBD.

Do Hemp Cigarettes Contain Tobacco or Nicotine?

You may be hesitant to buy hemp cigarettes as you are not sure what they contain.

But the company you buy your CBD cigarettes from should give you details about the ingredients in the cigarettes you wish to buy.

Nevertheless, CBD cigarettes do not contain tobacco. Pure CBD cigarettes only contain dried hemp flowers.

To add to this, hemp does not contain nicotine. Nicotine is a compound found in tobacco. The addictive substance, nicotine, does not exist in hemp cigarettes which means there should not be addictive properties to your CBD cigarettes.

To Conclude

If you want to go back to the roots and start taking CBD in the natural way that humans first consumed CBD, hemp cigarettes are the method for you. Smoking allows CBD to enter your bloodstream fast, providing you with relieving effects instantly.

Consider hemp cigarettes if you want a natural product, an alternative to vape, or even an aid to help you get rid of the habit of smoking tobacco. You can be assured you will not feel high and that you could reap the benefits of CBD that many people swear by.

But as always, consume CBD responsibly. The responsible smoking of CBD cigarettes could do wonders for your lifestyle and well-being.

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