CBD Coffee Is Your New Favourite Drink

There is such an abundance of CBD related products these days, it easy to feel a bit spoiled. From balms, to CBD tinctures, oils, capsules, food supplements, and a whole host of other ways it seems there a method of using CBD for everyone out there.

But for all the caffeine lovers out there, like myself, this might be the best yet: CBD coffee. Cannabidiol (CBD), that part of the marijuana plant without the psychoactive effects, is quickly becoming the talk of the wellness community.

What Took So Long?

Indeed, the idea of bringing coffee together with CBD seems like itd be the first thing to do. If you love fine quality coffee there no doubt youd get a lot of value from a finely brewed cup of coffee infused with CBD.

Check Out One Of Ireland’s First Ever CBD Cafés

But even infused in coffee CBD faced the same restrictions that most hemp-derived products has faced. Now there is a change in the winds, states and countries are deciding for themselves that CBD poses no threat. And with this breath of fresh air comes the aromatic whiff of caffeine. That metaphor was probably a little overdone, but you get what I mean.

Less Jitter, More Mellow

So what does it taste like, or, what can you expect from a damn fine cup of CBD coffee? Those whove already gotten some will know what I mean when I describe it as a blissful focus. CBD coffee provides all the things we usually grab coffee for like alertness but not quite so much. Itll get you perky but the CBD will counteract any unpleasant feelings of jitteriness you might normally experience from drinking coffee.

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