CBD for cats and dogs

Humans are the most common consumers of CBD. Humans have experienced the endless benefits of CBD. It can help with pain relief, act as an anti-inflammatory or help reduce anxiety. Cats & Dogs can experience all of these symptoms so can CBD help them too? Let’s take a look.

Is CBD Safe for Cats and Dogs?

CBD is only recently becoming a topic of conversation within the pet world. Research on CBD for cats and dogs is still in the early stages. However, many initial studies have shown that there are little or no side effects. So far, CBD seems to be completely safe for your pets.

The majority of research has been carried out on dogs. Some people reported that their cat became sleepy or developed an upset stomach. However, these symptoms ceased when the dosage was reduced.

Many studies from the early 2000s have shown negative effects of cannabis on dogs. Dogs were poisoned by eating their owner’s stash. These studies have shown that it was the high THC content that caused negative effects on dogs. Therefore, CBD is a safe choice as the THC content is extremely low.

Benefits of CBD for Cats and Dogs

Just as it does for Humans, CBD has many benefits for pets too. It too has many applications for your pet such as reduced pain and inflammation.

Many studies indicate that CBD can help promote activity in dogs with osteoarthritis and relieve pain. It was approved in America as a way of treating childhood epilepsy. CBD for pets has also shown to reduce seizures in cases of severe epilepsy.

CBD Oral Spray for Cats   and Dogs

Oral sprays are one of the most convenient ways to consume cannabinoids. All you need to do is to spray your favourite dosage under the tongue. It is recommended to keep it there for at least 60 seconds before swallowing.

CBD oral sprays are just like regular CBD oils. They are just diluted in a way to be consumable with a sprayer bottle. Although diluted, it still contains the same percentage of Cannabinoids.

Not only do they contain CBD these sprays contain flavours depending on the manufacturer and other herbal indignities. This helps improve digestion and flavour of the spray and would be especially useful to encourage pets to consume it.

Oral sprays used by humans can also be used by your pets. You just need to adjust the dosage which we will discuss below.

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Absorbing CBD

Early studies have shown that dogs don’t absorb CBD the same way humans do. CBD was given to dogs in pill form but the CBD was not effectively absorbed. The results showed that administering CBD in this way didn’t have many benefits for the dog.

Many studies have been carried out since, with the conclusion that oil-based CBD applications were absorbed better.


Currently, the biggest challenge when it comes to CBD and pets is establishing the correct dose for each animal. It can be tricky.

Products must have a sufficient amount of CBD and absorbed properly by the animal. Otherwise, there will be no changes or benefits for the pet.

Therefore, the dosage is the main concern. There is little scientific evidence regarding how to safely and effectively dose a pet orally. Even though, there are still several companies distributing nutraceutical derivatives of industrial hemp for pets.

While there still isn’t a set recommended dosage for pets there are studies that you can use as a guideline. The dosing in one study was modelled off of other doses in studies on humans. These studies suggested between 1-5 mg per kg of body weight. The studies suggested 2mg per kg of body weight for pets.

They saw this as the optimum dosage to bring out the benefits for the animal. While not being too expensive.

Bear in mind that overdoses can occur in pets. You should always keep track of the dosage you give your pet. Overdoses can have short term symptoms such as diarrhoea and extreme sedation.

We recommend always buying from a trusted seller that provides a certificate of analysis (COA). This an independent lab report detailing the ingredients of the CBD product you are buying.

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