CBD Myths: Explained

In the last decade, dozens of CBD blogs and manufacturers have appeared. Several of these have come out with some questionable claims about what CBD can do for you. We aim to explain or dispel some of the more outlandish of these.

1. CBD will get you high

Even though CBD comes from the cannabis plant, it is not psychoactive. It has several well-publicised physical and mental health benefits but does not get you high in any way. THC is the molecule that causes the high from cannabis.

Most CBD tinctures and oil drops products will contain THC, but in very small amounts well below the threshold required to cause a high.

2. CBD from hemp and marijuana is different

There a semi-official distinction between hemp and marijuana. Although they are the same plant species cannabis they have been bred to produce different outcomes. Hemp produces either long stems with strong fibres or many seeds with more oil in them. Marijuana was bred illicitly to be used as a drug.

In general, hemp produces large amounts of CBD and, by law, must have less than 0.2 or 0.3% THC depending on the jurisdiction. Marijuana, on the other hand, produces minuscule amounts of CBD and up to 20 or 30% THC.

Some bloggers will say that the CBD extracted from the two varieties will behave differently in your body. CBD is a single type of molecule; therefore, it always behaves the same way. It is, however, generally only extracted from hemp rather than marijuana. The tiny levels of CBD in marijuana make it uneconomical to bother extracting it.

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3. CBD cures cancer

One of the most common claims by a number of websites and experts is that CBD can cure cancer. It has been found to kill cancer cells in a test tube. This may sound promising, but it must be considered that salt also kills cancer cells in a test tube, as does setting them on fire and stepping on them. Nobody is recommending eating huge amounts of salt to cure anything.

Cancer is an extremely complex set of illnesses, with no one solution. It is a distortion of our own cells, so any successful treatment will always cause degradation of normal cells.

Oncologists across the developed world are seeing more people coming to them too late, after having tried numerous alternative therapies and finding that none of them work. Always follow your medical professional advice.

4. CBD is legal everywhere

Although non-psychoactive, the legality of CBD is in no way simple. Laws are changing fast, everywhere. In some countries, it is entirely legal with little to no regulation, in others, it is against the law to even import it from abroad. Everything in between these two extremes exists, and one must check current local laws before trying to purchase CBD products.

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5. CBD can turn into THC in the body

Under very specific laboratory conditions, CBD has been transformed into THC. This makes sense, as they are similar molecules, and both come from the same precursor in the cannabis plant.

The human body is not the same as a petri dish or a test tube. CBD can in no way transform to THC in the body, so if you have taken 100% pure CBD, you will not test positive for THC, nor will you experience psychotic effects.

6. CBD can replace conventional treatment

CBD is a great supplement to nutrition and healthcare, and it has a huge range of beneficial effects but those suffering from a serious illness should not put all their eggs in one basket. Always seek advice from a doctor and follow it.

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