CBD Oil for Anger Management – What you should know

CBD can help reduce that anger

Anger can be the result of a number of situations which can lead to outbursts and during Covid times in particular we see a raised stress levels. One of the basic human emotions, anger is thought to have a protective purpose as it prepares humans to fight, an essential survival tactic. In 2020 this fight or flight no longer has the same resonance as it did 3,000 years ago. We need to be able to reduce and control that anger, CBD may be the simple solution!

For most people, anger outbursts are rare and short-lived and they can continue with their lives normally after an issue is resolved.

However, in cases where anger overtakes all else and becomes uncontrollable, sometimes it is not vented but remains there under the radar causing a build up of stress and frustration, the danger of it leading to bad situations and health problems requires that steps be taken to manage it.

CBD, particularly taking CBD capsules and CBD e-liquids,   is the most effective remedy as it can be fast acting or allow for a constant dosage to help people with anger management issues.   Before learning how CBD helps with anger ; let take a closer look at what causes anger issues.

How to know if your anger is a disorder?

Anger disorders vary in severity, but it is easy to recognize when they are becoming problematic, your spouse or partner may be open and tell you, or you might notice their behaviour changing as your anger causes issues with the relationships.

If the frequency or severity changes and begins to interfere with relationships, work, cause trouble with the law, mental health, then it might be considered a disorder, CBD can help anger, reduce the level of anger and anxiety but a doctor can help by putting you in touch with a counselor to find the source of the problem. Always seek help, if CBD can help you or a friend in the meantime it is quick and safe solution.

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Varying causes can lead to these changes including stress, losing your job or furlough, the resulting financial problems, provocation from a constant source whether at work or at home and even chronic pain. Even though anger issues are more common in adults, it has been found that 8% of adolescents have what is called intermittent explosive disorder.   Exams and general hormonal changes means this explosive teen may need help, CBD for anger is one option.

Besides the external factors that lead to anger, psychologists also look for chemical imbalances. The brain has three CAs (catecholamines) which are neurotransmitters that control the functions of the nervous system, including, reasoning, emotions, thinking, etc. These CAs are similar yet each has different functions and an excess or deficiency in epinephrine, dopamine, and norepinephrine can cause anger disorders.


Dopamine controls emotional responses and is essential for motor control and emotional learning. It moderates cognitive functioning and the perception of change, while it helps with problem solving and sensitivity. Low levels of dopamine make it hard to think and focus, this can effect our work and home life.


Epinephrine is released as a response to anxiety, excitement, fear, and stress and drives the “fight or flight” response. It regulates sleep, the number of hearth beats a minute and other functions of the bodies metabolism. High levels of epinephrine cause anxiety, hyperactivity, and adrenal tiredness. Low levels are believed to be a cause depression, lowered levels of the stress hormone cortisol, constant adrenal stimulation and even reduces the recovery rates for patients. It’s said that CBD oil for anxiety is becoming more and more popular due to the anecdotal evidence that comes out every day now.


Norepinephrine helps with attention and mood while also improving memory and focus. Low levels in the body can be the reason people become moody or anxious. Add to that a lack of focus, while high levels result in manic episodes similar to Bipolar Disorder.

In psychology, there is no official “anger disorder” but it is recognized through manic episodes, Often the anger becomes a differnet persona, Borderline Personality Disorder.

Anger issues and their effects

One of the major side effects that stem from uncontrolled anger issues and the stress it creates is chronic health problems and relationship difficulties. These can manifest as migraines, high blood pressure, heart disease, and a weaker immune system which makes it harder to recover from illness like common flu. Not being able to manage anger can also lead to insomnia and anxiety while awake. If you suffer from insomnia CBD for sleep could help you to relax and sleep quicker. A combination of symptoms will lead to a lack of concentration, difficulties at work, and complexities with relationships.

CBD and Anger

A little about CBD, it is one of many cannabinoid compounds found in the cannabis plant. Other cannabinoids are THC and the lesser-known CBG.

Because it does not include THC, CBD does not induce a psychoactive “high” or euphoric feeling. It can, however, help to reduce anxiety and lower stress levels—symptoms that are common among people with autism. Usually, people would vape or use a CBD cream when taking cannabidiol products.

At the moment, there is some evidence that CBD can help to alleviate specific symptoms and improve behaviour in children and adults on the autism spectrum. However, research into the safety and efficacy of CBD is in its earliest stages. Pharmacies have used CBD in medicines for epilepsy and much research is ongoing at present to make it available at a greater level worldwide.

Anger and the endocannabinoid system

The endocannabinoid system (ECS), discovered by scientists in 1990, regulates all the functions of the body. This covers the speed at which our bodies metabolize food, the absorption of vitamins and minerals and sending out the right amounts of CAs needed to control anger and other emotions.

The ECS also produces its own cannabinoids, with one of them closely resembling CDB. When CBD oils or edibles are ingested by the body, the ECS uses the CBD to regulate any chemical imbalances.

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Two recent studies showed how CBD significantly lowered the stress levels in the participants as well as improving their cognitive function. Stress management is the main contributor to finally getting anger management under control, and CBD has been scientifically proven as an effective way to manage stress levels, both personal or at work.

Chronic pain and anger

Irritability is often caused by chronic pain. Pain in the body is regulated by the chemical called anandamide (AEA), often compared to THC. CBD helps to block the enzymes which break down AEA, therefore, helping to prolong its pain blocking effects. CBD helps increase the body’s levels of AEA and helps those who may have a deficiency in the chemical. CBD oil for pain is currently being heavily researched due to the anecdotal evidence coming out.

Which CBD product is best for anger management?

Capsules can be taken at regular times of the day and the slow release of CBD will be helpful for some peoples schedules. CBD tinctures and oils have the fastest acting time and are placed on the tongue. These are great for instant control of an episode where you feel an outburst is imminent. This means they can be quickly absorbed by the bloodstream, especially as it placed under the tongue and wait 6 seconds before swallowing.

CBD capsules or CBD edibles have a slower metabolizing time. These are better for the long-term treatment of anger management since they have longer lasting effects. Always prefer high-quality CBD products and if unsure about dosage ask your doctor.

Anger management can be difficult to regulate without help. Treating the source of anger is a good place to begin. A visit to your psychologist or doctor will help you understand where it coming from.

Nonetheless, whether that source is internal or external, choose a CBD product that best suits you to help with its effective control and overcome all the obstacles that anger puts in the way of work and relationships.

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