CBD Oil in Beauty Products

Everything You Need to Know about CBD Oil in Beauty Products

We are very much living in the era of a CBD glow-up and the god sent ingredient is beginning to get some much-deserved recognition in the beauty world. Laws surrounding CBD are becoming less strict and with enthusiasm for emerging medical benefits growing, it is difficult not to get excited over CBD. We havent seen this much buzz in the UK for a leafy green since the emergence of kale!

How Your Skin Can Benefit From CBD

Containing a long list of components CBD is packed with vitamins and minerals essential for healthy skin. When applied topically CBD skin care products are directly absorbed through the cannabinoid receptors. Located all over our bodies these work alongside CBD making it an effective tool to counteract skin problems. By applying the supplement to problematic areas, it can get to work fast and directly without being absorbed into the bloodstream.

CBD beauty products


Vitamins C and E present in CBD allow the skin to function at its peak and protect it from harmful antioxidants. These can come in the form of protection from the sun or even against nasty free radicals such as smoke and environmental pollutants. Without protection free radicals can cause harm to the skin affecting our collagen levels (which help the skin looking youthful) and elastin (which prevents wrinkles).

How To Take CBD Oil – Best Methods & Dosages

Additionally, CBD can support healthy looking skin free by promoting skin repair and keeping anyway dullness or dry areas. The presence of omega-3 and omega-6 in the cannabinoid are possibly its greatest properties as these fatty acids help to regenerate the skin protective outer layer leaving a more smooth and youthful appearance. Perhaps the reason why CBD has become a regular ingredient in many anti-aging products.


As mentioned above, CBD is becoming an innovative ingredient for anti-ageing products across the globe and it is all for a good reason. A 2010 study in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology has found that the endocannabinoid system is vital to the life cycle of skin cells.

Healthy skin relies on the body ability to grow new skin cells and discard the old, dead ones. By reacting with our endocannabinoid system CBD beauty products could help regulate this life cycle and produce radiant younger looking skin.

CBD Beauty Products BenefitsAcne

Despite its regularity acne is a big problem and can be quite frustrating. Most of us will have experienced a bout of acne in our teenage years but when it follows you to adulthood it can have a big impact on livelihood and even confidence. Acne can be brought on by a number reasons which include, stress, hormone changes, and even diet. It involves the over production of sebum (the skin natural oil) which alongside, dirt, dead skin cells and bacterial can get clogged in our pores causing an inflamed blemish on the skin.

As silly as it may sound, excess oil production can still mean that the skin is dehydrated and as CBD is a dry oil it may be able to inhibit over production without leaving any oily residue. CBD anti-inflammatory properties can help to counteract blemishes or redness in the skin. Appling it to an inflamed area can improve overall appearance and the substances anti-bacterial properties can avoid further breakouts.

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