CBD Oil is the Secret Health Weapon of These Celebs

CBD Has Some Very Famous Friends

Weve all heard of CBD placed under the tongue with CBD tincture form but can I let you in on a stylist secret? CBD lotion slathered on toes, bunions and calves can reportedly help ease the dreaded pain us ladies get when wearing high heels for hours.

Top Five Celebrities Using CBD

Beauty Stylists Love CBD

Zanna Roberts Rassi is a British born, New York-based award-winning fashion and beauty journalist. In a recent interview with The Sun newspaper she said, “One great trick that a lot of celebrities in LA use is CBD cream on their feet, because it numbs the pain. The Lord Jones cream is one that Michelle Williams swears by.” Zanna, who also works for E! as a style expert should certainly know a thing or two when it comes to celebrities red carpet secrets.

Melissa McCarthy, nominated for best actress at this years Oscars, paid homage to CBD power of staving off shoe-inducing pain.

Melissa McCarthy Uses CBD

Other stylists go for CBD oils and creams made with coconut oil which penetrate your skin and deliver CBD to aching muscles apparently much better than olive oil. Karla Welch who dresses celebrity A-listers such as Olivia Wilde, Katy Perry, Sarah Paulson and Ruth Negga to name but a few is an avid fan of CBD and has said “All my girls love it, and bottles live in my styling kit”.

Top Five Celebrities  Supporting  Legalization    

Numbs The Pain

CBD applied topically in cream version or oil is an excellent way of decreasing focal pain.  But what do podiatrists say? According to Dr Suzanne Levine, New York most respected podiatric surgeon told Page Six Style  â€œIt can provide significant reduction in localised pain and inflammation. Very little CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream but the higher the CBD levels the better.” It is also recommended to look for reputable suppliers. Luxury brands are cashing in on CBD and, even though research is new,  they are launching a fleet of products that resonate with our precious celebs. Expect to see CBD oil in beauty products in the near future.

CBD and Sleep

Girl Power

Victoria Beckham is launching a namesake beauty brand. A posh-curated beauty line with wellness at its core. There have been murmurings CBD will feature in her latest beauty line as it continues to gain attention, because why not?

She for sure has seen the benefits of CBD oil on her tootsies –  not averse to teetering on six inch heels would have taken its toll, not to mention play havoc with those pesky bunions #cbdgirlpower #cbdtotherescue.

Victoria Beckham to release CBD beauty line

Stylists Love CBD

The most powerful stylists in Hollywood are tweeting and instagramming gushing, beauteous content in support of CBD. You can rarely scroll through your personal news feed without seeing your favourite celeb influencer posting aesthetically pleasing selfies and tagging CBD in sunny La La land. Surely it wont be long before us mere mortals follow the latest trend and start uploading our CBD saved my bunion selfies? A CBD lotion will make its way into my modest bathroom vanity very soon. I will persevere at all costs to wear my heels.

The Latest Beauty Hack

A gentle rub of CBD oil on feet, rather than taping toes together (it has been done believe me!) is now Tinseltown favourite style hack. The award for ‘Best Supporting Beauty Product’ at this years Oscars has gone to CBD, as it proved to be Oscar nights partner in style and a match made in celeb heaven.

No pain no gain? Rubbish? Who wants pain? Give me the lord any day! (Lord Jones High CBD)#cbdforfeet

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