CBD Protein Powder

Cannabidiol (CBD) protein powder is one of the latest CBD products to hit the market. For those serious about fitness and exercise looking for an edge, this protein powder could be an excellent choice.

With the combined powers of protein and cannabidiol, you are sure to go the extra mile. Protein is now a must-have accessory for gym-goers or at-home exercise enthusiasts. Not to mention, the use of CBD for aches and pains, stress, and relaxation has been backed by numerous studies.

What is CBD protein powder?

Athletes and bodybuilders regularly use protein powder to provide muscles with the necessary nutrients to grow. Adding CBD to protein powder could offer additional benefits such as reduced fatigue and inflammation before and after workouts. When the compounds are combined, they may help you work out longer with minimised discomfort and pain.

CBD protein powder contains some of the most popular proteins, such as whey protein. Along with CBD, the protein powders contain other minor ingredients that help in the uptake process. These include minerals, fibres, and supplements such as Omega 6 and 3.

How to use CBD protein powder

To get the most from your protein, you should follow the below steps:

  • Combine a scoop of the powder with 5-6 ounces of water. Use a blender bottle to shake the mixture so the two mix evenly.
  • It is essential to take the protein powder consistently for the best results.
  • When you are not using it, be sure to store the container in a cool, dry place.

The recommended serving could differ slightly depending on which protein powder you purchase. It is essential that you follow the recommended serving and directions before you consume the product.

Benefits of CBD protein powder

CBD protein powder has been proven to be suitable for building muscle due to the many amino acids. The essential amino acids help to repair muscle damage quickly. Amino acids are necessary to build strong muscles as they help you grow new muscle fibres.

The number of amino acids found in your protein powder is just as significant as the amount of protein. Protein combined with the right amount of amino acids can give you a positive balance of nitrogen to build muscle. Since CBD comes from the hemp plant, the protein powder is anti-inflammatory.

This is because hemp contains Omega-3 fatty acids. Therefore, protein powder may help to reduce redness, swelling, and pain associated with inflammation. Studies have also backed up CBD’s use for aches and pains, stress, and various female health issues.

Could I test positive for a drug test after consuming CBD protein powder?

CBD protein powders are made according to legal regulations. CBD products cannot legally contain a concentration of more than 1 mg of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This amount is too low to trigger a positive result.

If you are worried about using a CBD protein powder that contains THC, check out our THC-free protein powders.

What is CBD protein powder made of?

We stock a range of different CBD protein powders:

  • Pro CBD by Applied Nutrition
  • Huna Labs CBD whey protein powder
  • Naturecan CBD protein powder

The ingredients vary among the different brands. Pro CBD is 99% pure with zero THC and is a halal-certified product with an added digestive enzyme blend.

It is derived entirely from non-GMO and is 99% pure CBD Cannabidiol Isolate. Pro CBD protein powder is pesticide-free, CO2 Extracted Industrial Hemp Seed Oil.

It comes from the mature stalks and stems of the plant. The ingredients are 100% natural, as are the flavours, vanilla and chocolate.

Ingredients list for Pro CBD protein powder:

  • Protein Blend (Whey Protein Concentrate (Milk)
  • Micellar Casein (Milk) (93%)
  • Fat Reduced Cocoa Powder
  • Natural Flavouring
  • L-Theanine, Sweetener (Sucralose)
  • AstraGin (Panax Notoginseng
  • Astragalus Membranecous)
  • Pro-CBD (99% Pure CBD Cannabidiol Isolate Powder from Hemp Seed)
  • DigeZyme
  • Salt
  • Sweetener (Stevia Reb-A 97%)
  • LactoSpore.

Our Huna Labs CBD protein powders are made from 100% natural ingredients. They contain hemp extract and whey protein concentrate, as well as sunflower lecithin.

Both the chocolate salted caramel protein powders are natural flavours. Our salted caramel flavour is vegan.

Ingredients of the Huna Labs CBD protein powder:

  • Hemp extract (Cannabis sativa L)
  • Whey protein concentrate (99.6%)
  • Sunflower lecithin (0.4%)

Will CBD protein powder make me high?

CBD protein powder will not give users a high because CBD does not cause a high. THC levels (the compound which causes a high) in CBD products are too low to cause this effect.

How do I take it?

There are numerous ways to consume CBD protein powders. The most popular method is to use protein powder to create a milkshake using milk. You can also add a scoop of the powder to a drink or food.

When should I take CBD protein powder?

Depending on your fitness goals, you can take protein powder either before or after your workout. If you want to build muscle, it is a good idea to take it before your workout. On the other hand, if you are looking for muscle repair, it is better to take it after your workout.

Depending on what you are hoping to achieve, you can use it when it is appropriate.

When will I start experiencing the effects of taking it?

Since protein powder is taken orally, it could take longer to begin experiencing the effects. This can take as long as 30 minutes.

What are the side effects?

Side effects with CBD protein powder are not common since it is a relatively new product. Some consumers have said CBD protein powders have given them a dry mouth. To combat this, ensure you drink plenty of water after taking your protein.

Where to buy CBD protein powder in the UK?

To ensure you are getting high-quality CBD products, we recommend purchasing them from a trusted CBD marketplace. At CBD Village, we check the certifications and authenticity of all our products. We also review and test the CBD we sell to make sure it is the best.

We stock a wide range of CBD protein powders in various flavours. Some of our protein powders are vegan and vegetarian, making sure there is something for everyone. Be sure to check out our full range of CBD protein powders.

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