CBD Village Goes To Spannabis in Barcelona 2019

CBD Village Goes To Europe Premier Cannabis Event

Spannabis 2019 took place in Barcelona over the weekend and CBD Village UK was there to check it out. We visited Europe’s premier cannabis event so we could keep you up to date with the exciting new advancements in the CBD industry.

Although CBD was just one part of the vast array of cannabis-oriented products on display at Spannabis in Barcelona, it was certainly a subject of interest for those attending Europe biggest cannabis festival.

Clever CBD Offerings At Barcelona Spannabis

The International Cannabis Business Conference was integral to the event this year, and that forum for some of the leading thinkers in the industry had CBD right at the top of its agenda, with discussion on the mechanisms of action, pharmacological effects and breeding for CBD generally.

Meanwhile, out on the exhibition floor, CBD Village Sarah braved the unsurprisingly upbeat hordes thronging the event to present some of her highlights.

Among the offerings sampled by the CBD Village team were CBD edibles such as candy floss and CBD-infused Mango Kush ice cream.

Sarah was particularly taken with the Cannabinoid Home Analysis Kit, which can test your oils, flowers, and edibles for CBD levels – “This is a really great product to bring to market as it has so much to offer in terms of safety and standards.”

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Sarah did however have a word of advice for the event organisers in terms of localising the event from a speaker perspective, with much of the ICBC content taking on a North American slant.

“The ICBC was a brilliant networking event but there was a lot of talk about US and Canadian firms in Europe and a lot of talk about US and Canadian law. In future I see this changing as it not very relevant when in an EU country.”

“Still it was an amazing platform to meet so many people from these industries worldwide.”

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