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CBD Village has opened its online store with a range of sought-after CBD brands all under one digital roof.

Canavape, Cibdol, ECS and fourfiveCBD are the headlining brands with CBD oils, CBD tinctures, balms, capsules and creams kicking off what promises to be the most comprehensive CBD store available online.

Listed products are quickly becoming household names in the UK while newer entrants, such as fourfive CBD, have created a stir in the sports community and beyond.

Best CBD Brands At CBD Village Shop

fourfive CBD

Fourfive CBD is headed by England rugby international George Kruis and Welsh international Dom Day – Saracens team mates – who saw the need for CBD in their line of work. They use the CBD daily to combat a range of issues they face in their line of work, including muscle inflammation and anxiety before big games.

Recognizing the need for more such products in their industry they created fourfive CBD with the goal of bringing much needed relief to athletes and even those of us who dont play for international rugby teams. With a gruelling and intense World Cup in Japan later this year, who to say this product wont fly off the shelves, not just for the pros but the amateurs in the stands, too.

Cibdol CBD

Cibdol CBD has firmly established itself as one of the most trusted brands in the CBD market with its easy-to-swallow, tasteless, softgel capsules. All products made by Cibdol are made with the most natural ingredients, 100% natural CBD oil extracted from premium quality, European-made hemp.

Cibdol CBD Softgel Capsules Review

All of the oils from Cibdol are tested and perfected in their labs in Switzerland using a combination of experience, traditional materials, and the latest in scientific processes. Naturally, are expected to be a massive crowd-pleaser at CBD Village. Truly, Cibdol CBD are the gold standard of CBD oils and use the full spectrum of CBD to maximise every ounce of the cannabinoid.

Canavape CBD

From humble beginnings back in 2014, Canavape CBD has grown to become the first company offering CBD vape products in Europe and now sells across the globe. Marketing a range of CBD oil, supplements, and much more, they have everything you could possibly wish for if youre thinking of trying out CBD. It not just for vapers anymore.

Are Canavape Set To Dominate The CBD Vaping Market In The UK?

A particular favourite is Canavape Complete Terpene Infused CBD oil which comes in a range of luscious flavours – White Widow, Super Sour Haze, and Koko Kush. These guys are serious about their CBD oil, and, though theyve moved from small scale production to large scale, manufacturing each item is made with passion and precision at their UK laboratories.

What We Will Do In The Future

  • Check Back in for the Latest Updates

At CBD Village, we are committed to forming relationships with those interested in CBD enthusiasts, and promote brands we can place our trust in. From smaller independent start-ups to bigger, more established brands we want to showcase the very best CBD   out there in the ever-expanding CBD world.

  • Promoting the Very Best in CBD

In 2019, the CBD landscape is more fertile than ever so unsurprisingly we are seeing a rise in the availability of brands and products. CBD Village wants to use its platform to promote and give focus to the very best in the industry. We want to give as much attention to bigger brands as we do to up and coming CBD businesses.

  • Ending the Stigma

CBD Village wants to be a place of discussion and debate for everything CBD. We want to provide the most in-depth amounts of information we can by highlighting real stories from real people. Providing an insight into the lives of people that have been helped by CBD is something we hope to bring you more of in the future. If there any topic or issue you think were lacking then get in contact and well see what we can do.

  • Expos and Events

With new and exciting CBD and cannabis-related events and expos popping up all the time it difficult to keep track, luckily our team are dedicated to bringing you the very latest and greatest of what happening here, there, and everywhere in the world of CBD.

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