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Quaint and minimalistic and in the heart of Westminster; Glow Bar is a wellness space created specifically for women. The atmosphere as you enter is bright and positive, perfect to remove any stresses endured from the general hustle of London-life, making this place a perfect spot to wind-down and relax.

Glow Bar caught our eye for the range of CBD-infused products that they have on offer, but we soon realised that they were so much more. The motto of Sip, Sweat, Shop pertains to the general vibe of the space where you can sip the vast selection of drinks; sweat it out in one of the infrared sauna pods or shop for organic and naturally sourced products.

Glow Bar London Review

The general ethos of Glow Bar is being all about natural and holistic healing products for the body, mind and soul. This is perfectly captured in the range of CBD products that are available. As well as the CBD truffles, croissants and macaroons available in the café that are prepared by Mr Prempys and Organic Livity, they also have the very popular Golden Moon Milk which is turmeric and CBD-based drink that has its roots in an ancient form of natural Indian medicine called Ayurveda.

Glow Bar CBD Infused Coffee

CBD Edibles In London

The team at Glow Bar are also introducing their own branded range of CBD edibles that they will be available to purchase in jars of a month supply.

In addition to these products, Glow Bar has a selection of healing and health products including a bergamot and juniper shampoo, organic sun cream, seashell bowls for sage incense and crystal water bottles to name a few amongst a vast range of goods.

The vibe is one of peace and tranquillity and the attitude and moral code of the space is no different. Those who rightly show concern for the environment will be pleased to hear the product packaging is mainly paper and glass. Where plastics are used it is biodegradable and ethical plastics used. So, you can relax further here safe in the knowledge that you are doing your bit for the planet we live on.

Glow Bar London Review

Glow Bar London Verdict

I would strongly recommend Glow Bar to women of all ages who are interested in looking after themselves, but predominantly for the young professional. The music as you enter is relaxing. There is a nice open feel that is perfect for those who work from home to bring their laptop along as opposed to a lot of café spaces in London which can sometimes feel overcrowded.

You get a real sense of pride from Glow Bar towards their aesthetics as well as their ability to educate about the products they sell and how they can help you and your health.

Glow Bar Review

Glow Bar is a stand-out place in London for its range of naturally derived ingredients and its selection of CBD infused products slots in this niche perfectly.

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