Christmas gift guide: Top 5 gifts for her

We’re firmly entrenched in All I Want for Christmas season (missed you, Mariah!), and we all know what that means. The Christmas season is finally upon us! However, we have to balance the good with the bad: mulled wine, mince pies, winter markets, and… Christmas shopping. In fact, once you get a jump on your nice list, you’ll be able to put your feet up and enjoy the festivities.

But where do you begin? There’s no doubt Christmas shopping can feel more than a little overwhelming. Thankfully, we’ve done our bit to help you out this Christmas, by putting together a list of things the women in your life are sure to love. Plus, these products ship directly from the website, landing right on your doorstep – no fuss needed!

For the Woman on the Go: CBD Oral Strips

The Elevar Leafs CBD Oral Strips are a fairly new addition to the CBD industry. They’re also a fantastic gift for the girl on the go: the city commuter, the multi-function maven (business manager, great mum, absolutely magic), or the tenacious traveller. If you know and love any of these women – and don’t we all? – then you’ve hit the Christmas gift jackpot.

These CBD oral strips come in three delicious flavours that anyone will love: Berry Mint, Fresh Mint (our personal favourite), and Lavender. Each strip is packed with 125 mg of pure, broad-spectrum CBD. This means it’s free from THC, making it the perfect gift for anyone with a sensitivity to the compound. Additionally, each pack contains five strips, packed individually for easy use.

elevar leaf cbd oral strips

With sleek cardboard packaging and a discreet product, CBD doesn’t get any better than this. For the girl on the go, it’s the perfect way to get a dose of CBD – whether she needs a moment to breathe, or uses it as part of her routine. Each pack fits neatly into a purse or pocket, and packaging is easily disposed of in the nearest bin. Plus, these oral strips sit precisely on the tongue, and dissolve pretty quickly for the optimal sublingual experience.

Retailing at €12.50 per pack, they’re an inexpensive way to show someone that you care! This Christmas don’t just give the gift of CBD – give them a brand-new product.

Does She Love a Cheeky Vape? We’ve Got You Covered!

It’s no surprise that vape devices are having a moment, if you will. In fact, people are relying on vape devices now, more than ever, to help them quit smoking. If you vape, you’ll also know that it’s a great way to get a dose of CBD. It’s quick and extremely effective – even if some of the options could taste a little better. In this case, we’re here to help.

If you know someone who likes the occasional puff on a vape, then why not give them the best? This Christmas, treat her to the best CBD e-liquid money can buy – directly available from our friends at Canavape. They’re industry pioneers, having manufactured and sold CBD-infused e-liquid options for eight years. This means that they’ve had slightly less than a decade to perfect their craft, and believe us, they’ve used the time well.

Their CBD vape juice comes in five delectable flavours. Choose from:

  • Blueberry, an undeniable, fruity favourite.
  • Clear Scante, a fantastic combination that anyone would love. Expect fruity, berry notes, underscored by a light menthol and a sprinkle of aniseed.
  • Pink Lemonade, the taste of summer in a tiny bottle!
  • Slemberry, which combines Sicilian lemons, ripe strawberries, and their own secret berry blend.
  • Vanilla Custard, a must-have for dessert lovers everywhere.
pink lemonade canavape cbd e liquid

Each bottle contains 200 mg of CBD – the perfect dose for CBD enthusiasts and novices alike. Plus, these e-liquids work well with any refillable vape pen, for worry-free gifting!

For the Vape Enthusiast: A Canavape Bundle Won’t Go Amiss

If she’s never without her vape, then a CBD vape juice from Canavape could be the perfect stocking-stuffer. But doesn’t she deserve a little more than that? We have the perfect solution – the Canavape Complete Bundle. It contains three 30 ml bottles of terpene-infused CBD liquid, with each bottle carrying up to 600 mg of CBD.

With the Canavape Complete Bundle, choose three of their several different strains – in e-liquid form, of course. All you have to do is let them know which options you’d like, and they’ll do the rest. These strains are:

  • Granddaddy Purple: With berry and grape notes, what’s not to love? It’s the ideal strain for sleepy, happy, and hungry girls everywhere.
  • KoKo Kush: It’s all the familiarity of kush – with a sprinkle of pine notes. Is she relaxed, euphoric, or giggly, or does she want to be? Then this might be the strain for her.
  • OG Jane: It doesn’t get any more old-school than this – the freshness of pine and lemon, with woody undertones. It’s commonly associated with feelings of happiness, relaxation, and euphoria.
  • Sour Diesel: CBD enthusiasts know and love this classic strain; it’s tart, sweet, and perfectly balanced. Imagine a euphoric and energetic, yet relaxing vibe, like a yoga class without the effort!
  • Super Sour Haze: This strain is an excellent option for people who love notes of sour citrus, and who need a little more pep in their step.
  • White Widow: It’s hard to find a more piquant strain than this one, with its earthy, pine, and sandalwood notes. It’s also extremely relaxing, but can encourage an energetic, creative boost.
canavape bundle

Originally retailing for £99.99, this bundle now clocks in at £83.33. Plus, you can use the code, “CHRISTMAS10” for an extra 10% off the bundle – sounds like a good deal to us!

For Your Favourite Skinfluencer: Poko’s Skincare Gift Set Selection

Skincare is truly a revolutionary Christmas gift. After all, with some research, you can give the best gift there is: good skin! However, with so many skincare brands on the market, we’re here to make your decision a little easier. You heard it here first – our friends at Poko now have a selection of skincare gift sets.

This means you can treat your favourite skincare enthusiast (and we all have one) to some luxury skincare this Christmas… without breaking the bank! There are over seven gift sets to choose from, all retailing for under €100. However, we’ve put together three of our favourites, for every single budget.

  • Hydration Duo Skincare Gift Set: Retailing just at €51.00, this gift set is the perfect option for gifters on a budget. However, don’t underestimate this combination. It combines two brand-new Poko Products – the Purifying Gel Cleanser, and the Light Hydrating Moisturiser – so they won’t have tried it before! Plus, it comes with a reusable cotton pad, to encourage greener, cleaner skincare habits.
  • Essentials Skincare Gift Set: Forget the Eternals this year; it’s all about the essentials – skincare-related, of course. Retailing at €55.00, it’s a great way to give someone exactly what they need. This set comprises of the Purifying Gel Cleanser, Brightening Rosewater Toner, and Light Hydrating Moisturiser. This will encourage better skincare habits, while supporting healthy, glowing skin.
poko gift set
  • Nourishing Skincare Gift Set: This skincare gift set is worth its weight in gold, so the €76.00 price tag definitely seems like a bargain. With products suitable for every skin type and concern, it features the Ultra Hydrating Moisturiser, the Luxury Facial Oil, and the award-winning Correcting Eye Cream. If someone you love is trying to take better care of their skin, start their journey off the right way – right here.

For the Lady Who Craves Convenience: Canndid’s CBD Pouches

CBD pouches might be a fairly new invention, but they’ve quickly become an industry staple. In fact, these little pouches are the perfect way to get a dose of CBD – without the fuss and fluster associated with other forms of CBD. Canndid has hopped on the CBD pouch bandwagon, turning out a smorgasbord of flavours just in time for Christmas! Therefore, if you’re looking for a fuss-free gift for a fastidious woman, then look no further than these pouches.

Each tin contains a grand total of 20 pouches, with each pouch containing 20 mg of CBD. They’re all delightfully flavoured, with eight different flavours to choose from. No matter what her favourite flavour is, Canndid has got you covered. But what makes these pouches the perfect gift for the more practical among us? Well, everything – from the tin design to the pouches themselves – is designed for optimal ease.

canndid cbd pouches

Simply slip a pouch into your mouth, and hold it between your lip and gum for up to 45 minutes. Once the 45 minutes are up, dispose of the pouch in a nearby bin, and it’s business as usual. However, if there isn’t a bin at hand, fear not! Each tin comes with a compartment for used pouches; store them here until you come across a bin without fear of leaks or stains.

All She’ll Want for Christmas Is… CBD

While Christmas shopping, there’s no doubt you’ll encounter the familiar refrain: good things come in small packages. We’re here to tell you that they’re right. In fact, CBD often comes in small packages – from skincare products to premium vape juice.

There really is no better way to spoil the woman in your life; simply shop our list, and rest assured that she won’t ask for the receipt!

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