Cibdol CBD Softgel Capsules Review

Cibdol CBD Softgel Capsules Review 2020 – CBD Oil UK Review

Cibdol CBD Softgel Capsules come in two different CBD strengths of 4% and 10% and each box of consists of 60 capsules. Cibdol CBD Softgel Capsules are perfect for those looking for a measured, long-lasting and slow release dosage of CBD throughout the day.

The easy to use nature of Cibdol CBD Softgel Capsules allow you to effectively track and measure your daily intake of CBD oil and reduce the risk of incorrect dosing that may occur when using CBD tinctures for example.

Are Cibdol CBD Softgel Capsules Worth Your Money?

One of our favourite benefits of using Cibdol CBD Softgel Capsules is the fact they offer a safe, easy to swallow and tasteless formula of CBD oil that provides you with maximum cannabinoids in a simple and easy to use capsule.

Each 4% strength capsule contains 6.4mg of CBD per capsule, each 10% strength capsule contains 16mg of CBD oil per capsule.

Cibdol CBD Softgels Capsules

Cibdol also guarantees that their CBD Softgel Capsules never contain any psychoactive cannabinoids which is a great benefit for those who want to take CBD oil on the go and throughout the day.

High Quality CBD Products Made With Swiss Precision

Each Cibdol CBD Softgel Capsule is packed with CO2 extracted CBD oil. Using CO2 extraction technology allows for the safe extraction of CBD, ensuring that the CBD oil found in each capsule is of the highest quality.

If that wasn’t already enough to impress you, Cibdol also use a proprietary steam-distillation process to harvest beneficial terpenes found within their 100% industrial hemp.

Once produced, their CBD products are then tested at an off-site location to ensure that the product is compliant.

Cibdol CBD Softgel Capsules Review

Unlike some manufacturers of CBD oil, Cibdol allows you to view the results of their CBD oil analysis.

Cibdol CBD Creams Review

When buying CBD oil, it’s always beneficial to buy from a brand that openly displays their test results as you can be sure that the CBD oil you are buying is of the upmost quality.

If you live a hectic lifestyle and are searching for a way to incorporate CBD oil into your daily routine, Cibdol’s CBD Softgel Capsules are the perfect solution.

Cibdol CBD Softgel Capsules Highlights

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Cibdol CBD Softgel Capsules Highlights:

  • Uses CO2 Extraction Process.
  • Flavour Free & Easy To Swallow.
  • 16mg Of CBD Per Capsule (960mg) (10% Capsules).
  • 6.4mg Of CBD Per Capsule (384mg) (4% Capsules).
  • 3rd Party Lab Tested.



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How To Take Cibdol CBD Softgel Capsules

Cibol CBD Softgel Capsules are one of the easiest ways to take CBD. Simply take one of the easy to swallow CBD capsules and swallow with or without water. Do not chew the CBD capsule when ingesting.

Cibdol recommended you take 1 capsule 3 times per day. If your new to CBD then it’s important to gradually test your tolerance as each persons tolerance levels to CBD can vary.

Begin on low dosages and gradually work your way up to a comfortable level. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage.

Who Are Cibdol?

Cibdol are a Swiss based company that offer the highest quality, 100% natural CBD oils. Cibdol CBD oils are made from prime European hemp and all Cibdol products are Swiss made and 3rd party tested.

Cibdol offer a range of CBD oils, CBD capsules as well as a range of CBD skincare products.

Cibdol pride themselves on being as transparent as possible with their CBD production process.

Don’t believe us? Check out their beautifully shot promotional video below.

Cibdol are highly regarded as one of the best CBD brands in the world. All their CBD products undergo rigorous testing to guarantee complete accuracy in CBD concentration, giving you peace of mind when you buy Cibdol CBD products.

Benefits Of Using CBD Capsules

CBD capsules are fast becoming one of the most popular methods of taking CBD. CBD capsules offer the user a simple and taste free way to slip CBD into your daily routine.

Major brands in the CBD oil marketplace are adapting to the CBD capsule trend as it allows users to ingest a clear and precise daily dosage of CBD oil.

If your considering using CBD oil or if your currently searching for a flavour free method of consuming CBD oil, CBD capsules might be the perfect CBD product for you.

Cibdol CBD Softgel Capsules Unboxing

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