Cleaning Your DaVinci Ascent

My Ascent parts prior to cleaning

The DaVinci Ascent is easily my top portable vaporizer of 2013 (take a look at my review here!), and I use it on a frequent basis. Over the past few months, I’ve come to learn that through normal use, isohash will build up on the glass parts and can be sticky and make for harsher hits. Cleaning your Ascent can go a long way in reducing smell (when the unit is off) and ensures that your glass pieces won’t get stuck.  Fortunately, due to the Ascent’s all glass-vapor path, cleaning and maintaining the vape is pretty straightforward and takes minimal effort.

First, remove the glass components of your Ascent (these include the mouthpiece, stem, herb trench, and optionally the waterpipe adapter) and place them in a pyrex dish. Next, pour in enough ispropyl or high proof grain alcohol to submerge the pieces and let them soak for ten to twenty minutes, carefully stirring them on occasion to loosen the isohash. If some isohash remains stuck on the inside of the stem or mouthpiece, use a pipe cleaner to assist in removing it.

Like new after cleaning!

After removing the glass components from the solution, dry them off with a paper towel and then put them under running water for a moment in order to remove any residual alcohol. Once they’re dry, place the components back in your Ascent. Safely dispose of the alcohol and enjoy your squeaky clean Ascent! If you clean your ascent at the same time as other vapors, you can also collect the hash oil following my guide here.

Cleaning the exterior of the unit is also easy. Simply pour a little alcohol on a soft cloth and give the exterior of the unit a brief rubdown to remove any dirt or debris. Aside from cleaning the vape, using alcohol also kills any bacteria that may have been on your Ascent or any other vape such as the  Atmos Aegis Vaporizer or the Vaporstar Vaporizer (which can be great during cold season!).

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