Cleaning Your VaporGenie

After a few months of regular use, you may begin to notice that your VaporGenie vaporizer isn’t  performing  as well as it used to.

It may become harder to inhale, or there may be a noticeable buildup of resin. If you find this to be the case, then follow these simple maintenance steps in order to have it running like new again.

Cleaning Your VaporGenie

The first area of the Vaporgenie to clean is the ceramic heating element. If used incorrectly, a layer of black soot will accumulate over the ceramic, making it difficult to inhale. The best way to clean the element is to remove the top part of the VaporGenie, and attach it to a vacuum cleaner. Then, while running the vacuum, use a butane torch lighter to burn off the soot. You should see the ceramic become increasingly clean as you move the lighter around.

Secondly, remove the mouthpiece, and run a pipe cleaner through the stem. Every once and a while I like to dip my pipe cleaner in rubbing alcohol in order to better clean it. Just make sure to avoid getting the alcohol on any of the wood parts, as it will remove the finish.  Also make sure to replace your screen every now and then, or soak it in rubbing alcohol to remove any buildup which can impede airflow.

I also like to scrape the inner part of the bowl (underneath the screen) from time to time in order to remove resin buildup. You can collect this resin and use it in a manner similar to hash. Personally, I like to place a small amount on top of some bud, and then vaporize it with the VaporGenie.


By following these simple cleaning tips, you should have your Vaporgenie running like new again. The Vaporgenie is a very durable vaporizer, and if its kept clean it should last quite a long time. I’ve had my Vaporgenie for three years now, and with occasional maintenance it still works great.

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