CVS Stores Defying DEA & Selling CBD Products In 8 States

CVS Defies The DEA

CVS, America largest retail pharmacy decided this week to continue selling CBD products in 8 states. The move comes despite the fact that the United States drug enforcement agency (DEA) still consider CBD an illegal Schedule 1 drug.

CVS disagrees and is continuing to sell CBD products.

Marketwatch Max A. Cherney reported:

“We have partnered with CBD tincture product manufacturers that are complying with applicable laws and that meet CVS high standards for quality,” a spokesman said in the email.


CBD Out Of The Closet

What is interesting is that this week news marks the first time a high profile US national chain has admitted carrying CBD products on their shelves. They are out, loud and proud. Not only that but selling!

Should You Buy CBD On Amazon?

Interesting also because it comes at a time when the legal status of CBD is still a grey area under both state and federal law.

What Does The Farm Bill Mean For CBD

The US Drug Enforcement Administration has taken aggressive steps to insist that CBD, because it derived from cannabis, is a Schedule 1 substance, and is therefore illegal under federal law. However passing of the 2018 Farm Bill in Congress late last year gave lots of people hope.

You see the Farm Bill removed hemp from the Controlled Substances Act “which means that it will no longer be an illegal substance under federal law.” But the FDA cautioned that CBD product manufacturers cannot make health claims for CBD, or add it to food or dietary supplements, without passing FDA approval.


How Are CVS getting Away With This?

CVS have confirmed that they are selling CBD products in the form of CBD sprays, creams, roll-ons, lotions and salves. They are making no health claims as part of their labeling or advertising.

Widespread interest and demand for CBD nationwide is so high that according to CVS manufacturers just putting “contains CBD” on the label is enough to make the general public buy. CVS are not selling CBD edible products and   are making no health claims.

Cash registers will be ringing with the latest news that Curaleaf branded products will become the latest addition in CVS stores across 10 states by the end of the week.

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